Friday, 6 December 2013


Good Morning - tis Friday the 6th December gulp - how did that happen?  December 6th already?

Hope the week has been kind to you

Last Saturday found ourselves at Kelham Island's Victorian Christmas Fayre and it was a lovely day, cold and crisp and as we set off in the afternoon we got to see it as the evening lights came on.  There were some fabulous stalls selling handcrafted items and there were some fabulous people wandering around.  This lady with her lit dress was amazing, how she managed on stilts I've no idea!
Then there was an amazing guy with a contraption built using a Victorian specification, it was I'm told on gimbles (not sure if that's spelt right) and weights you moved the bottom board with paper on it that was weighted and then provided the pen with some momentum and left them to it!
It churns out a two dimensional drawing of a three dimensional shape - genius, said 13 year old was most happy to have a go and came home with his magic drawing too!
We were treated to an amazing night sky through the derelict buildings behind us!
How gorgeous is that sky!
There was a lady wandering around dressed as Miss Haversham, she kept telling all the girls not to talk to boys because they were 'ghastly' - quite amusing really she kept up the act all day bless her!
Sunday saw the first and therefore the now much sought after lego advent calendar, I went for the city one this year as the lego town in his bedroom is growing and I thought he might be able to incorporate them!
And then off to the town centre park for a Santa Dash in aid of the local hospice and here is said 13 year old rather pleased with his efforts and his medal!
 Isn't the medal fab!
And yes before you ask of course they will be appearing on a scrapbook page very soon!

The rest of the week has been a blur if I'm honest.

Work colleague being her usual star self.

My sister because she's amazing

The WW girls on facebook being their usual stars!

A lovely meal out with my weight watching club last week - twas lovely.

Visiting loved ones comes high on the list.

Said 13 year old and his guitar lessons, he's really enjoying them at the moment which is lovely.

Hot tea in a thermos cup when it arrives on my bedside at stupid o'clock meaning that when I do actually wake I can actually have a warm cuppa - bliss.

Red skies

Beautiful sunrises

Leaves going mad

A safe journey yesterday - it was a bit worrying in places but I managed.

And finally with the news that the world has lost a great man in Nelson Mandela, let's hope that his message lives on for a very long time because he truly made the world a better place.

I hope your Friday greets you with an arm full of grateful moments over the last seven days, if you fancy joining in, blog, pop back link up and we'll come and visit.

I'll leave you with a New Year's Eve karaoke layout that I did from last year.
And Finally Mr Linky


  1. You do get to visit some interesting places and events. The Victorian Christmas fayre sounds fun and I love the drawing machine. Well done to your son for getting his Santa medal in the fun run, and for persevering with his guitar. The first year or so of an instrument can be such hard work, but it will pay off in the end. Have a great week. Kate X

  2. I love the Santa run photos. Great event. Is it December already? We have the Lego star wars one. Have a good week, jenx

  3. I want one of those medals!!!
    Sounds like you had a great week even if it was a bit of a blur!
    Hope next week is just as good xx

  4. The Christmas event looks really fun! Sounds like a great week with lots of thankfuls x