Friday, 9 August 2013


Good Morning one and all and as I type this very early on Friday morning the sun is just creeping over the houses at the back welcoming a brand new day - tis Friday which means only one thing - what's been Rocking your world for the last seven days (or in my case it'll be the last fortnight as we were away last week so this will be a double round up, which means only one thing - lots and lots of photos!)

If you fancy joining in or are wondering what on earth I'm waffling on about - read the blurb on the right under the Rocking button, do a blog post, come back link up and we'll come and visit!

So without further ado, these two nutcases - said 12 year old and my niece, creeping up on us wearing these things out of a game in the chapel we were staying in - honestly what are you two like - had us in fits of giggles!
And said 12 year old's Turtle lifts, you might just be able to spy a cardboard box on the photo - that is one of the lifts, there were many that he set up during the week including zip wires for the turtles and a means of retrieving them that didn't involve two flights of spiral stairs - mad - completely mad I tell you!
 Finding themselves a window seat!
Day trips out with family - always fun, this one was a wet day so we went to King Arthur's Labyrinth and the reason why I'm not wearing my hat on the way out?  That'll be because I knocked mine in the boat and it fell in the water - thankfully said niece collected it for me but it was mighty wet - whoops!
Barmouth - this was an adhoc visit on the way back from the caves above where we parked up and walked, niece barefoot walking in the sand - a complete beach babe if ever there was one!
 This is the view for Barmouth beach - gorgeous!
And this is said 12 year old and said niece discussing the ways of utilising the newly found and yes I do repeat the word found, fishing net, bucket, line and crab bait!
And yes they did catch some - 3 in total in the short time we were there before the rain clouds gathered!

Next up has to be time with my sister!  She is utterly awesome and has been such a rock for me this year, it was a true blessing to spend time with her!
Said 12 year old enjoying breakfast in his window seat and what was for breakfast this morning?  Hot dogs - I tell you I could have throttled hubby!
My next grateful has to be Victorian Gothic - I adore Gothic anyway - but Victorian Gothic the completely over the top splendour of it really is my favourite and Penrhyn Castle was absolutely oozing with it!  Victorian Built Norman Castle - completely bonkers - my kind of eccentric.

This is the entrance to it - reminds us so much of Kilpeck Church and apparently has strong influences from Durham Cathedral!

Inside the great hall we found this lamp stand which I think with a few taps would have made a perfect entrance to the Chamber of Secrets - don't you?
Or what about the staircase which took ten years to build - I say it again 10 years!
 How fabulous is this
 Down to the smallest detail
Next up the slate bed apparently made for Queen Victoria's visit but she refused to sleep in it saying it looked like a double tomb stone, interestingly enough the maker of the bed did make tombstones for a living so she wasn't far off.  Historically it is only 2 years before Queen Victoria's husband passes away and it is now considered fortunate that she didn't sleep in the bed given the Victorian's superstitious nature she may have blamed the bed for her husbands early death!
Gorgeous stained glass windows casting amazing coloured patterns on the stone work
Minton dinner service, apparently only ever 3 made, one of which is in the castle, each plate is different!
Then there's the train museum inside Penryhn Castle - how happy does my Mum look to be driving this train?
Said 12 year old stood in front of a very cloud covered Snowden!
Day out at Portmeirion one of my all time favourite places - only problem was said niece didn't get it, she kept saying (all day) "I just don't get it"
 Niece and sis posing for a piccie!
Hubby having five minutes and me demanding he sit there whilst I take a photo because I've got some great scrapbook papers that will 'just go'
Said 12 year old striking the same pose he did when he was four, must drag out the photo so he can see what I was waffling on about, I adore Portmeirion so bright and vibrant!
A decent shot of these two, trying to get them to pose for a photo impossible I tell you!
But I didn't manage one I managed two - yay!  I won't force the pictures of them posing in front of the hydrangea - I have hundreds which will help make a great double page layout of how utterly impossible it is for the two of them to pose!
 The red paper dragon at the entrance to Electric Mountain - how cool is he!
Llandudno and the start of the Alice trail - it's not finished yet but this is one of the sculptures around the town (I love love love sculptures), celebrating the fact that the original Alice that the books are based on used to holiday in Llandudno!
This has to be my favourite memory of the holiday, said 12 year old is quite honestly Minion mad at the moment, we saw one of these grab machines when we visited Scarborough earlier in the year and he really wanted one, but knowing what a rip off they are we didn't bother.  When we spied them again in Llandudno and given how much ear ache we'd had post Scarborough trip we thought it sensible to allow him to get it out of his system, my words were "You can share a £1 between you so I can just prove to you how ridiculously difficult and fixed these machines are!!!!!" - 50p later we take this photo!
Finding a model of the millenium Falcon (apparently that's what it is - hubby said so) at the top of the Great Orme was a bit odd, but quite cool.
 View off the tram up the Great Orme with Llandudno below us!
 A visit to Harlech Castle and my Mum feeling it was the opportunity to wave?
 Sunset on the last night - view out of the Chapel!
And then the newly acquired Welsh Dragon, this was what we found on the day bed the morning we were leaving, I couldn't help but take a photo, the Dragon seems to be asking permission to join the gang don't you think (and yes before you ask he also managed to acquire another turtle on the holiday bottom right one - now called Orme as he bought it in the gift shop at the top of the Great Orme!).
So that was the week that was, full of family, laughter and great days out - rocking moments that are ultimately good for the soul!

This week has me returning to work but Rocking moments include the local leisure centres holiday club which has allowed me to go to work and said 12 year old to have two very active days which means I'm not quite as worried now he's vegging out in front of the xbox!

Then there's visits from the crazy squirrel!
He really is quite mad
 And Mr Hedgehog, walking through the garden in broad daylight!
 For not one night
 But two nights running!
Anniversary flowers from hubby (we've been together 23 years)
Then naughty scrapping purchases - first up this gorgeous Christmas paper and yes I did say Christmas, I couldn't resist it, muted blues, creams and light browns, some glitter papers some double sided!   Let the Christmas crafting commence
 This also fell into the basket - whooops!
This was from a bargain shop when we were in Llandudno, £10 I know it's old but £10 really - both my sister and I wanted it (me because it's scrapbook paper - her because it's oriental papers and she loves things oriental) we did compromise £5 each and shared the pack as there are two of each paper in the pack - win win!
And then two papers of Dovecraft paper - £1 per pack yes that's right £1 - crazy stuff I tell you!
So there we are lots and lots and lots of Rocking moments over the last two weeks, if you've got to here - well done you for persevering to the end.

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  1. Phew! I'm exhausted just reading that post!! What a FAB holiday - beautiful place, lovely family and lots of interesting things to see and do. I loved it all! Welcome home (shame you had to go back to work, booooo).

    Have a great weekend,


  2. Oh my.. what a great time you had! Some great photos there to scrap.. especially the two 'elephant children' lol.

    I've blogged too

  3. Totally exhausting. But looks like you had loads of fun.

  4. wow what a fabulous post full of fabulous photos. That chapel looks an amazing place to stay and I love the victorian gothic architecture too. The Alice sculpture is brilliant and all in all sounds like a fab and well needed holiday . Happy anniversary - those roses are beautiful

    Suzy xx

  5. I'm glad I made a cuppa before I started reading! What a great time you had. I enjoyed seeing all your photos. The castle looks amazing. Barmouth, Llandudno, etc all places we would go for a day out when I lived on the Welsh border near LLangollen. We went to Kind Arthur's Labyrinth amongst other places in a big family gang for my 50th birthday. So you've brought back lots of happy memories for me to smile at today. Kate x

  6. That looks like the most wonderful holiday, glad you had a fab (if tiring) time. I love North Wales, and South Wales for that matter, but they are very different. Was that amazing window in your holiday let?? wow!!!!! I have very happy memories of Portmeirion, haven't been there in years. I get it ;) I've got that Far East stack somewhere, have had it for years. I don't use patterned paper any more, haven't in yonks, but I can't part with it, I've got LOADS! I really ought to do something with it, any ideas?

  7. Looks like a great trip - many years since I have been to Portmerion. I spent a large part of my childhood growing up in Wales.

  8. Wow!! You had such a fantastic holiday, beautiful photos and memory making moments. AMAZING to be so close to so much history, it thrilled me.

    I love sculptures as well, and I recorded a claw machine moment as well this week, though nothing as cool as a minion, which have taken hold around these parts.

    Lovely flowers too, I hope you guys had a fantastic day. happy belated anniversary to both of you.


  9. photos look amazing! sorry i have been MIA - life and all that getting in the way... will try to play catch up this weekend, jenx

  10. That sounds such a wonderful holiday - thanks for sharing those lovely photos! And such lovely flowers for your anniversary. And who cant resist a scrapping bargain?

  11. Hi V! I'm lurking around again having just returned from our holiday as well. Your family travels to the the MOST fascinating places. I love to read your travel posts especially! I hope returning home and to work is not too dreadful next week. Enjoy your weekend!

  12. What a wonderful holiday. Great photos. I visited Port Merion as a teenager & loved it.

  13. What a gorgeous post Virginia. Is it my imagination or has said son shot up in recent weeks? He looks so grown up in some of these pics!

    Loving all that sculpture - especially the gargoyle-y type ones.

    Your holiday home looks like it was so gorgeous - can't blame the boy for claiming that window as his breakfast seat :)

    Glossing over the Christmas papers - though, they do look interesting where they are so muted.

    I went to Llandudno with my Mum and sister when Devvie was a toddler. I loved it there - Craig has said we should visit as a family. I remember going up in those cable cars and me and my sister screamed the entire way every time it went over a bump in the line :D For some reason people in the cable cars going down thought us clinging together was highly amusing! I'm sure those Alice statues weren't there then though I remember the Alice in Wonderland museum. Seems like it's changed a lot!

    Have a lovely week Virginia x