Friday, 13 September 2013


Good morning, good afternoon good evening, welcome everyone to another

Oh Friday the 13th, I bet loads of you are running away running away - but come back because it is my birthday and you are all welcome to my virtual birthday party, pull up a pew and have a natter - you know you want to, we'll have a cup of tea and a slice of cake and think about the last week.

Oh it's been a mixed one, a strange weekend where we didn't really do anything but was good anyway and a busy week at work.

So gratefuls let's see

  1. Flowers from a colleague at work for my birthday - really cheered me up on thursday morning and a bottle of wine (weight watchers because she knows I'm watching my weight), so that's my first grateful. 
  2. Pressies from the Wednesday Whine girls both parcels have arrived but are currently unopened as it's my birthday Friday and I'm prepping this on Thursday. 
  3. Cuddling up on the sofa under piles of blankets when it was cold earlier in the week - that was fun too! 
  4. Central heating, when it really did get a bit too nippy lovely to be able to have the heating on. 
  5. Hubby for making me smile when I was having a hard day at work, his text messages seriously cheered me up.
  6. A lovely lady at work not only sending me a birthday card but also sending me a very heartfelt message that meant so much, it's lovely when your life is touched by amazing people! 
  7. Chats with my Mum she's away in Menorca at the moment and has rung a couple of times which has been fab because I've really missed her. 
  8. NCIS - we bought series 1 - 8 on DVD an age ago and we've been slowly working our way through them, good TV! 
  9. Said 12 year old (almost 13 his birthday is the day after mine) who had me smiling when we had an Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and Tooth Fairy conversation this week! 
  10. Pepsi max
  11. Weight Watchers because I've had a fab week of food this week (fingers crossed I'll have lost some weight) 
  12. Sharing family time at meal times, all sitting around the one table - fun!
  13. Said 12 year old embracing all the homework he's getting, it's occurring at a different rate to last year now but he's keeping on top of it. 
  14. Weight watchers mobile app - an absolute gem this week, being able to point on the move has made such a difference.
  15. Hubby encouraging an evening walk, the fresh air, half hour chatting and exercise have done me the world of good, let's hope I can keep it up. 
That my lovely people is about it me thinks, I'll be off celebrating birthdays over the weekend, hope you have a good one. 

I'll leave you with some crafting (due to lack of photos) and then Mr Linky, if you fancy joining in pop a post together come back link up and we can come and visit! 

Rose photo allowing me to play with pinky papers for a change. 

And the photo bomb piccies that I did another layout on were plentiful and I loved this shot of said 12 year old so much I scrapped it separately


  1. Happy Birthday, Virginia - I hope it is a fabulous one and also for said 12-nearly-13-year-old tomorrow! The layouts look great, nice to see you using pink, lol! It is hard to do but has it's place.

  2. Happy birthday! Lovely list as ever. Enjoy the weekend. Happy scrapping, jenx

    Sounds like a lovely week full of smiles and gifts.
    No.9 - oh how I remember that conversation :(
    Have a fabulous day and coming week :)x

  4. Happy Birthday to you and a Happy Birthday to the nearly 13 year old! Love your list of things to be thankful for. Have a great week. Caro x

  5. Happy Birthday. Sorry I've been MIA. Hope to be back rocking soon.

  6. Happy happy birthday, Virginia!! I'm loving your list this week, lots of happies.

    That photo of your boy is PRICELESS - what a wonderful cheeky grin he has :)


  7. Happy Birthday! I am so sorry I have been so missing in action. :) Sounds like you have had some fabulous moments, as you should on your birthday week. Please tell me your nearly said 13 year old still believes in Easter Bunny, Father Christmas and the tooth Fairy. I have a feeling my ten year old in on the cusp of not believing and I am avoiding it completely because the idea of that is so sad to me!! I keep on reinforcing my own little reality and he plays along, though sometimes he makes the odd comment that makes me wonder.

    Oh...weight watchers app...that sounds like a glorious idea for my new phone, do you have to be a current member? I haven't been a member for a while...I am going to go suss it out!

    And go said 12 year old keeping up with new home work, I assume it is high school...plenty to catch up with! :)