Friday, 26 July 2013


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, wherever you are in this world, I hope your day has been good and your week has been filled with positives!  We are here to celebrate what is good with the last 7 days of our lives - want to know a bit more, read the blurb below the Rocking Your World button on the right, fancy joining in, pop a post together, head back here and link and we will come and visit!  So without further ado

First up will be spending time with family last Thursday night to celebrate my niece's 14th birthday, we had a fabulous night out!

Next up are the waiting on staff, it has to be said that when things go pear shaped they go pear shaped and they kind of did for the above birthday meal out, however, the waiting on staff were to the rescue at every moment and really made up for the slight errors that occurred!

Time with my hubby and my son, school finally came to an end last Friday and said 12 year old arrived home grinning from ear to ear as six whole weeks stretches out in front of him!  We had some great conversations over the weekend too!

The local cinema running a National Theatres Live performance of Macbeth, starring Sir Kenneth Branagh, it has to be said that this was simply amazing, even said 12 year old enjoyed it, Macbeth is my favourite of all Shakespeare plays and I've never quite seen it done this way, the central 'stage' covered in mud for the duration - amazing stuff!  If you like a bit of Shakespeare then there are plenty more being shown over the coming months and there may be an encore performance of this one too, so check out your local cinemas!

The local craft shop and the mini book class on Sunday, it was booked last minute and unseen for me, my Mum and my sister, we had a fabulous time, we thoroughly enjoyed the class run by Julie and left with completed mini books, my sister still slightly amazed that she managed it!

The local music academy for running some great holiday clubs (helped with the childcare and work juggle), up to now said 12 year old has done strings and things (playing electric and acoustic guitar, violins and cello) and then an animation day, he's brought a CD of the first days results and a DVD of the stop start animation for the second day, he's booked in for a rock day today (writing this thursday sorry) and a pop day tomorrow.

The hospital finally taking me off the tablets I've been on for six months, fingers and toes crossed now that things will settle down and the problems won't recur!

Hubby cooking the most delicious Jamie tea on Monday (so delicious we had it again on Wednesday), sticky chicken with a water melon salad - absolutely gorgeous!

Chats with sister on the phone on Wednesday, lifting me up when I was being quite honestly as miserable as could be.

Again sister for helping out at the beginning of the week with reference to juggling the childcare, I had two early meetings which meant getting said 12 year old to the music academy was impossible so she stepped in for me!

And finally new Rockettes over the last few weeks, it's lovely to see new people and read your gratefuls and that in turn makes me feel grateful so thank you - one and all!

OK hardly any photos this week so we need some crafting - let's grab a layout, this was a prompt from UK Scrappers about using negatives, the hearts on the right are all negatives from a die cut which I then 'filled' with either paper or hand stitching!  the photo lad with one of the 'root' sculptures at Crich Tramway Museum (you can see one of the trams in the background behind the trees).

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week, Mr Linky below for you to join in


  1. I'm always quoting from Macbeth as studied it for O'Level & had an excellent teacher !

    I hope you stay well & enjoy the school holidays !

  2. well that in itself has to rock... it is friday... and i am here on friday... and not only that but I am first - yes first! Sounds like a fabby week. Ohhh I now so wish I had gone to see Macbeth... they were screening it in Durham (I think it was Durham, I know I saw it advertised) and I nearly went and now I wish I had. Oh I love Sir Ken (DH must have a complex because there are so many on my 'famous love' list lol!). I have 'seen' him several times and he truly is a gift to English theatre... oh dear that sounded arty but hey ho who cares! Loving the scrapbook layout. Glad you are off the tablets. So come on then , post photos of the mini book - or am I a bad visitor and have I missed them? Off to check back posts to make sure or else I look like a bit of a plonker! Glad there are new rockettes too. Enjoy the hollyberries and the family time! Thanks for lifting my spirits today as ever, have a jolly week next week, jenxx

  3. You're week reads busier than mine, I too have my fingers crossed for your life without tablets :)

  4. Oh I SO want to see Kenneth Branagh's Macbeth - he was on BBC Breakfast the other day and it sounds absolutely fab. There is no chance of getting tickets for the 'real' production so it being shown in the cinema is the next best thing (and you don't come out splattered in mud and stage blood!). I'll be looking out for it at my local cinema - I'm well jel you've already seen it.

    I'll keep my fingers crossed that the medication has done what it is meant to do (is it really 6 months you've been on them? Wow, time really does fly!).

    I hope said 12 year old enjoys his break from school - he's hit the ground running with those super courses!

    Have a wonderful weekend, my inspirational friend.


  5. Im at the caravan just now with rubbish signal so just a quick comment for now. Sounds like a lovely week and I like the sound of the mini book class

  6. Inspired by Suzy and Jen, I have had a go!!!

  7. Oh yay for no medicine, I hope it all goes well for you.

    The Macbeth sounds great, here is to Summer holidays as well. There is something quite wonderful about good service, it can make most things better I have found. So much connection in this post, yay for all the love, and yay for sister and her book making!

    All so fabulous, and I am going to look for the Jamie recipe in my cook books.


  8. All in all a good week.. keep rocking!

  9. So sorry I'm late this week. Sounds like you have all had great weeks. Thanks fo rthe opportunity to share.
    Sue x (MiniOwner@9)

  10. Lovely to see quite a bevy of Rockettes this week.

    Sounds like you've had a great week Virginia and I'm sure you'll be sharing some fabulous outings during the School hols.

    Toni xx

  11. Oh what a good list! I saw Kenneth Brannagh doing an interview about that show on the BBC breakfast show. It sounded good then, he said he and a few of the cast have had a few injuries where they've got so carried away :-)

    Holiday club sounds a lot of fun! Yay for sis stepping in and helping :-)

    Hope you have a lovely week Virginia x