Saturday, 13 July 2013


Morning all, well managed the summer of colour challenge which I did find challenging this week - but I suppose that's the point isn't it.  Technically two primary colours with candy apple red (or as we call them toffee apples) and yellow.   Mmmm - gelli print at the ready and create...

So here are this week's offerings!   Three 12 x 12 layouts the first with a wonky title - serves me right for putting those stickers on whilst sat down (plus it was late at night).
Then the cake layout, that cake was utterly amazing and I never got the company name when we bought it so no idea how to trace them but said 12 year old was utterly amazed at how gorgeous it was!  With the title I'd run out of 'c's in the pack of letters I had so had to improvise - can you guess how I did it?

Go on - hazard a guess


It's an upside down 2 but don't tell anyone ssssshhh that'll be our little secret!
Final layout again very simple matting on this because the gelli print background was sooooooo overpowering.
With the left overs I made a ruck of mail art ready using my new bow bunny stamps (the patterns not the words on these little beasties) - can I say I love love love these stamps because of the way they've been done I can join them together!

 And three cards (forgot I'd been doing cards if I'm honest)

Thank you for looking, as we approach the last week of this challenge there are just a few of us thinking we should continue it on - mmmm now there's a thought!


  1. These are all just fab Virginia. I'm sooo wishing I had joined in now but will do next year

    Loving your mail art I've just sent my first two off and received my very first one back , it's so much fun.

    Suzy xxx

  2. I love that colour combo for cards, though I am not sure I would have used it for a LO.It has worked well though. |the cake does look pretty amazing. Lovely selection of mail Art too. Kate x

  3. Gorgeous work Virginia. That cake looks awesome - clever you seeing a '2' as a 'C'! You have been very productive!

    Karen x

  4. Wow, you really have got to grips with the Gelli stuff. The LOs are fab and that mail art & cards looks super. Wonderful hot Summer colours.

    Toni xx

  5. Love the cake!! what a masterpiece. Your cards are gorgeous - what a challenging colour combination for sure!

  6. Wow, wow, and more wow!! And you found this colour combo challenging?! The Gelli print backgrounds are amazing, they are so vibrant.

    You've really done this colour combination prompt proud, Virginia - well done!!


  7. WOW WOW WOW, you had a blast with these colors!! I love all of it and the different ways you used them. Those cards are awesome and the mail art is so fun and cool layouts!!!

    I'm sad it's over too, was so fun seeing what everyone did each week. Enjoy the last week, can't wait to see what colors are picked!

  8. WOW! I love everything that you created using this week's SOC colors! I really like all of your scrapbook pages, your mail art, and those amazing cards!!!!!

  9. These are all fab Virginia, love the colour combination.
    C xx

  10. I couldn't see that number two for looking. very clever - really looks like a C. You've outdone yourself again Virginia - wow.

  11. Beautiful creations!. Love to see how you played with colors in all of them :).

  12. sad when something comes to an end... but something new begins ?

  13. very nice... those colours are lovely! Happy sunday, jenx

  14. I won't tell you how long it took me before I realised a candy apple was a toffee apple!! :)

    The 2 upside down is very clever, how did you even think to do that?? Genius. I love all you have done with these colours (that are not my go-to ones either), and the Gelli plate is beginning to yell at me! I love the effects you get with it. Stunning work. :)

  15. Hi,
    These are really good! I love all the pages, and I like the look of that cake ;)

    Devon x

  16. They are super Virginia :) Hope you are keeping well - you are certainly having lots of fun with the gelli plates :)