Friday, 15 November 2013


Morning all - well it's 6.35am on Friday morning which means I haven't prepared this one - let's see what we've got to be grateful and thankful for this week.
Visits from and visiting loved ones, nothing finer, puts the world back level! 

Nattering with my Mum, she is crazy mad most of the time and makes the most spectacular of verbal gaffs, but is still amazing! 

Dawn my weight watcher leader, an inspiration in her own right, we lined up like naughty school children on Thursday night, guessing the order of the news, my sister went first (off plan naughty naughty), then me (off plan relatively naughty), then my Mum, (good as gold - teacher's pet).  Now my sister whooping it up at the scales with a 2lb loss was not what I expected to hear, gulp, but then I matched her which put the pressure on teacher's pet - and what do you know my Mum managed 2lb as well so in a week we'd lost almost half a stone between us. 

With about six weeks to Christmas (but only 5 weigh ins), we are attempting to refocus where we are at and get some of this weight shifted before the big day - so a concerted effort will be made this week - can you tell I'm willing myself to keep focused?

Hearing the owls twit and twooing this morning as I got out of bed, yes I know it's still dark out there so it was a lovely welcome to the day! 

Hubby because he rocks my world every week! 

Doctor for telling hubby that he'll keep an eye on things, we were worried they were going to leave us floundering and that leads to stress which is not good in anyone's books! 

Online purchasing - I can't help myself, click click click is just such a happy and easy way to shop! 

God for giving me another day on this planet, waking this morning is the first gift of the day and I intend to use it fully! 

Free Christmas countdown screens for my phone.

Roasted butternut squash soup - so warming and filling on these cold days! 

My dishwasher for being busy washing pots whilst I'm sat here typing this up. 

Said 13 year old for having the issue at school resolved and being successful in his application to go on a trip to help the people of Lesohto, it was a long process and he worked really hard, proving to him that hard work can reap you rewards. 

Fireworks at the weekend most fun to watch! 

I think that will do the trick my lovely people don't you?

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together come back link up and we'll come and visit, on the grounds that the post is somewhat short on the photo side of things let's pick a layout out (or two) to share. 

Photo from our visit to Chatsworth last Christmas, using the kit I bought from Shimelle for Journal Your Christmas! 

Then one of said 13 year old and niece at Center Parcs last Christmas - the things we make them do for a scrapping opportunity!
Up close the design at the top was half a die cut, a sentiment and some little stars!
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  1. I reckon those scales were fixed, don't you?!

    Mmmm, roasted butternut squash sounds yum, I could do with a bowlful of that myself.

    Good news about said 13 year old's trip plans coming together and hubby's doctor keeping a close eye on him.

    Have a lovely weekend!


  2. HI Virginia, it certainly seems as though you have a lot to smile about this week. Congratulations on your continued weight loss. It seems to be going really well for you. xxx

  3. Well done on the weight loss. It must help to have your sister and mum working on it too. I love butternut soup. I'll be making some soon, but we are not quite down to 'soup temperatures' yet. That will be a very exciting trip for your son. Well done to him. Have a good week. Kate x