Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Good Morning everyone, on my travels through blogland recently I happened across Maria's blog Gallo Organico (click name to find her) which had a fab list of photos to obtain over the summer period.  Now I printed the list very early in the summer but kept forgetting to take it with us, so eventually I remembered to put it inside the camera case, only for the camera to go with us but the case (and therefore the list) be left in the car.  I was getting to thinking that I wasn't going to manage the challenge, but then found we had a decent internet signal where we were staying and basically set too we managed to get all the photos (including the substitutes) in the week we were away so here are what we found.

No 1 - Open Market at Alnwick
No 2 - Theatre (in the open air no less, The Lord Chamberlain's Men), an all male touring company covering the delights of Shakespeare, we got to see As You Like It!
 No 3 - Town Hall at Alnwick
 No 4 - Plane
 No 5 - Sunset (I also managed lots of sunrises too).
 No 6 - Something asleep - A seagull
No 7 - a sign that is intentionally or unintentionally funny - hubby spotted this on our way to Alnwick Castle - not sure that I actually like it but it did meet the criteria!
 No 8 - A Tower - Clock tower at Cragside
No 9 A photo with someone or something out of place - i think double yellow lines in a doorway where you clearly wouldn't be able to park a car meets the criteria
 No 10 - A bench outside - Bamburgh Castle
 No 11 - An animal in a zoo, or nature reserve - look at those eyes!
No 12 - A cloud in the shape of something, lad could see  a dog in this photo he took
and I could see a pig's face about a third of the way in form the left and a quarter of the way down
No 13 - A fence - loved the Poison Garden gate and fencing at Alnwick Gardens
 No 14 - Stained Glass - Holy Island
 No 15 - A Police car
 No 16 - Windmill
 No 17 Candles
 No 18 - Local Pub, this became our local whilst we were away
 No 19 - A fisherman
 No 20 A dinosaur
 The dinosaur up close bit blurry but you can just about make him out
 No 21 - Me with craft supplies
Now the substitute just in cases - lad wearing a t-shirt with the Union flag on it (albeit in navy)
 And the other substitute item - a sundial
We had so much fun doing this scavenger hunt, thank you so much for hosting it Maria, in fact we loved it so much we've conjured up a new list for our next holiday and one ready for the Christmas season!


  1. That was a fun idea. Well done for finding them all! Kate x

  2. Oh jealous much - youve been in my favourite corner of the country. A beautiful county and so much to see. Well done on getting so many photos. I kept forgetting to take the list with me and so have only imagined about half of them lol

    Suzy xx

  3. Bravo!You did great to capture them all, and there are some real standouts in there (I love the bench, townhall and fisherman especially; but I think I"m with you on that sign!). We really enjoy finding a local when we travel.
    Thanks for joining the fun and don't forget to link up this month and at the end of the summer!

  4. I really like how you displayed your photographs. Its a great collection. Well done.

  5. Fabulous photos Virginia and well done on completing the 'hunt'.

    Toni xx

  6. Great photos, good to see you joining in :)

  7. We like doing them as a family activity in a set time frame. Always fun. Was just watching a documentary about that poison garden, looked v interesting.

  8. Well done - I still have some to find, but nearly there. Loved the yellow lines!!
    Margaret (glitterandglue)