Friday, 25 October 2013


My blog appears to have become a constant rocking post rather than anything else, it has been a dig deep kind of week again (actually I'm thinking that this year is turning into a dig deep type of year, but maybe my judgement is clouded at the moment).

Ok let's see what I can manage (don't hold your breath)

Losing 2lb at Weight Watchers last week - that's definitely a positive, puts me through my stone mark so I was a happy girl.  Difficult bit is that I've had a lousy week this week and think I might have put it back on but we won't dwell on that (well not yet anyway).

Spending time with hubby and said 13 year old, that time is always precious and it's easy to forget this blessing.

I put a proposal in around flexible working to work to see if we could work through the current circumstance, the Board said no - I'm not sure it's a positive - but it has rocked my world for pretty much all the wrong reasons - hence the dig deep week.

For hubby coping with me in the aftermath of the above.

For my sister for cheerleading from the side lines

For my Mum being ready with a hot cup of tea and a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on when I was devastated on Tuesday and for making me giggle at her assuming she knew what the news was (which was also a negative) and being disappointed it wasn't!

For my work colleague for being as cross as I am and thinking about me when I was drowning in negativity.

For hubby getting said 13 year old onto the bus safely on Wednesday when I wasn't functioning!

Crikey - they are all a bit dark aren't they - in summary - people who care for me and I for them are awesome and the rest is just that bit rubbish.

So I'll leave it at that before I depress you even more, I'll also leave you with a Christmas layout from last years visit to Chatsworth, using the papers I got in Shimelles Christmas pack that I was going to use for journal your Christmas but decided against it.  On a positive note the theme at Chatsworth this Christmas is the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, can't wait to see what they do with that and that's something to look forward to!


After preparing the above, which was most definitely a dig deep week, I got the most wonderful, beautiful and amazing message from the very lovely Jen at Wear Crafts, asking if I'd like to be part of her design team given my passion for scrapping and mini book making.  I cannot tell you how much this message lifted me, made me feel positive, valued and appreciated and obviously I had to say yes.  So this is a little addition to my original post, which wasn't quite as Rocking before this beautiful news.  Jen I cannot tell you how much it means!  Check out Jen's lovely blog and even better her fabulous website until next week my lovelies...

Finally Mr Linky for those brave enough to reflect and gather the positives!


  1. Sorry you've had a hard week, and I hope you can work through the issues - I am sure with the support of your incredible sounding family, you will be fine! Well done on the DT post - a big lift to the week. xxx

  2. Hi Virginia. I am so sorry you have had another tough week. It is good you have a supportive mum and sister as well as your husband to turn to. And I admire your efforts to find something positive in it all. At least something good turned up at the end of it for you. (The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe sounds like something worth waiting for). Kate xx

  3. Yay, hello Teamie :)
    Sorry you've been down this week but doesn't the lovely Jen know just when to come along and put a smile back on your face. I hope the coming week improves for you and some of my happiness comes your way :) xx

  4. Sounds like you have really been through the mill this week Virginia. Hope it all works out in the end

    What fabulous news getting a spot on Jen's design team - well done you

    Suzy xx

  5. Big hugs for the tough week, so glad you have a supportive network to help you. Congratulations on the DT post. Caro x (#4)

  6. It's been one helluva week for you, V - I'm impressed that you've managed to do a Rocking post at all!

    Many congrats on being asked to go on Jen's Design team - she's made a brilliant choice; you are so talented and have so many different ideas to offer.


  7. Oh sometimes we have to dig deep don't we ? That's lovely about Jen's invitation.
    I had to turn a particularly nasty event into humour this week & can giggle about it now !
    Hope you feel a lot better and so glad you have wonderful support from friends & family and of course your Blogging family x

  8. Oh damn stupid internet! I only just saw this. Congratulations on the DT offer Virginia. Look at you! Head hunted!