Sunday, 25 August 2013


Good morning, well you seem to have a run of posts from me and then nothing, so I thought I'd prep a few in advance to share. 

This one is mighty feminine for my style but I was really pleased with it when it was done.  The oval title piece was actually a giant oval number which I could never see me using, so I tore some paper and embellished it and stuck it over the number and put the title on.

The fabric and grey roses were out of a kit I bought off UK Scrappers, again I'm not always great at the layering side of things but I like this one.

Probably the hardest part was sewing around the edge of the photo without tearing the paper, note to self make it a bigger space next time! 

Hubby and me at Chatsworth on a day we went together earlier in the year just to spend some time with each other!

 Up close you can see the card and the tiny stitches!
Have a great day! 

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  1. love the distressing and the stitching... great photo! I am not neglecting you and Rocking... I am Rocking in principle... just meeting meself coming backwards at the moment as me mother says. Take care, jenxxx