Friday, 30 August 2013


Morning all, this one might end up a little strange, but fear not tis Friday which means

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OK so last Friday saw me catching up with one of my cousins, I'd been promising myself all summer holidays that I'd give her a call but to be honest time was slipping away so I was grateful for just saying - stop!

And then phoning her, me and said 12 year old headed over and we chatted for hours, simple pleasures I tell you nothing finer.  She has a daughter who is a couple of years younger than said 12 year old so being a similar age they had a fabulous time catching up, particularly as she's about to start the same secondary school as said 12 year old.

They have a beautiful home and a fabulous garden which is huge (nothing like the postage stamp we have) and so the kids were happy to while away the hours in the garden, on the trampoline and on the swing whilst we drank tea and coffee and chatted away!

She has been an absolute rock for me this year and its so lovely to catch up, said 12 year old had a fabulous day as he was very animated on the way home chatting about it.  Made my heart  happy.  So that's my first grateful for the week.

Now this is where it gets a bit 'odd' because the rest of the week well I don't know because I'm prepping this in advance as we'll be away this next week so I'm not sure what the week will bring.  But let's hazard a guess

  1. Hopefully an easy journey up
  2. A pretty cottage
  3. Time with my man and my son
  4. Exploring
  5. Castles
  6. Beaches
  7. Historic Houses
  8. Journal time
  9. Quiet time
  10. Arting time
  11. MMmmmm time with family - all sounds good! 
We've a few 'must do's' whilst we are there because it's an area of the country we haven't been to before and I've heard it's beautiful.  So fingers crossed for a good week.  I hope your week has been good too, please come and link up so we can see what you've been up to! 

I'll leave you with a layout (due to the lack of photos), this is a layout of said 12 year old when we were in Much Wenlock earlier in the year, his absolute delight to discover this landing piece that went through the kitchen above the kitchen area, I can tell you was so much fun!  Then there are the shoe boxes with turtles in - turtle lifts galore, no doubt we'll have some of those this week but he'll have to contend with beams rather than staircases.  

Wednesday, 28 August 2013


It's been a while since I posted a holiday journal page, this one from when we recently went to Wales, we spent the good proportion of a day visiting King Arthur's labyrinth, so when we got home that evening I set too having a play in my book.  I was rather pleased with the overall effect although I remind everyone that I really am not good when it comes to painting (unless it's abstract - I'm great at abstract LOL). 
It's in my A5 journal so is quite small (well small for me), I love the stamps they are Bo Bunny ones are are some of my favourites!

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Good morning all, another feminine layout of mine, I blame the kit I was using.  Another one I was unsure of until it was complete and then I was quite happy.

I managed to use photos from when we visited Attingham, the Boudoir room had been meticulously renovated and cleaned, they'd left a small part to show how discoloured and dull it had become over the years.

The lady who had the task of bringing the room back to it's former glory, had spent several years in this room and she'd used cotton buds to clean it - can you imagine!  I don't think I'd have had the patience.  But the room did look amazing for it!

Apparently the word Boudoir (according to the guide at Attingham) is the french word that means to sulk?  Really ladies retired to their boudoir to sulk?  Actually come to think of it - maybe they did!

Monday, 26 August 2013


I love looking through blogs and seeing what other people create, when we were away recently I had a very 'busy background' going on on a page and I sat doodling one night, before I knew it I'd grabbed out a load of metallic watercolours and started to colour in the page. 

When it got so far along I 'filled in' the busy areas of the page that weren't flowers with purple acrylic thus making the flowers pop.  And then once dry I sat doodling with a fine liner pen, it's amazing how hours can disappear when you doodle flowers

 Up close

I really did enjoy playing in this journal, must do it again soon, thanks for looking!

Sunday, 25 August 2013


Good morning, well you seem to have a run of posts from me and then nothing, so I thought I'd prep a few in advance to share. 

This one is mighty feminine for my style but I was really pleased with it when it was done.  The oval title piece was actually a giant oval number which I could never see me using, so I tore some paper and embellished it and stuck it over the number and put the title on.

The fabric and grey roses were out of a kit I bought off UK Scrappers, again I'm not always great at the layering side of things but I like this one.

Probably the hardest part was sewing around the edge of the photo without tearing the paper, note to self make it a bigger space next time! 

Hubby and me at Chatsworth on a day we went together earlier in the year just to spend some time with each other!

 Up close you can see the card and the tiny stitches!
Have a great day! 

Saturday, 24 August 2013


A journal layout done whilst we were on holiday, I was 'brave' and attempted to paint my interpretation of Penrhyn Castle, it's a crazy Norman castle built in the Victorian era - absolutely outstanding interior with so much detail.  We had such a fabulous day there!

The page ended up darker than I wanted but I quite liked the foreboding look!

It's a while since I've played in my journals or played with paint, always good for the soul! 

Friday, 23 August 2013


Tis time again, to take a step back and look back over the last seven days and remember the positive grateful moments and silver linings that have rocked my week!

My normal lists go from either a hundred and one photos to no photos at all, this week I'm going to try and strike a balance.

Collecting our paint a pot pots recently fab stuff, this is the photo from when we were actually doing the pots from the week before, you can see the beginnings of the decoration at the top of the ice cream bowl, you can also see the hot chocolate and triple chocolate cupcake that he enjoyed whilst we were there!
And here it is finished
 The inside
 and another shot for good measure
 and another
My cup turned out OK as well, it reminds me of the Jeff Banks Ports of Call range (does anyone remember that?).  And is now sat pride of place on my work desk!
Next up hubby embracing the cleaning regime I'd started, over the last few weeks I've slowly worked my way through the house, I've gone through every drawer, every cupboard, under every bed and through every wardrobe, decluttering, getting rid and being practical.  The house had started to have areas where things were dumped and in turn the dumped items appeared to have a new 'home' so bit by bit I worked through each room, starting upstairs and working my way downstairs.

Finally last weekend we were on the final room and it was full of bags to go to the Charity shop, so we had two jaunts over to the charity shop to resolve and then set too cleaning the last room (our pool room), and here it is all tidy and clean again

The house seems to have sighed a deep sigh of relief and feels much better for it, putting things back into their rightful place is now a quick job and there are no more dumping areas, win win!

We then sorted both front and back gardens, mowing, trimming the hedge, cutting back shrubs, weeding etc and again the garden feels better for it.

There are still plenty of things left to do but it feels so much better for being done, so a big thank you to hubby for embracing his crazy wife's cleaning issues!

Hairdressers tuesday, Charlotte tamed these locks and sorted said twelve year olds hair he has a double crown and a calf flick which always make cutting his hair an entertaining task!  I'm currently in 'grow it' mode, not sure how long I'll have to cope with it as it is, but it's starting to 'get there' now.

Spending time with said 12 year old, he was eagerly awaiting the 'free' lego in the papers this week, life has got in the way a bit so we asked him to identify which pieces he 'had to have' and identified them as Wednesdays piece, he was after the little Lone Ranger cart, what he actually got was three of these (because I bought three papers).
I was gutted for him, because he really did want the Lone Ranger piece but we'd missed it without even realising!  He was such a star, telling me it didn't matter and how much he'd really wanted some new helicopters, you know the scenario, when something doesn't quite pan out but you don't want the other person to know that it's affected you - that's what I got from him - how grown up is he, considering my feelings over his own!

Thursday was fun, said 12 year old decided to set too and make these!  All on his own, without help interference or assistance from anyone!  I think he might have his Dad's flare for baking!

In the meantime I spent time with my niece making mini books, so lovely spending time with the two of them, they are growing up so quickly but are such fun to be around, when we were on holiday we spotted these sit on rides for younger children and my sister reminisced about the ones said 12 year old and said niece used to go on and how much they enjoyed them - see them here back in 2001 - how cute are they!
And look what them managed to do!

Said 12 year old 'squeezed' into this
 And said niece had her photo taken on this
They had us rolling with laughter

Then there's the return of the mojo - it's been missing, it went on holiday when the cleaning demon came on board, it really didn't like all the domestic activity so headed off for a while, it's slowly returned once I promised no more tidying out cupboards and look my desk is a mess again which means productivity reigns!

Hello mojo and welcome back (forgive the lego explosion in the background but said 12 year olds lego building mojo has also returned with a vengeance!)
And up close - looky - books lots and lots of mini books - I'm obsessed again - yay!   And yes there are two Christmas ones in amongst them!
Other things that have rocked my week, my fab assistant at work, a good convo with a work colleague, the ability to email, having an awesome sister who looked after said 12 year old when I had to go into work on Wednesday due to a software issue, hubby for just being himself, helping when things needed it without questions and after he'd been out since 5.30am! Spending time with my son!

Oh I nearly forgot, final positive is receiving back my first collaborative piece from the WW girls, my theme was black and red and looky what I received, not the best photo (sorry, but you see how gorgeous it is don't you).  Need to get me a frame for this one me thinks!  Thank you girls I love it love it love it!

I hope you've had a fabulous week and that in amongst it you can identify all the positives, it really is therapy for the soul, if you fancy joining in then pop a blog post together, come back link up and we will come and visit.  Don't stress if you don't make it on Friday and don't stress if you don't manage it every week, there are many Rockettes that have joined come and gone but I know from what I hear that many of them take the time to clock those positives even if they don't blog them these days!

Tuesday, 20 August 2013


This one has been fun and sad at the same time (we lost one in the post - not fun, sob), fun in the fact that it was with a 'Desert Island Discs' theme, the soundtrack of your life.  There were some very different journals doing the rounds, including two fabric ones which were fun to work on, as well as Donna's masterpiece, if you want to see more of the collaborations, head over here however this post is about the return of mine.

Collaborart, is about working collaboratively and therefore when you receive a circle journal, not only do you work on your entry but have 'permission' to work on those that have gone before, this in turn means the journal returned is a really rich piece of art work, which I love.  I'll let the photos do the talking, but a mahoosive thank you to all those that took part and added to the pieces as they travelled around!  I don't have a favourite piece, I love each and every one of them and their additions!


The final piece was my originally entry into the journal, this is how it started out 
And how it looked when it returned
And the other side as it left
 And how it returned
Next time we're doing a Royal Mail proof one!

Monday, 19 August 2013


Recently I took part in an Exquisite Corpse project on the Collaborart blog, the idea is similar to those games you used to play at school, the one where you draw a 'monster' one person does the feet and folds over the page leaving little marks for the legs, then the next person does the legs and leaves little marks for the beginning of the body, so on and so forth.  Well think of that idea but doing trips around several people via the post.  That was the premise behind the Exquisite Corpse, we were in groups of 4, we completed the first piece, marked the second piece ready and sent it on it's way and the group continue that until all four pieces were completed and returned.  After each piece was completed, it was sealed in an envelope so that no one saw the items as they travelled around, much fun was had by all.  To make things interesting we could 'choose' what the item was and I went for a building (yes a building).  Here is the item returned and finally (it's taken a while) framed.  I will let the photos do the talking
The reason for the delay in blogging is that it's taken a while to fathom out how to backlight it!
 And this is how we did it
 Up close, my ground floor.
 Rebecca's first floor

 Katie's third floor

 And Pam's roof

Doesn't it look fabulous, I'm so pleased with it and all the work that went into it - thank girls, if you fancy finding out more about Collaborart, click here to see the blog and see the fab art that's on there, as well as details of how to join if you fancy, I think we are currently Europe wide on collaborations.