Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Good morning, well trying to get back into blogging in the hope that then sparks some craft time for me as mojo appears to still be on holiday despite my best attempts to drag it back here!

My blog folder is looking decidedly sparse at the moment, this sequence of photos taken at Yorkshire Sculpture Park when you were allowed to get close to them, the last time we visited they'd put a cordon around them which is a shame because you don't grasp the spirit in which they've been done.

Well September lovely people, how scary is that we've got a very autumnal looking morning this morning but if I'm honest it's not that autumnal in the temperature stakes at the moment.

Back to work for me today it has been just under 2 weeks since I was last in, so today is going to be mighty long and probably mighty hard, I hope your day is good!


  1. Hope your day isn't too bad Virginia.

    Lovely LO - it is a shame that you can't get close to the sculptures any more as it spoils the fun of interacting with the pieces. I wonder if there has been vandalism and they want to try and minimise any more?

    Toni xx

  2. Loved the cool misty morning we had at the start of the day - not so much the heat i just knew it would develop into :)

    Such a shame they've cordoned off the sculptures - I wonder why? Few spoiled it for the many?