Friday, 22 November 2013


Good Morning one and all, tis Friday means only one thing!
So what silver linings and positives have occurred in the last seven days!

Beautiful sunrises, given that the days are growing shorter and the sun rising later you get to see those beautiful red skies so utterly beautiful

The autumn colours really are a complete delight at the minute, there are those trees that have already lost all their leaves, but there are also a lot that are in the height of their colour.  On a walk from my home last week I had the glorious view over the houses towards some fields that were awash with trees in their autumnal coats - simply magical!

My Mum and my sister - really are the most fun at the moment, we seem to have spent so many years being busy doing things that we haven't spent the quality time with each other that we really should.  Over recent months that has changed through and we are having regular catch ups because we are in the same place at the same time, it is magical to spend time with them, they are such tremendous company and more often than not we end up laughing so much, I'd forgotten how good laughter is for the soul!

This little thing, made me smile, it only cost a £1 - I'm waiting to see if I end up killing it like I normally do, but one week in it's hold on in there (it has however lost three leaves grrr)

My wednesday whine girls, such a fabulous group it's always somewhere you can have a gripe or moan and they rally round - thank you girls - it makes a big difference.

My recent cookbook which led to me making Spanish tomato and chorizo soup which led to said 13 year old eating a bowl of it - and why did this rock my world - it's the first bowl of soup he has ever had - he's always declared he doesn't like soup - shocked - muchly - pleased - over the moon!!!!!

Hubby, always my rock has gone above and beyond this week (as always) and helped out after a very long day at work that he'd had - he really does rock my world !

And that my lovely people is my list for this week, I hope your week has been good and you've got some silver linings and positives to embrace and think back on.

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together, hop back here, link up and we'll come and visit!

I'll leave you with a layout from a holiday a while back, a re-enactment group were at Ludlow Castle and you could try on the armour that was there thus providing me with this layout!  Using some old DCWV paper that I'd been trying to use up for an age.

 Up close you can see the merged papers and brads and stamping.
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  1. What a lovely list. Like you I am enjoying both the sunrises and sunsets at the moment, they all seem to be so stunning. Thanks for hosting and sharing. Caro x (#1)

  2. Hi Virginia. As you know by now, I too enjoy the autumn skies.
    I am glad your son liked his soup. I am not a fan of choritzo which is a shame seeing as it crops up in most meals around here!
    The little poinsettia should do fine. Just don't let it ever dry out completely as it won't recover from that. I love to see them at Christmas, and around here they are often planted around fountains and in public flower beds. They make such a lovely splash of colour. but even here they can fall foul of the cold wind. It turns their leaves blue and then they die. I usually have quite a big one on my front porch where it is sheltered, and sometimes it lasts for months.
    Have a good week. Kate xx

  3. I bet that soup tasted lovely - great choice for getting said 13 year old to try eating soup!

    Good to hear you've been laughing this week, V. I'll forgive you for buying the poinsettia in November (it's SUCH a Christmas plant!!).

    Lovely LO, love the photo, and the colours (inc the gold) give a really rich medieval feel.

    Have a lovely week, with hopefully lots more laughter.


  4. That soup sounds lush! And that scrapbook page is that DCWV Once Upon A Time? You make them look so different, I only have a few pages left in my pad and I'm stubbornly holding onto them ;)

    Your bit about your Mum and sis made me think of Benjamin Button, when there lives met in the middle and it was their perfect time.

    I must get back to Rocking my Fridays - I just don't know where the days go...