Friday, 27 September 2013


Good morning, evening, afternoon (delete which ever isn't applicable)  Tis Friday which means only one thing, lets take a look at the last 7 days.

Oh it's been a funny old week overall, firstly can I say a big thank you to everyone sending us wishes from last weeks post, today we will be attending the funeral which will be hard, so focusing on the positives seems all the more crucial this week.

I thought I'd share a photo of one of my birthday gifts that I mentioned the other week that hubby got me, a bottle of Felix Felicis - luck in Harry Potter land, hope it works!  It comes with a glass dome that sits over it, I love it, it matches my time turner that he bought me a few years ago!

Then another grateful are birthday flowers that just seem to last and last, still doing really well despite being 15 days old!  Good grief 15 days really?
Then there's books from friends, Carmen has finished reading this one so sent it my way - thank you sweetie!
Then belated birthday gifts, received this little haul from my Mum, haven't played with it yet but looking forward to getting this mojo back!
She didn't provide me with the dvd thingy at the top or the bike lock from center parcs!
 Love these 12 x 12 masks!
 And that hexagon die I've been after forever!
 I love these punches, really robust!
And then there's the missing gift from hubby - apparently this came from America - via Amazon in the UK - no idea if I'm honest but it did arrive in one piece! (Excuse the desk, I might not be crafting at the mo, but the state of my desk would indicate otherwise).
Days out at Chatsworth, this year's Beyond Limits was fabulous I loved this one, so mad!
 This one was odd
 As was this one
 Me my sister and said 13 year old
 Me and said 13 year old enjoying the barmy weather we had on Sunday
 this was one of our favourites it was called The Lens for obvious reasons!
 I loved the giant chained book
 And this reminded me of a crazy paper mache in giant format
 The setting for the sculptures really is gorgeous
 Up close, this huge aluminium piece was amazing
 As was the Jaume Plensa head, I love his work
Giant feet inside the house, Chatsworth is fabulous as they let you take photos inside provided there's no flash, which is different to lots of other places we've been to that doesn't allow photos at all!
And finally weight watchers, had a fabulous meeting last thursday with my fantastic Weight Watcher leader, Dawn, she is an utter inspiration herself and gave a very moving and heartfelt meeting last week about her own weight dilemmas over the years!  And before you ask yes I put on a pound but that's what birthday desserts will do for you, however I've been very focused this week and had zero point soups and stewed fruit for dessert, so fingers and toes crossed for a weight loss this week!
Dawn is also a fabulous inspiration for women everywhere and has been taking part in TV and magazine and radio interviews over the last week as one of the BRCA babes she was diagnosed as having the BRCA gene and is helping raise awareness and profile of a charity having posed for a 'Calendar Girls' style calendar, all the ladies in the calendar elected for double mastectomies having found out they have the faulty gene.  The money raised from the calendar goes to the 24 hour helpline which relies on donations to fund it.  The ladies really are an inspiration and are breaking down the stigma around what having the faulty gene means and the reconstructive surgery done thereafter - they all look amazing if you want to buy a calendar - head here and you'll see how amazing they all are!

Right people I think that will be your lot for this week, it's been a mixed one, but it's such a joy to look back on a week and note the silver linings.

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  1. Wow, some great photos there, I too like that bench.
    Some great crafty supplies there too which reminded me that I also have one of those stamps which I desperately need for something this week. Enjoy playing and I hope the upcoming week is good for you :) x

  2. My thoughts are with you today.

  3. Will be thinking of you all today as you attend the funeral - hope it all goes as well as these things can. Hugs for you and your famil7

    Your birthday flowers are gorgeous and are lasting well. I have some of those Bo bunny stamps - they are great and stamp really well, much used in my journal backgrounds. The masks look fab and Im glad the new trimmer eventually made it.

    The book from Carmen looks awesome, I need to google that one to see more information

    How very brave of your WW leader - its a big decision to take

    Have a great week

    Suzy xx

  4. Happy Friday Virginia! My thoughts are with you as I know funerals can be very difficult.
    I love the bottle of Felix (huge HP fan here!) and the flowers still look beautiful--so bright and cheerful. I laughed as soon as I saw the aluminum sculpture--looks just like an ATG tape when you take it off the gun! I too have to get back on the weight loss plan, not sure I should thank you or curse you for reminding me of this LOL.
    Have a great week!

  5. What amazing pieces of sculpture. Thanks for sharing the photos!
    My thoughts are with you for the funeral today. We said goodbye to our friend last Friday. She died after an operation for a brain tumour which was only discovered three weeks before, so we were all in shock, but according to her wishes, we wore bright colours and flowers in our hair (her signature), and we gave her a good send-off. So although you are sad, try to focus on the happy times you shared.
    I hope you have good week now. You have some lovely new crafting stash to play with! Kate x

  6. I seemed to miss the sculptures at Chatsworth this time round. They are amazing! Looks like you had a wonderful day. The crafting goodies from your Mum are wonderful...I really must look out for those stamps...they look like really useful sets. Thanks for hosting and sharing. Keep smiling! Caro x (#5)

  7. Love all your birthday gifts - lucky you! Chatsworth looks amazing,what fabulous sculptures. Sounds like you had quite a week.

  8. should have included, hope today went as well as can be expected, sorry, I am tired and have to be up early in the morning so off to bed now!

  9. Hope the funeral went smoothly.

    Wow, what a super birthday haul - love, love, love your Harry Potter bottle.

    Hope you have been able to enjoy your weekend and that the coming week is great for you.

    Toni xx

  10. I'm so, so behind on my blog reading. Lovely seeing your birthday haul. Love that picture with said 13 yr old next to you - isn't he getting tall!