Friday, 27 December 2013

ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm late for ROCKING YOUR WORLD FRIDAY!!!!!

OMG - I forgot what day it was can you actually believe that - I can't it's Friday it's 9.57pm and hubby just said have you done Rocking Your World

OMG - I forgot

I blame Christmas literally for throwing me out completely

So this my lovely people will be a bit haphazard

First up is meal out last weekend, had a lovely meal with some fellow workers, thoroughly enjoyable!

Hubby for not only leaving me in bed on Sunday, but also for taking in the Asda order when it was delivered before 9am! and putting it all away - thank you sweetie!

Christmas Day - twas fun, not as stressful as previous years, think we stopped trying to outdo ourselves from previous years and just mellowed into the festivities, it might also have helped that I ended up having a glass or two of wine - it did however result in me completely forgetting about the sprouts - whoops.

Here are a few lovely moments from the festivities

This was his Christmas Eve box - if I told you that was a 7 foot tree in the background - would you believe how much he's grown?  

It's not really it's much smaller - do you like his reindeer slippers!

Next up the Christmas table - do you like?
 Now guilty 1 and guilty 2 do we think?
 Niece - noticing I'm taking photos of her, how pretty is she though!
Then this was the flaming pan moment - I mean flaming pudding - well flaming everything - he gets excited when he gets to play with fire!
Then hubby with his new apron - it has 3 lager pockets, a chilli sauce bottle pocket and one for a fire extinguisher - could really have done with that for the pudding!
 Then my Mum loves (and has always loved) having her hair played with - she can't help it!
 then my niece teaching her how to pose for photos - not sure Mum has got it down to a fine art?
 then the only photos I've taken of gifts up to now - my Secret Santa gift from Carmen for Whoopidoos Secret Santa Swap
 And my Secret Santa from Frances for the UKScrappers Secret Santa Stocking Swap
Today (well apart from fighting - literally with technology), the local panto - it was truly dreadful (initially), then the Dame made the night - laughed til we cried - thank goodness! 

Hope your week has been magical (or at least a little bit sparkly).  That you've had some good family and/or friend times, some time to contemplate, take in the season and enjoy.  

Until next week (when I promise faithfully to be earlier LOL). 

Mr Linky - if you fancy joining in! 


  1. I was just shutting everything down before I go to bed when I spotted your post. I thought perhaps you were having a week off. I nearly did last week. Your flaming pudding makes mine look very tame! I'm glad you had some good family time. I hope this is another good week. I'll see you again in the New Year. Let's make it a positive one for us both. Kate x

  2. Looks like lot of fun. Nice stashtastic secret santas. Xxx

  3. We're all allowed a little forgetfulness every now and again.
    Glad your week rocked and I promise to strat joining in again in 2014 :) xxx

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who has been losing track of the days LOL
    Hopefully I'll be a bit more organised and I should know where I am in the New Year as I'm back at my proper office **yay!!!**
    Great photos Virginia and lovely to hear you had some super family time.
    Toni xx

  5. I'm a bit late.. then I entered it onto last weeks by mistake! Anyway.. it's been a while since I joined in.. my New Year Resolution is to join in more blog hops and do more with my blog! I have blogged how lucky I am to have escaped the flooding hereabouts and how pleased I have been with my newly made Christmas Decorations and my Christmas Table and tree. Hope you enjoy looking.. and next week I will try to get here on Friday!