Tuesday, 20 August 2013


This one has been fun and sad at the same time (we lost one in the post - not fun, sob), fun in the fact that it was with a 'Desert Island Discs' theme, the soundtrack of your life.  There were some very different journals doing the rounds, including two fabric ones which were fun to work on, as well as Donna's masterpiece, if you want to see more of the collaborations, head over here however this post is about the return of mine.

Collaborart, is about working collaboratively and therefore when you receive a circle journal, not only do you work on your entry but have 'permission' to work on those that have gone before, this in turn means the journal returned is a really rich piece of art work, which I love.  I'll let the photos do the talking, but a mahoosive thank you to all those that took part and added to the pieces as they travelled around!  I don't have a favourite piece, I love each and every one of them and their additions!


The final piece was my originally entry into the journal, this is how it started out 
And how it looked when it returned
And the other side as it left
 And how it returned
Next time we're doing a Royal Mail proof one!


  1. Hello (been away so not been able to comment!) Gorgeous journal...it is just a massive rich book of beautiful artwork you must be so pleased with it. Hope you are enjoying the hols.


  2. Wow, wow and more wow!!!!!!! This is amazing - what a fantastic project to take part in and I LOVE your completed journal, it's stunning :)


  3. It's gorgeous Virginia - you must be so happy to have it home :)