Sunday, 22 September 2013


Good Morning, a big thank you to everyone for their kind thoughts over the loss we've had this week, your words mean the world to us.

As the sky is blue and beautiful we've decided to toddle off to the Beyond Limits exhibition at Chatsworth today, fresh air, blue skies, Chatsworth and family - don't think you can get better than that.  So as I'm feeling upbeat and positive I thought I'd throw a quick post together, hoping it might inspire some more creativity later.

First up said 13 year old in the recently produced stone circle.  Now this looks like he doesn't appreciate such things, but he loves as he puts it 'real ones' those that have been around a millennium but he's not so keen on the one we found on holiday that had been created by the family of the farm land we were in and put in one of their fields, particularly as it was something of a hike to get there!

Next up a double page layout, of said 13 year old and hubby - now explain to me which is the bigger child!
 Up close said 13 year old
 And hubby with said 13 year old looking on!
Right off to cajole 13 year old to have breakfast so we can get set off!  Hope you are having a great Sunday!

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  1. Hope you have (are having) had a great day - love the pic of your boys on the swing - there is something about a swing!! Take care. xx