Friday, 29 November 2013


Morning all tis Friday which means only one thing

So let's see what we've got in the collective bag today

  1. Lost 0.5lb of the 2lb I was still carrying from a few weeks ago - don't know if that's a positive but putting it on here anyway (instructed by said 13 year old).
  2. Slava's Snow Show - absolutely awesome, crazy mad, bubbles, snow storm, blizzards, raining umbrella's, huge inflated balls - I'm not sure I should put it that way - google it go look you'll see what I'm waffling on about, no I did not mean google huge inflated balls, I meant google Slava's Snow Show! 
  3. Visiting loved ones, spending time with my family - who are crazy mad most of the time, but they are amazing for it. 
  4. Getting back into Reiki we did some distant healing this week and me and hubby really got chatting about it afterwards, felt blessed to be able to do something. 
  5. Wednesday Whine girls - you know who you are, the hardest of hard weeks for one of our gang and us all feeling like there is so little we could do to help other than be there.  It's good to have a group like that you can rely on and just be you! 
  6. Interflora - just because
  7. Design Team kits - still giddy over what Jen at Wear Crafts sent me (see previous post), the kits are beautiful and it got me back creating thank you Jen! 
  8. Sunrises, this time of year with the lateness of the sun rising we've been treated to a couple of spectacular views this last few days. 
  9. Red 2 and Despicable Me 2 - fabulous films both of them! 
  10. Tipples - you know those little cream filled pots with amaretto and brandy in them - well these aren't too high in points, so can have one in my coffee for a 'treat'
  11. Booking an online order with supermarket for Christmas it's a good job I can change the order, I simply filled the basket with £25 of random items and clicked save LOL.
  12. Sleep - it's something not to be underestimated but sleep really can make you more human.
  13. Assistant at work, despite the fact she's facing redundancy shortly she really has been amazing with the work we've done recently. 
  14. Scrapbook 365 magazine - I love this magazine so much and finding it on the shelves of the local newsagents really made me giddy! 
Well there you have it lovely people.

Layout to share (due to lack of photos).  Promise I'll try harder this next week on the photo front. This layout from photos taken at Chatsworth house last year.  
Finally Mr Linky 


  1. I'm almost tempted to google "huge inflated balls..."

    My lot are good at telling me what I should list too ;) My Dad has been raving about Red 2 this week - we still have hold of his Red 1 dvd so will have to get round to watching it!

    Our little group is great isn't it? Sanity savers the lot of you!

    I'm going to do Rocking Friday today. Going to sit down and make the flipping time.

    Big hugs, missus - enjoy your tipples ;)

  2. I read the reviews for your snow show and it sounds absolutely amazing. I don't think our supermarkets out here know what online shopping is! but well done you for making a start. As I said in my post, family rocks my world, and you obviously know what I mean.
    Your support group sounds wonderful. it is good to know there is someone around who understands. have a great week this week. Hugs. Kate x

  3. I promise I will take time to join in... shattered after crop night. Glad you are enjoying your DTeamie roll! Thrilled you like it! jenxx

  4. Hi Virginia! So good to check back in with your blog after many absent months and read your wonderful rocking post! It has brightened my day to see all your gratefuls x

  5. Yikes, you've booked your Christmas delivery - that is a very good idea and one which I really should get my head around!

    ps huge inflated balls **snicker**