Friday, 20 September 2013


Good morning, good evening and good afternoon - tis Friday which means only one thing it's

Crikey it's been one of those weeks, you know the ones blink and you miss them, I'm not sure how I've managed to arrive at thursday evening so quickly if I'm honest!

So without further ado - what has been making life that little bit better this week

  1. Lovely birthday gifts last Friday, hubby went to town, the WW girls went to town, I got a phone call from my Mum my sister bought me a gorgeous snood scarf which I've worn all week - all was good with the world. 
  2. Said 12 year old is now officially said 13 year old - gulp - we have a teenager on our hands - how did that happen.  He had a fabulous birthday enjoying himself at Center Parcs, we went playing badminton and table tennis (I played deep field in the table tennis doubles given his slightly too over excited way of playing!)  
  3. Lovely meal out Saturday night - just too many weight watcher points which the scales reminded me of this evening sob, but starting afresh as it were. 
  4. Remembering that life isn't guaranteed, that hurdles are faced by people each and every day and that sometimes battles aren't won, losing a family relative so young provided a stark reminder that each day should be lived to its fullest.
  5. My hubby, he puts up with me, he put up with a grumpy Ginnie for a couple of days, think I was just out of sorts, you know what it's like you can't put your finger on it but you are irritated.  He puts up with my irrational self and he is ultimately my most amazing rock for which I am always eternally grateful - so thank you hun for being a star! 
  6. Said 13 year old, he is such a pleasure to spend time with, so fun and so chatty about his day, it's lovely to spend time with him! 
  7. My niece and sister, both stars in their own right
  8. My sister again for the weight watcher pep talk that I need tonight! 
  9. Dawn for being a fabulous, inspiring Weight Watcher leader, she really is amazing! 
  10. Beautiful sunrises 
  11. Solar twinkly lights in the garden 
  12. Hubby and said 13 year old for helping tidy and sort the house Thursday evening, they may be reluctant helpers but it really does get done much faster with their help! 
  13. Lots of lovely birthday gifts I was spoilt 
    1. giant gelli plate GIANT GELLI PLATE, I say again Giant gelli plate - woohoo
    2. Harry Potter goodies, the horcrux bookmark set, the deathly hallows keyring, the felix felicis ornament (a bottle of luck that's what I needed) 
    3. a stencil cutting tool - I'm feeling the need to do some crafting soon!
  14. Fast and the Furious 6 on DVD, much fun watching this even if it is a bit tense! 
  15. Pepsi Max - just because! 
and that my lovely people is my list this week, it's been a mix of lots of things and dig deep items if I'm honest, the weekend was lovely but the news mid week somewhat more difficult to deal with.  

If you fancy joining in, pop a post together and pop back and link so we can come and visit, we've been a bit sparse on the numbers front the last couple of weeks but don't stress if lifes getting in the way just remember to clock those positives! 

I'll leave you with a layout, the only decent shot of me at the Spa - mine and hubbies matching keys!


  1. so sorry to hear your news Virginia, that pits mu moans and groans into perspective so hugs to you.

    happy birthday to you both, a gelli plate, you say, can't wait to see your beautiful creations. welcome to having a teenager. mine turned 20 this month so I've done my stint there!

    hugs Suzy xx

  2. Have fun with the gelli plate. I love mine but found I made a huge pile of backing papers very fast, so I really need to use some of them up before I have another play! A slightly late happy birthday to you and your son.
    I am sorry you had such sad news to deal with as well. Have a good week this week. Kate x

  3. Glad you had a good birthday although now having a teenager on your hands - well good luck with that one ;)
    #4 - hugs
    #5 - we all put up with each other (most of the time)
    Cute layout.
    Have a good week and take care xx

  4. Sorry to hear about your family member. So glad that both you and your son had a good birthday> Enjoy your gelli plate...can't wait to see what you make with it. Caro x (#5)

  5. A belated Happy Birthday to you and your son (teenagers are fun!). I'm sorry to hear about your sad news and a big {{hug}}.
    This is my first time posting here and I love the idea of sharing things that made your week a rockin' one. Thanks for starting this great trend!
    Have a great week.

  6. sorry about sad news. We should take every minute as a precious thing and not take anything for granted. Happy birthday again and happy birthday to said 12 nay said 13 year old! I am still not brave enough to tackle this gelli business... must try. Have a lovely weekend and take lots of care of you and yours. Glad to be back, jenx

  7. Sorry that you have had sad news to deal with - BIG hugs.

    Sounds like you and your 'now teen' had great birthdays - you certainly have some things to play with.

    What a fun photo and a lovely LO.

    Toni xx