Friday, 8 November 2013


Tis time, to take stock and to count the blessings

Well this week has been another toughy on so many counts, but last week I left you with an assortment of clues as to what I might achieve on our week away so let's focus on those now!

The Creaky Cauldron in Stratford, an awesome little tourist attraction strangely not linked to Shakespeare - most odd (thank you to Sarah for recommending this one - we had a fabulous time).
The British Heritage Motor Museum, we weren't expecting it to be as much fun as it was - I personally liked the idea of the post arriving in a three wheeler, can you imagine some of those heavy parcels being on the wrong side as they go around a corner - would have made it a very interesting journey!
 Oh and this at the museum too!
Better photo of the outside of Creaky Cauldron, apologies these aren't in order which makes it a lot more fun!
 Lady Penelope's car, it is very big and very sparkly!
 Original car out of the original Judge Dredd film!
 Look look Mr Fusion on the Back to the Future car!!!!
 One of the houses, we visited on our travels, this one is Charlecote Park!
 A visit to Coventry Cathedral, because I really wanted to see this statue, St Michael and the Devil!
 But then we got all these extras inside, look at this gorgeous window!
 Hubby and son picking out their favourite car at the free Coventry Car Museum!
 Said 13 year old's request (honest gov).
 Look what we found in their a relaxation tonic for Children from days of old!
 And here, look at the ingredients!!!!
 This whole place smells of Chocolate, nom nom, nom.
 The MAD museum in Stratford (another recommendation from Sarah).
 Said 13 year old trying out the musical typewriter!
And then I had a go, I can tell you the tune to "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" was not to be sniffed at!
 They are in new premises now, so if you are in Stratford any time, we can highly recommend this one!  They were on Sheep Street but are now upstairs in premises, on Henley Street.
 You get to see things like this operating!
 Exit pursued by a bear!  - RSC theatre!
 Waddesdon Manor (think that was what it was called), very nice, supposed to look French?
 They had a fab light exhibition in the Coach house!
So it was a busy busy week, we also went to Coughton Court where the gunpowder plot was plotted!

We survived the storm (it was mighty windy but we managed).

We got to see David Tennant in Richard II - OMG - awesome!

We didn't get chance to catch up with two online friends which was sad, but we will rearrange and sort in the future!

Overall fabulous week away with hubby and son!

This week not so exciting if I'm honest, back to work, dark nights etc.  Looking for a new job etc, but in amongst it, the walk on Thursday, blue skies, cool wind but warm sun - beautiful.  Making a start on Christmas gifts, talking properly with boss now the news of redundancy has sunk it.  Chatting with family.  A meal out (even if the meal wasn't great the company was fabulous).  Weight watchers Thursday evening, Dawn really is the most amazing leader, I told her how much weight I'd gained and I had guessed right.  But back on it now and if I'd not been going the damage would have been so much worse.

Card from a friend to say thank you for a hand made gift that I'd done for her.

Now in amongst this I want to say that I have a close friend who is having the most difficult of times, she has been there for me over the last few years when times have been tough, a listening ear always, sending me encouragement and hugs just when I needed it, this week she has received some devastating news, so if you can offer up an extra prayer or wish for her that her life be made easier it would be very much appreciated!

So there you have it people - another Rocking your world post completed - how was your week?

If you fancy joining in, blog post together and then head back here, link up and we will come and visit.


  1. You sound like you were non stop all week! Not sure how you managed to fit so much in... the photos are brilliant, love the window at Coventry Cathedral, particularly. I will be thinking of your friend. Take care yourself.

  2. You did get to see some lovely places. When my two older boys were in a very good church choir, they went to lead an evensong at Coventry Cathedral, so I went on the coach to have a look around. What a beautiful building it is. I would have enjoyed the MAD museum and Cadbury World was always on my 'places to go' list, but we never made it there, even though we were only a short distance from it.
    I am sorry you have had another difficult week. I hope this one is better. I'll be thinking of you and your friend. Kate x

  3. SUPERB week, lots of interesting things to see and do. I love all the photos.

    Keeping our friend in my thoughts - it's going to be a rough ride for her :'(