Friday, 16 August 2013


Good morning/evening/afternoon (delete as appropriate), last week was a photo heavy post - this week - not so much!  But here we are celebrating what has been rocking your world this week - blurb on the right underneath the Rocking button, fancy joining in - blog it, link it, we'll find it!

This week we'll try a list because it's fun (and quick)

  1. Sorting my house, I know it's lame and silly but I started so I wanted to get it finished, we're down to one room which is now full of charitable donations which will be winging their way to the local charity shop on Saturday morning so battle can commence on that room.  The house almost feels like its smiling and breathing a sigh of relief (as am I as it's taken a lot of doing!). 
  2. Cinema - The Lone Ranger (I love Johnny Depp and whilst it might not be to everyone's taste I really did quite enjoy it) followed by Grown Ups 2 which is definitely ruder and cruder than the first outing of this film and much loved by said 12 year old, I couldn't believe how full the cinema was but it was an enjoyable hour and a half with said 12 year old.
  3. Thursday crafting with my niece and my son, so much fun spending time with the two of them, chatting about music whilst arting, special blissful time, they seem so grown up, no more "let's pretend" conversations of old when they'd do role play, now it's fun conversation that had me in stitches, particularly the strange conversation I had with a telesales person who I was struggling to understand due to a heavy accent who was asking if we'd had a car accident in the last three years, when I imitated the individual, said 12 year old thought I'd said "have you had carrots in the last three years" and said niece thought I'd said "have you had cataracts in the last three years" yes giggling the afternoon away - bliss!
  4. Paint a pot time with said 12 year old, we had so much fun for a few hours last Friday, in each others company, painting having a cuppa and having a cup cake - nothing finer I tell you!  He did an ice cream bowl and I did a cup for work with the mantra "Today is a Good Day" written on it over and over and over again. 
  5. Sister coming over on Saturday and spending the night, I took her and hubby and said 12 year old to the local village pub where they sell Old Peculier on draft, they had three pints (I was on coffee) and said 12 year old enjoyed the climbing frames etc and then we stopped there for a pub meal, absolutely delish, then we headed to supermarket to pick up a drinky for me - well they were merry and loud and hubby was bolshy - how he didn't smash a load of wine bottles I'll never know, was glad to get home but they had me giggling with their antics! 
  6. XBox Live - said 12 year old chatting to his friend online - fabulous invention - love it! 
  7. Hubby - he is awesome, I definitely don't tell him enough, he is so supportive, knows exactly how I tick, knows when I need support and knows when I need to just vent - love him to bits and he rocks my world every week! 
  8. Gifts, finally picked up a parcel and found it was my prize from the last week of the Summer of Colour Challenge from Kristin, thank you sweetie, the items are gorgeous, love them all. 
  9. The local holiday club, I stand by this, totally awesome fun for said 12 year old, two full days of full on physical exercise and not breaking the bank too much - awesome stuff! 
  10. My beautiful and amazing WW girls - awesome the whole lot of you - thank you for being there! 
And that my beautiful people will be it for this week, when I sat down I really thought I'd be digging deep this week and I can categorically tell you that that wasn't the case, the mindset of finding the silver linings the positives really is the way to go and try and blend into all aspects of your life.  Just remembering that you are alive, that you have been given the gift of life, that you have people that love you just for who you are - truly truly amazing.  

I look forward to finding your beautiful rocking moments on your blogs this week and for those that join in - I feel truly blessed, remember you are amazing! 

Best leave you with a layout so you've got something to look at, now this layout has a little story behind it, on purchasing Madagascar 3 on DVD we got the wig for free, I told said 12 year old that provided he pose for a shot I wouldn't make him wear it for the duration of the film and this is what I got - bless him, how he puts up with his scrapbooking mother I will never know!  

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  1. I have been wondering about the Lone Ranger movie. So many great moments, isn't it so important though to have someone who knows us so well and is so supportive, it makes all the other less rocking moments much more survivable.

    Loved reading your moments, and I agree with how valuable this practice is to making things seem not as bad as we sometimes imagine them to be!!

    Have a good week!!

  2. The best thing about moving house as often as I have is that you do the big 'throw out' on a regular basis. The charity shops had a bonanza when we moved out here, and now I have no-where to store anything except the garage, and space in there is limited.
    It is lovely to read about the fun you had with your son. Sadly, when I was teaching, I found so many parents couldn't wait to get rid of their children at the end of the holidays. I loved having mine home with me - most of the time anyway! Kate x

  3. What a wonderful week with lots of giggles.

    Old Peculier is a name I haven't heard in a long Yorkshire cousins always said we Southerners didn't know what real beer was and that was why Londoners mixed their 'beers' to try and come up with something decent LOL

    Great photo of Said 12yr old.

    Toni xx

  4. I love all your positives for this week...they are fab. I am at the stage of 'AARGH! I really need to get on and do it' with the house! I know it will be wonderful once I have done it, just need to get started now... Thanks for hosting. Love the layout!

  5. A fab list Virginia. Laughing at the antics coming from the pub and also the carrots and cataracts, hilarious. I know where you see coming from regarding the house, I'm trying to do thst too, my clutter is suffocating me! I'm getting there slowly

    Have a great weexxk

  6. Sounds like you have all had a great week - love the photo of said 12 year old in that wig - the poor lad! I bet you remind him when he gets married.... Have a lovely weekend.

  7. I love that photograph and layout! Seems like a good week. I am scraping the barrel at the mo pet, but I will join in again... take care, jenxxx (oh and thanks for sharing the positive thing on pinterest.. it just popped up right at the right time and made me smile... just like you knew I needed a nudge xx)

  8. Wow, you've had a busy week, sorry I cannot comment more but far more difficult on an ipad :(

  9. The look on his face in that LO - priceless!

    Some fabulous |Rocking moments there Virginia - I'm with you on the house decluttering - going to wait till the girls are back to school though as they are serious hoarders. Even of MY junk!

    ope you are having a good week Virginia - need to see the painted on creations - the mug sounds fabulous.

  10. I really enjoyed reading your Rocking post this week, Virginia. Sorting the house as a positive is NOT daft, it always gives me a huge life - especially when we got a letter this week from Banardos to say that our donations had, so far, raised over £110 + 25% gift aid. I had no idea they'd be able to get that much for our junk, but that made me feel good (and the house feels a bit clearer!!).

    It's interesting to hear that you enjoyed Lone Ranger - it's been generally panned by the critics (not that I listen to what they say, usually), but Johnny Depp is always worth looking at :)

    I LOVE the photo of said 12 year old in that rainbow afro wig; brilliant! That photo SO had to be put in a LO!!!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend.