Monday, 19 August 2013


Recently I took part in an Exquisite Corpse project on the Collaborart blog, the idea is similar to those games you used to play at school, the one where you draw a 'monster' one person does the feet and folds over the page leaving little marks for the legs, then the next person does the legs and leaves little marks for the beginning of the body, so on and so forth.  Well think of that idea but doing trips around several people via the post.  That was the premise behind the Exquisite Corpse, we were in groups of 4, we completed the first piece, marked the second piece ready and sent it on it's way and the group continue that until all four pieces were completed and returned.  After each piece was completed, it was sealed in an envelope so that no one saw the items as they travelled around, much fun was had by all.  To make things interesting we could 'choose' what the item was and I went for a building (yes a building).  Here is the item returned and finally (it's taken a while) framed.  I will let the photos do the talking
The reason for the delay in blogging is that it's taken a while to fathom out how to backlight it!
 And this is how we did it
 Up close, my ground floor.
 Rebecca's first floor

 Katie's third floor

 And Pam's roof

Doesn't it look fabulous, I'm so pleased with it and all the work that went into it - thank girls, if you fancy finding out more about Collaborart, click here to see the blog and see the fab art that's on there, as well as details of how to join if you fancy, I think we are currently Europe wide on collaborations.


  1. I love it! It looks like a film set! Jenx

  2. OMG!!!! Virginia!!! This is the most awesome thing I have seen in ages!!!! :D XXX

  3. FANTASTIC!! I love that you have framed it and managed to set up backlighting for it to show it in all its glory.