Sunday, 7 July 2013


Oh it was lovely to work with slightly more muted colours this week, pink is not a colour I use very often as the overflowing stack of pink papers I have is clear to see!  Why?  Because I have a boy and I tend to work around the colours in the photos, which are never (ever ever) when he's around pink!  So my pink layouts are few and far between and usually rely on my sister or my niece, to have a pink ensemble of some sort on to allow me to photograph and eventually scrap.  So having the colours of pale pink and charcoal grey was definitely going to take me out of my comfort zone.

As per the past few weeks I decided to get out the gelli plate I neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed the big gelli plate I do - I really do - because I love making my own scrapbook papers with my current plate - just not to happy with the 'join' that I end up with when using my 8" x 10" plate on my 12" x 12" papers!  Mixing up pale pinks and charcoal greys was fun, I learnt (the hard way) that I should have started with the paler colour first - but you probably knew that already didn't you and that printing pale pink over dark charcoal grey - really doesn't stand out (again you knew that didn't you).  But I don't care, I used all the papers that I created up making this little lot!

This layouts base was a predominantly pale pink background (in other words after I'd learnt my lesson), the circles and grey strip at the bottom were cut from one of the darker pages I created!  I didn't choose any photos for the layout, just made the layouts which was lots of fun.  I then had to find photos to fit.  If I'd done it the other way around the photos would never have ended up so small, but I think they work really effectively.
I liked the background to this one, I had ended up with two off cut doughnut like circles so used them on this layout.  Had a sheet of DCWV paper that I'd used lots of the grey element on but didn't know what to do with the 'tree' bit, so chopped it into three, created some tag like shapes, backed them in black (as the gelli plate just over powered them without the matting).  Initially I thought I'd be looking for three small landscape photos to go on the tag shapes, but opted to keep the tags as an accent to the page, rather than a photo matting and just picked one photo of a sculpture that we photographed!
Next up combining some Rusty Pickle pirate papers on this page, I bought these papers an age ago at AFTH and loved them so much they remained in the 'stroking' pile of papers rather than the 'using' pile.  Plus I used the excuse I had no pictures of pink pirates to use them on.  The papers are double sided so not all of them are totally piratey - hence using a strip on this.  Matted the gelli plate paper onto the grey matting from the tree paper above.  Stamped the hearts and then matted onto black for the journalling.
Just added strips of paper onto this gelli plate print, started with the black and pink and just kept going until it worked.
Then with the A4 prints I'd done I created several 'blank' cards that can double up as birthday cards, anniversary cards etc.  No sentiment on them, I'll doctor accordingly when I come to use them.
Using the 'negative' of the hole punching to create this one and apparently putting a wonky black stripe of card along the top - mmmmm - never mind they look homemade don't they!
Another one this time matted onto pink cardstock, gelli print hearts on this one.
And a final one onto black cardstock again, very simple, gelli print and punched gelli print hearts.
Finally mail art prepared and ready.  Can't tell if these are done completely are just work in progress?
 Not sure if I should paper piece the clouds with white cardstock, but quite like this one nevertheless.
I really enjoyed making this one (note the horizontal rain drops occurring on the gelli print LOL).  I had to paper piece the houses due to my atrocious stamping, might attempt to split that stamp into three seperate houses as it's a swine to use as it is.  
 Very simple
 This one made me think of Carmen  when I made it!
I enjoyed making this one too.  All the stamps used on the mail art were a freebie in a magazine (although the magazine wasn't exactly cheap), they do seem like good quality stamps - and it's the first time I've used them!
So there you go pale pink and charcoal grey completed.  I've looked at the poll at the moment for this next week and am keeping my fingers and toes crossed it changes because I'm not sure I'll manage it LOL - but we'll see.

If you haven't come across this challenge yet and want to know more head here over to the Twinkle Twinkle blog by clicking here!

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  1. Wow, you have been busy. Love all those pink & grey backgrounds that you have created. I don't have a gelli plate as I don't tend to do much 'messy' stuff at home...but...seeing all the fab stuff you have done, I could be tempted LOL

    Toni xx

  2. Oh I love all of your projects so much, You must have had fun with a colour you don't use much, I love that about this project. I think next weeks colour might be red & yellow have fun with that.

  3. Oh my goodness! You made so many wonderful projects using this beautiful color scheme! I love them all, but especially like the one with the city scape and the horizontal rain drops!

  4. Oh wow Virginia. You have really gone to town. And honestly? I can't see a join but hey - don't let me stop you buying that plate ;)

    I adore everything you've done, I love that you have used pink and it doesn't look girly at all on those boy pages. I love that you thought of me. I swooned when I saw the image then a bit more when you wrote that! That was a FREE stamp? Jealous much!

    Gorgeous overload!

  5. Gosh so many pieces, I bet your table is groaning under the weight of all these wonderful pieces of art. The pink and grey look quite industrial with the photos you've chosen to use. :-) xx

  6. Stunning work, loving the colours, although I'm not a pink person lol. love the two together xx

  7. These are so attractive & I love the houses stamp ! Lovely colour scheme & it works so well here x

  8. Oh my gosh. You have been so busy. These are all so fabulous, and I don't think it is at all girly. I thought Carmen will swoon over the birds and then you said it reminded you of her!!

    This is making me want a gelli plate very badly!!

    All sorts of fabulousness. I love the grungyness of the pink. Love all of them, LOVE.

  9. what awesome work you did with all the pink and grey. I don't get to use pink often for the same reason - 2 boys. You really rocked it!