Friday, 18 October 2013


Good morning/afternoon/evening - welcome all - tis Friday and it's dig deep Friday for me - for it's
Ok - so being told my jobs being made redundant at the beginning of the week wasn't the best of starts (on the morning I return after being poorly), mmmmmmmmm  so how does this make my list.  Well I am a great believer in that things always happen for a reason, not sure what will happen, how things will work out, whether I will remain in a different post or go to pastures new, what I do know is that change is here and no matter what stomping screaming and jumping up and down I do it'll happen anyway, better to fight the good fight and bow out positively then pushing against change - so here's to things becoming a little different in the future! 

Next up on my list is visiting someone I haven't seen in an age, too long in fact.  It was good to see them and I intend on keeping these visits up now I've started - missed this person in my life for too long!

Next up is Doctors, taking precautionary measures with hubby, he's recently had a scan which has led to a cause for keeping an eye on things, nothing definite just a case of 'to be on the safe side' but in all honesty despite the fact it was a bit of a smack between the eyes, if you turn this on its head and see it as a positive what you actually see is that we have a fabulous caring profession who really do try and help us! 

Hairdressers on Tuesday - Charlotte did a fab job and was really positive when I told her about my job issues!

Winter's Tale at the theatre last weekend, (despite a certain 13 year old treating the first couple of acts as a time to have a nap - a very expensive nap given the cost of the tickets LOL), maybe could have done without the snoring as he woke himself back up! 

Said 13 year old practicing his guitar on an ongoing basis this week - was a happy happy parent when I realised what extra practice he was doing and apparently it was very obvious to the guitar teacher tonight! 

Dawn my amazing weight watcher leader an amazing inspiration in her own right who was as giddy as me as I reached 1 stone 1lb off and my second silver seven!  Loving this weight loss right now! 

Hubby rocking my world - always! 

Beautiful moonlit nights! 

A lovely meal out for the three of us! 

Putting the world to rights! 

Chatting with my Mum during a long car journey this week, twas much fun to have - really enjoyed it! 

Right that my lovely people will be my lot this week, despite it being a dig deep week that's a pretty awesome list, just the process of reflection what you get is reminding us that every single day is a precious gift and no matter where we are, what we are doing we should embrace the day and be thankful that we are here, living and breathing, loving and sharing and caring with family and friends - this world can be and is an amazing place.  I hope you too have had a good week, if it's been a dig deep week - don't worry - find those silver linings and enjoy every single one! 

And I'll leave you with a Christmas layout - from when we were at Center Parcs - me on the right front of the photo, then my Mum then said 13 year old then at the front on the left my beautiful sister and gorgeous niece - happy times! 

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  1. Congrats on the weight loss Virginia! Every ounce is a step in the right direction.
    I know career wise you will find a new path that is made for you.
    I too have had a dig deep week, but look as hard as I might, the positives just weren't there for the most part.
    Have a great weekend and week.

  2. Well done for making what could have been a very "down" week sound so positive - what a wonderful attitude to have. I hope things work out for you all - I am sure they will. Love the layout!

  3. I am so impressed by your positive attitude. It is sad about your job but hopefully there is something better just around the corner. Well done on the continues weight loss. Don't forget to stop when you hit your target! I'll be back later with my post. Kate x

  4. Virginia, you have done so well to find so many wonderful positives in what has been a rollercoaster week. WELL DONE!


  5. Keep positive and up beat. The way may not be clear, but the path to follow is there. Find a sickle and beat back the overgrowth and it will present itself. Empathising with you, jenxxx

  6. Keep positive and upbeat. The way may not be clear, but the path to follow is there. Beat back the overgrowth and the route to follow will present itself. Empathising with you, jenxxx

  7. Oh Virginia I am so sorry to hear about your job. I was in that position five years ago and had tofind another job then another couple of years ago I had that threat again but fortunately there was a bit of shuffling in the Company and it didnt happen. Its juist awful and so scary and Im so glad you are seeing the positives

    Suzy x