Friday, 3 January 2014


Good morning, afternoon evening - hope all is well - let's enjoy the first Rocking post of 2014!

OK gratefuls for this week - it'll be a numbers list with no photos - apologies but it's been one of those days when I haven't had time to think (literally).

  1. Pantomimes - the local panto was unusual it was Beauty and the Beast - not your normal panto fodder but we went regardless.  We were quite far into the panto with a general feeling of - ooh dear this isn't very good when the Dame came out threw water, gloop, paste etc all over and we loved it!  
  2. Saturday saw a catch up with family from far and near, a cousin, partner and child who were visiting from Ireland and my Aunt and her Partner and one of her other grandchildren came to ours.  We were crazy mad, made soup, curry, rice, fresh naan, chocolate muffins, white chocolate and raspberry muffins all the morning as they arrived in the afternoon.  Had a fabulous time (took no photos what is wrong with me), too busy catching up but was fab nonetheless. 
  3. Sunday was visiting relatives which was great as hadn't seen them in a while. 
  4. Monday was a designated - do nothing day - literally - so I set too and made 14 layouts when I asked hubby to set me a crafting challenge. 
  5. New Year's Eve was another chilling day although went to my sisters for the New Year - interesting evening - let's not go there. 
  6. New Year's Day another chill day (more crafting yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy) managed some more layouts (to follow later). 
  7. Today (thursday) we went to see Oliver the musical, absolutely fantastic, great cast, fantastic singing and absolutely awesome set. 
  8. Weight Watchers - yep back there - gained the world (OK not quite but almost).  
The rest of the week has been awesome because of people, hubby (always awesome), said 13 year old, my sister, my niece, my brother, my cousin, my other cousin, my Aunty, the amazing WW girls, the Wear Crafts design team - just awesome all of them, so lovely to have and spend time with them - if you are in the group above thank you.

So there we go a quick (very quick) round up of the week - hope yours has been truly fabulous too.  I'll see you next week, if its your first visit then please feel free to join in by blogging about your rocking moments, coming back linking up and we'll come and visit. 

Until next Friday 

I'll leave you with a layout 

Said 13 year old, painting his glass ready for the Folly for Follies display! 

I'll apologies in advance for any typos, it's very late and I literally don't have time to check it LOL.  Until next Friday

Mr Linky 


  1. I always enjoy reading your Rocking posts, you always cram so much into a week! Happy new year to you all.

  2. Morning Virginia! Sounds like a lovely week. We love pantos and are going back for the second time on Sunday for the last night (always a good one to watch). Lovely crafting days too, I'm back into mine big time :) Good luck with the scales, keep going and you'll get there. Have a great week :) xx

  3. Wow.. if I asked my husband to set me a challenge.. he'd suggest I tackled the ironing! lol. What a lovely week. I'm off to blog mine now! Happy New Year

  4. I've blogged my week. Thanks for making me look at the positives in life.

  5. Very lovely. I love panto.hope to go next year. Great craftiness and I'm glad you had some do nothing days. Love. <3

  6. Great list! Lovely to have you on the team... will join in over the weekend, jenxxx

  7. Glad to see you have had an enjoyable holiday week...with time to Chill :D XXX

  8. Hi, my second time on here if i recall rightly. Your Christmas sounded wonderful just like mine.
    Happy New year to you all
    Gill x

  9. Gained the World - you do make me larf!

    You are crazy bonkers too. All that work and then a designated do nothing day. And what do you do...? Crazy bonkers!