Friday, 20 December 2013


Good morning, afternoon, evening (delete as necessary), tis Friday - tis Rocking Your World so eyes down starter for ten no conferring!
Crikey where are we with the week, let's see!

First up is the warranty on the car covering the major seal problem we had - phew - gulp and phew again.

Next up is the great customer service we had with a well known computer business that helped us when we were struggling last week in deciding how to resolve current PC problem!

Jack and the Beanstalk at the Lyceum it has to be said that the Dame really is utterly utterly genius - we've seen him before but above and beyond this year - rolling in the aisles doesn't cover it!

Then we have to mention Christmas at Chatsworth - utterly utterly gorgeous - land of Narnia - not seen my sister that giddy in an awfully long time!

Here we were in the wardrobe - yes the wardrobe
 Look at that giddy gorgeous smile of my sister on the left!
 Then when we went into the land of Narnia - underneath the lamp-post!
 My sister enjoying tea with Mr Tumnus!
 The banners in the grand stair case
Aslan was amazing  he was 'breathing' and the mice chewing at the ropes and moving too - amazing stuff!
 Finally we sat with crowns and tiaras on - like I said fab day.
The manchester tart I had in the Courtyard was nom too - but don't mention it to Dawn my weight watcher leader LOL!

Next up said 13 year old deciding that his geography model needed to be a cake!!!!!

So here we are constructing the volcano cake!
  Look how chuffed he looked, this was before adding the malteser boulders!
 But here they are!
Having great fun adding all the additions from additional piped green grass at the base to the dribbling fissures out of the side! 
Getting it to school safely on Thursday - phew

Bringing it home on half eaten on Thursday - nom but worrying - not worked out the pointage LOL!

Interview this week, interesting, scary because it's 9 years since the last one but interesting nonetheless!

Hubby having a lovely Christmas meal out - always lovely.

Time with my sister and Mum at weight watchers tonight, it was completely mad as normal - but I love that - I loved the Christmas carols as well Dawn's version of Good King Wenceslas and Jingle Bells were fantastic!  

Lovely meeting 

Now home, tea cooked very late but completely shattered.

This will be the last post before Christmas, I hope yours is beautiful, blessed and absolutely surrounded with love.  

Quick layout post for everyone, this was my gorgeous niece and the world's smallest dessert!

I'll see you after the event next week - have a good one! 


  1. Aww not visited for a while - things have been tough this year. Loving your positive vibes for life though. Wishing you a very Happy Christmas and that 2014 is filled with love, joy and laughter xxx

  2. What a great week Virginia. I love all the Narnia photos. The volcano is brilliant. I hope he got good marks for that. I am very late this week, but I shall still post in the next hour or so.
    Have a wonderful Christmas. Love Kate x

  3. the Narnia thing is brilliant! love the volcano cake! Happy christmas, jenxx

  4. Love your enthusiasm for Narnia.. it looks amazing! I've blogged about my happy Christmas decorations.. and how lucky I am to have escaped all the flooding in our area