Friday, 19 July 2013


Crikey here we are again, weeks zooming by and this Friday greets us with the start of the 6 week summer holiday in Yorkshire!  But first let's reflect on the last 7 days, see the info on the right of the page if you want to know more and fancy joining in!
So this week I tried to take some photos to make things a bit more interesting than my type written stuff

First up Sweet Williams - I love this flower - no idea why I just always seem to have liked them!  So having them sat on my table all week has raised a constant smile!
 Coloured envelopes from Lidl £1.49 for 50 - this made me happy - I like coloured envelopes!
 Proper Turkish Delight shared with hubby nom!
My naked chef ha ha ha - he is wearing shorts honest!  This is him making home made naan bread on Saturday he really is into his cooking at the moment - so my biggest grateful is for him - he makes me smile and makes me happy all the time!
 And here are said naan breads!
 Breakfast Saturday morning made by said naked chef above!   Pancakes and fresh fruit!
Then his next project homemade banana milkshake made with ice cream!  Hold on a minute I wondering if there might be a link between hubby making scrumptious food and my scales screaming one at a time?  What do you think?
Day out at Chatsworth with my sister and my niece where we found the world's cutest puppy!   Oh and my sister getting into Chatsworth on a family ticket - I asked for two adults, two children and a student and he charged us family ticket price which meant he clocked Melanie as a child tee hee hee!
 Showing hubby the E and the R in the fields behind Chatsworth!
Said 12 year old enjoying the cascade at Chatsworth - paddling is such fun - even when you slip and end up wet through (which he did)!
Other happy gratefuls - fans and baths of cold water to plunge my feet into when it's just too hot!

I think my lovely people that will have to do for this week!

I'll leave you with another layout of said 12 year old tormenting me!
I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in pop yourself a post together and pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

And finally before Mr Linky - apologies to all who ventured this way yesterday and couldn't read my questions and answers I'd copied the text from another blog with the intention of just altering the answers - then forgot to preview (like a numpty) which meant you couldn't read it - well not easily - so I've redone for all those that happened by and decided I'd lost it (which I probably had).


  1. Yum!!!!! Good food and love. I have just perfect my garlic naan bread recipe. I am the one who loves cooking in our house. Looks like you are enjoying your summer well and filling it with more potential scrapbooking moments. Love the flowers, BARGAIN envelopes!, and the turkish delight looks scrummy, though your house would be no good to me, I think my healthy eating kick would go out the window!! :)

    Love the scrapbooking page as well. hahaha


  2. Chatsworth looks gorgeous, I must try and find a way to get there! sometimes not driving is a pain...! Thanks for sharing your week - and how I wish I had a naked chef sometimes - I find solo cooking such a bore!!

  3. Lovely list this week, Virginia :) Wonderful photos too. It's a long time since I was mistaken for being a child, wtg Mel!!!

    Wishing you a great weekend (with more of that delicious cookery from that lovely Mr of yours!).


  4. Lucky you to have the naked chef. I would happily hand over my hot, hot kitchen to my hubby, but he probably couldn't even turn the cooker on. My sons are all good at cooking, but they certainly didn't get it from their dad!
    Chatsworth looks a great place to go. Have another rocking week. Kate x

  5. Sounds like you have had a fab week. How lovely to have Craig making all that home made yumminess for you and your day out at Chatsworth looks fab

    Have a lovely weekend

    Suzy xx

  6. Such cheerful photos - love your chef! Thank you for doing this - I have joined for the first time.
    Sue x (MiniOwner@5)

  7. I can't compete with a naked chef.. but I do have a DH that features in my blog... along with 2 layouts and a couple of pictures

  8. Love your chef and Chatsworth cant beat splashing in the cascade in hot weather. Thanks for hosting. Caro x (#6)

  9. flowers are beautiful... chatsworth is gorgeous... food looks great... layout is fab and fun! hope next week rocks for you, jenx

  10. Oooh, like this idea!!! Jen sent me, I'll do a belated post tomorrow then join in the future if that's allowed :)

  11. lots of new rockettes finding the little spot of joy that is Friday! jenx