Friday, 29 November 2013


Morning all tis Friday which means only one thing

So let's see what we've got in the collective bag today

  1. Lost 0.5lb of the 2lb I was still carrying from a few weeks ago - don't know if that's a positive but putting it on here anyway (instructed by said 13 year old).
  2. Slava's Snow Show - absolutely awesome, crazy mad, bubbles, snow storm, blizzards, raining umbrella's, huge inflated balls - I'm not sure I should put it that way - google it go look you'll see what I'm waffling on about, no I did not mean google huge inflated balls, I meant google Slava's Snow Show! 
  3. Visiting loved ones, spending time with my family - who are crazy mad most of the time, but they are amazing for it. 
  4. Getting back into Reiki we did some distant healing this week and me and hubby really got chatting about it afterwards, felt blessed to be able to do something. 
  5. Wednesday Whine girls - you know who you are, the hardest of hard weeks for one of our gang and us all feeling like there is so little we could do to help other than be there.  It's good to have a group like that you can rely on and just be you! 
  6. Interflora - just because
  7. Design Team kits - still giddy over what Jen at Wear Crafts sent me (see previous post), the kits are beautiful and it got me back creating thank you Jen! 
  8. Sunrises, this time of year with the lateness of the sun rising we've been treated to a couple of spectacular views this last few days. 
  9. Red 2 and Despicable Me 2 - fabulous films both of them! 
  10. Tipples - you know those little cream filled pots with amaretto and brandy in them - well these aren't too high in points, so can have one in my coffee for a 'treat'
  11. Booking an online order with supermarket for Christmas it's a good job I can change the order, I simply filled the basket with £25 of random items and clicked save LOL.
  12. Sleep - it's something not to be underestimated but sleep really can make you more human.
  13. Assistant at work, despite the fact she's facing redundancy shortly she really has been amazing with the work we've done recently. 
  14. Scrapbook 365 magazine - I love this magazine so much and finding it on the shelves of the local newsagents really made me giddy! 
Well there you have it lovely people.

Layout to share (due to lack of photos).  Promise I'll try harder this next week on the photo front. This layout from photos taken at Chatsworth house last year.  
Finally Mr Linky 

Wednesday, 27 November 2013


Good morning, my first post for Wear Crafts design team and what a fantastic time I've had with it.  Now I'm not sure if Jen realises just what a 'frugal' scrapper I am when it comes to kits.  I mean I love to see how much I can actually get out of the kit, that means that you can really see what fantastic value a kit really is.  So this is what I made, the only 'additions' to the kit have been white cardstock, which I'm sure we all have 'in stock' a little embroidery thread (from my extensive days of cross stitching), distress inks with a little bit of stamping with stamps I already have and a mask.

So my first layout was this one, the papers really are gorgeous, really heavy weight, you can feel the quality with the papers.
Up close you can see the detail, this layout really is based on gutting (when you take the piece out behind thus maximising the kit) and matting and layering!
Examples of my gutting (apologies for the quality of the photos).

This is the pink border, cut out and adhered to a sheet of white paper.
 Then the square added over the top
 Gutting the mask for the photo
 Laying the photo on top - you'd never know would you
 Taking the area out where the photo would sit before adhering to the paper.
 Then layering over the top
Next layout, again gutting and layering as I go, this one at a jaunty angel.
Up close I've distressed the edges of the paper (and the hole punched hearts) and you can see a little of that embroidery thread.
Again in progress shots.

Next up, another fun layout, I chose to cut the elements out one of the sheets and layer them up, a few more hole punched hearts and those gorgeous alphas at the bottom right hand side (part of the kit).  I edged the page with a bit of distress stamping to make the page pop.
Up close, you can see I've rounded the corners of the 'bingo cards' that I cut from the big sheet and you can see the gorgeous dark green alphas!
Then supplies were becoming a little thin, so I background stamped a sheet of white cardstock with a verse stamp and a punchinella mask, before cutting out squares and using up the reverse of one of the gutted sheets to create the square frame around the page.  The title is one of my own alpha stamps coloured in.
Up close you can see more of those gorgeous tiny alphas stickers that came with the kit, plus the background printing.
Then I was left with offcuts, mmmm what could I do, big shot at the ready and cut those hexagons, made a huge pile of them on my desk and then created this final layout. A little distress stamping at the opposite corners, hand written journalling and a hand stamped title and it was done.
Up close you can see those hexagons fit together perfectly and because it's such a fabulous kit it just comes together so easily!
But wait I still had some hexagons left?

So created a quick patchwork card
Feeling inspired well the bad news is that this kit was so popular it's sold out however, Jen has some fabulous other kits on her site and introduces a new kit frequently - you just want to see how gorgeous the December kit is - honestly it's beautiful!

Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Good morning, Tuesday morning greets me with a smile because it means it's not Monday - win win! 

It's still dark ooh I miss daylight in a morning actually I miss daylight in an evening, commented that tidying up the garden at night wasn't practical last night, mmmm I got some strange looks, maybe my Mum's slip ups are starting to rub off - not good! 

Anyway, last night despite hubby having to rush off to his hallucinating mother (I kid you not) and being missing the majority of the evening (thankfully she's fine, she could see a face in the glass and the carers thought she was hallucinating hubby said you could see a face in the glass it was just that the glass was distorted and made it look like a face!).  One paramedic and a doctor later and she was given the 'all clear'  Anyway I digress completely I managed wait for it ..... layouts - I know it's amazing and it's all thanks to Jen at Wear Crafts for sending me my very first design team kit, honestly I can't tell you how giddy I am with it at the moment, nothing to share (yet) but very soon.  

So I thought I'd share another layout in my blog folder, this one is said 13 year old opening his lego advent calendar last year!  That'll be this Sunday coming then (this Sunday coming really December?  you're kidding right!) - gulp best get organised! 

Hope you are having a good week, thanks for dropping by! 

Friday, 22 November 2013


Good Morning one and all, tis Friday means only one thing!
So what silver linings and positives have occurred in the last seven days!

Beautiful sunrises, given that the days are growing shorter and the sun rising later you get to see those beautiful red skies so utterly beautiful

The autumn colours really are a complete delight at the minute, there are those trees that have already lost all their leaves, but there are also a lot that are in the height of their colour.  On a walk from my home last week I had the glorious view over the houses towards some fields that were awash with trees in their autumnal coats - simply magical!

My Mum and my sister - really are the most fun at the moment, we seem to have spent so many years being busy doing things that we haven't spent the quality time with each other that we really should.  Over recent months that has changed through and we are having regular catch ups because we are in the same place at the same time, it is magical to spend time with them, they are such tremendous company and more often than not we end up laughing so much, I'd forgotten how good laughter is for the soul!

This little thing, made me smile, it only cost a £1 - I'm waiting to see if I end up killing it like I normally do, but one week in it's hold on in there (it has however lost three leaves grrr)

My wednesday whine girls, such a fabulous group it's always somewhere you can have a gripe or moan and they rally round - thank you girls - it makes a big difference.

My recent cookbook which led to me making Spanish tomato and chorizo soup which led to said 13 year old eating a bowl of it - and why did this rock my world - it's the first bowl of soup he has ever had - he's always declared he doesn't like soup - shocked - muchly - pleased - over the moon!!!!!

Hubby, always my rock has gone above and beyond this week (as always) and helped out after a very long day at work that he'd had - he really does rock my world !

And that my lovely people is my list for this week, I hope your week has been good and you've got some silver linings and positives to embrace and think back on.

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together, hop back here, link up and we'll come and visit!

I'll leave you with a layout from a holiday a while back, a re-enactment group were at Ludlow Castle and you could try on the armour that was there thus providing me with this layout!  Using some old DCWV paper that I'd been trying to use up for an age.

 Up close you can see the merged papers and brads and stamping.
Mr Linky for those wanting to link back their rocking post.

Monday, 18 November 2013


Oh promised myself that I'd put a craft post together tonight to show that I still do create and sometimes in a crafty way. 

Another Christmas layout from last year, taken when we went to a local Christmas tree festival in a church, always a delight.  I loved this photo after it was captured and felt it needed a layout all of it's own. 

Up close you can see this layout was layer upon layer.  Again using items from Shimelle's journal your Christmas pack last year.
Hope you're enjoying plenty of crafting time at the moment! 

Friday, 15 November 2013


Morning all - well it's 6.35am on Friday morning which means I haven't prepared this one - let's see what we've got to be grateful and thankful for this week.
Visits from and visiting loved ones, nothing finer, puts the world back level! 

Nattering with my Mum, she is crazy mad most of the time and makes the most spectacular of verbal gaffs, but is still amazing! 

Dawn my weight watcher leader, an inspiration in her own right, we lined up like naughty school children on Thursday night, guessing the order of the news, my sister went first (off plan naughty naughty), then me (off plan relatively naughty), then my Mum, (good as gold - teacher's pet).  Now my sister whooping it up at the scales with a 2lb loss was not what I expected to hear, gulp, but then I matched her which put the pressure on teacher's pet - and what do you know my Mum managed 2lb as well so in a week we'd lost almost half a stone between us. 

With about six weeks to Christmas (but only 5 weigh ins), we are attempting to refocus where we are at and get some of this weight shifted before the big day - so a concerted effort will be made this week - can you tell I'm willing myself to keep focused?

Hearing the owls twit and twooing this morning as I got out of bed, yes I know it's still dark out there so it was a lovely welcome to the day! 

Hubby because he rocks my world every week! 

Doctor for telling hubby that he'll keep an eye on things, we were worried they were going to leave us floundering and that leads to stress which is not good in anyone's books! 

Online purchasing - I can't help myself, click click click is just such a happy and easy way to shop! 

God for giving me another day on this planet, waking this morning is the first gift of the day and I intend to use it fully! 

Free Christmas countdown screens for my phone.

Roasted butternut squash soup - so warming and filling on these cold days! 

My dishwasher for being busy washing pots whilst I'm sat here typing this up. 

Said 13 year old for having the issue at school resolved and being successful in his application to go on a trip to help the people of Lesohto, it was a long process and he worked really hard, proving to him that hard work can reap you rewards. 

Fireworks at the weekend most fun to watch! 

I think that will do the trick my lovely people don't you?

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together come back link up and we'll come and visit, on the grounds that the post is somewhat short on the photo side of things let's pick a layout out (or two) to share. 

Photo from our visit to Chatsworth last Christmas, using the kit I bought from Shimelle for Journal Your Christmas! 

Then one of said 13 year old and niece at Center Parcs last Christmas - the things we make them do for a scrapping opportunity!
Up close the design at the top was half a die cut, a sentiment and some little stars!
Right Mr Linky for you

Friday, 8 November 2013


Tis time, to take stock and to count the blessings

Well this week has been another toughy on so many counts, but last week I left you with an assortment of clues as to what I might achieve on our week away so let's focus on those now!

The Creaky Cauldron in Stratford, an awesome little tourist attraction strangely not linked to Shakespeare - most odd (thank you to Sarah for recommending this one - we had a fabulous time).
The British Heritage Motor Museum, we weren't expecting it to be as much fun as it was - I personally liked the idea of the post arriving in a three wheeler, can you imagine some of those heavy parcels being on the wrong side as they go around a corner - would have made it a very interesting journey!
 Oh and this at the museum too!
Better photo of the outside of Creaky Cauldron, apologies these aren't in order which makes it a lot more fun!
 Lady Penelope's car, it is very big and very sparkly!
 Original car out of the original Judge Dredd film!
 Look look Mr Fusion on the Back to the Future car!!!!
 One of the houses, we visited on our travels, this one is Charlecote Park!
 A visit to Coventry Cathedral, because I really wanted to see this statue, St Michael and the Devil!
 But then we got all these extras inside, look at this gorgeous window!
 Hubby and son picking out their favourite car at the free Coventry Car Museum!
 Said 13 year old's request (honest gov).
 Look what we found in their a relaxation tonic for Children from days of old!
 And here, look at the ingredients!!!!
 This whole place smells of Chocolate, nom nom, nom.
 The MAD museum in Stratford (another recommendation from Sarah).
 Said 13 year old trying out the musical typewriter!
And then I had a go, I can tell you the tune to "The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog" was not to be sniffed at!
 They are in new premises now, so if you are in Stratford any time, we can highly recommend this one!  They were on Sheep Street but are now upstairs in premises, on Henley Street.
 You get to see things like this operating!
 Exit pursued by a bear!  - RSC theatre!
 Waddesdon Manor (think that was what it was called), very nice, supposed to look French?
 They had a fab light exhibition in the Coach house!
So it was a busy busy week, we also went to Coughton Court where the gunpowder plot was plotted!

We survived the storm (it was mighty windy but we managed).

We got to see David Tennant in Richard II - OMG - awesome!

We didn't get chance to catch up with two online friends which was sad, but we will rearrange and sort in the future!

Overall fabulous week away with hubby and son!

This week not so exciting if I'm honest, back to work, dark nights etc.  Looking for a new job etc, but in amongst it, the walk on Thursday, blue skies, cool wind but warm sun - beautiful.  Making a start on Christmas gifts, talking properly with boss now the news of redundancy has sunk it.  Chatting with family.  A meal out (even if the meal wasn't great the company was fabulous).  Weight watchers Thursday evening, Dawn really is the most amazing leader, I told her how much weight I'd gained and I had guessed right.  But back on it now and if I'd not been going the damage would have been so much worse.

Card from a friend to say thank you for a hand made gift that I'd done for her.

Now in amongst this I want to say that I have a close friend who is having the most difficult of times, she has been there for me over the last few years when times have been tough, a listening ear always, sending me encouragement and hugs just when I needed it, this week she has received some devastating news, so if you can offer up an extra prayer or wish for her that her life be made easier it would be very much appreciated!

So there you have it people - another Rocking your world post completed - how was your week?

If you fancy joining in, blog post together and then head back here, link up and we will come and visit.