Friday, 30 August 2013


Morning all, this one might end up a little strange, but fear not tis Friday which means

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OK so last Friday saw me catching up with one of my cousins, I'd been promising myself all summer holidays that I'd give her a call but to be honest time was slipping away so I was grateful for just saying - stop!

And then phoning her, me and said 12 year old headed over and we chatted for hours, simple pleasures I tell you nothing finer.  She has a daughter who is a couple of years younger than said 12 year old so being a similar age they had a fabulous time catching up, particularly as she's about to start the same secondary school as said 12 year old.

They have a beautiful home and a fabulous garden which is huge (nothing like the postage stamp we have) and so the kids were happy to while away the hours in the garden, on the trampoline and on the swing whilst we drank tea and coffee and chatted away!

She has been an absolute rock for me this year and its so lovely to catch up, said 12 year old had a fabulous day as he was very animated on the way home chatting about it.  Made my heart  happy.  So that's my first grateful for the week.

Now this is where it gets a bit 'odd' because the rest of the week well I don't know because I'm prepping this in advance as we'll be away this next week so I'm not sure what the week will bring.  But let's hazard a guess

  1. Hopefully an easy journey up
  2. A pretty cottage
  3. Time with my man and my son
  4. Exploring
  5. Castles
  6. Beaches
  7. Historic Houses
  8. Journal time
  9. Quiet time
  10. Arting time
  11. MMmmmm time with family - all sounds good! 
We've a few 'must do's' whilst we are there because it's an area of the country we haven't been to before and I've heard it's beautiful.  So fingers crossed for a good week.  I hope your week has been good too, please come and link up so we can see what you've been up to! 

I'll leave you with a layout (due to the lack of photos), this is a layout of said 12 year old when we were in Much Wenlock earlier in the year, his absolute delight to discover this landing piece that went through the kitchen above the kitchen area, I can tell you was so much fun!  Then there are the shoe boxes with turtles in - turtle lifts galore, no doubt we'll have some of those this week but he'll have to contend with beams rather than staircases.  


  1. I hope you've had a great week, Virginia. Sounds like your day with your cousin was just what you needed.

  2. I hope you have a lovely time away and glad you caught up with your cousin :)

  3. I hope that all those happy things you hoped for did indeed happen. Have a great time! Caro x (#5)

  4. I hope you are having so much fun Virginia :) I love seeing Said Son's lifts. How cool for him that his cousin will be joining him when he goes back to school too :)

  5. Cousins have a special relationship I think, so good to have a lovely catch up.
    Hope you are having a wonderful holiday x

  6. Hoorah for supportive family members!!

    I hope your holiday was everything you could wish for - you deserve it!