Friday, 1 November 2013


Tis Friday means only one thing - what's been rocking your world!

Well I'm preparing this in advance so I'll apologise that I'm having to guess what this week will bring but let's have a go

  1. Time with my hubby and my son
  2. A week away to take stock of life given recent developments at work 
  3. Hopefully fingers and toes and everything else crossed for a catch up with some on line friends. 
  4. Time to read
  5. Time to art
  6. Finding new places to visit. 
  7. A Shakespeare play
Right lovely people, if I get chance I'll update as I go, but just in case I don't manage it the above will hopefully be fulfilled this week! 

Quick layout of said 13 year old when we were holidaying in Much Wenlock, he was amazed and what hard work it was to make flour! 

Hope you've had a great week.


  1. Have a lovely week away. I hope you achieve all (or most) of your list. I'll be back later with my post. Kate x

  2. Hope you've had a good week Virginia!

  3. Hope your week away helped to set your mind a ease and you enjoyed your week away. Hugs, Michelle

  4. Love the LO about the flour and I bet he appreciates a loaf of bread more now! :)