Friday, 4 October 2013


Good morning my beautiful Rockettes, I hope you've had a positive week with lots of moments to reflect on and be grateful for, if the week has been a hard one then dig that bit deeper to find those silver linings for it is time for

It's lacking seriously on the photo front peeps but hey it's been one of those weeks.

  1. Hubby making mass batches of zero point soup at the weekend, the butternut squash soup is delicious but the roasted red pepper was spectacular if I'm honest! 
  2. Said 13 year old for taking the time out on Tuesday to make buns to raise money for a potential trip at school to help a community in Africa - I was very proud that he did all the baking himself, made a little donations box and typed up a document to explain about it! 
  3. My sister for being my little cheerleader this week when things have been tough this week on the weight loss side of things as I've been poorly and really really really wanted to comfort eat - so listening to her really helped! 
  4. Dawn my WW leader for being fabulous as always, so inspirational and motivating all the time! 
  5. A tidy home, it might have taken some time but when you wander through and realise it's all clean and tidy it makes you feel happy inside. 
  6. NCIS - great series we bought many many on DVD an age ago and are still trudging through them! 
  7. Hot cups of tea
  8. Hot water lemon and honey
  9. Milky coffees
  10. WW girls as always! 
  11. Getting to read letters from loved ones who I miss so much. 
  12. And finally giggling around the dinner table on Wednesday evening, said 13 year old and hubby were on fine form and they are so alike, they had us all giggling by the time they'd done - much fun was had by all! 
And that my lovely people will have to be your lot this week (it's been a bit of a dig deep week, but that's OK, sometimes dig deep weeks are needed to balance the other weeks).  I hope you've had a good week, if you fancy joining in then pop a blog post together and then head back here to link up so we can come and visit. 


  1. You're doing much better than me on the healthy eating front!!!
    How nice to have a hubby that cooks - mine keeps saying he will...
    Good on said 13 year old for making that effort - I hope he gets to go on the trip.
    Have a great week and stay focused (unlike me!)

  2. Love this idea Virginia! I've joined in for the first time this week. Hope you are feeling better now.

  3. Love your list this week, especially as it has been a dig deep week. I can so relate to the tidy home one! Thanks for hosting. Caro x (#4)

  4. Super list Virginia...definitely with you on the cups of tea, I overheard my youngest telling his Grandad how much I loved, and how often I drank tea...made me smile.

  5. I'm getting there slowly slowly with the houe. Just seems as soon as I tidy it, Logan is throwing things off shelves (giggling madly as he does it) or tipping dog water everywhere! Aaargh!

    Hot tea. Now there's a good idea...