Friday, 12 July 2013


Morning all Friday greets us warm and sunny and it's time for
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Well it's been mighty warm hasn't it this week, due to the tablets I'm currently taking, going in the sun really is a bit of a no no I'm afraid so that meant a weekend tootling around the house.  It was actually quite fun so my first Rocking moment is just spending time relaxing and chilling out

Next up Wimbledon - the boy he did good!  So lovely to see the positives on this one, we seem to be having a bit of a sporting roll at the moment (long may it last not that I watch much of the stuff but it's always nice to know we're doing OK). 

Talking of sporting moments I'll mention said 12 year old's sporting moment this week - seeing Jessica Ennis practicing when he went for his sports day - he has a very blurry shot on his phone of her - he was most impressed.

Actually talking of said 12 year old, he has looked after a second cousin this week on her transition up to big school, checking to make sure she's OK, escorting her up to school, letting me know they are there safe and sound - very mature and grown up of him and my cousin whose daughter it is was singing said 12 year old's praises - made me smile. 

Oh next up has to be that very same cousin - she is soooooooooooooo lovely, we get on like a house on fire, even when we haven't seen each other for an age we fall into a conversation like we saw each other yesterday.  I've had the privilege of catching up with her over the last few weeks and it's been a true blessing to know that she's there, to know what an awesome and beautiful individual she is and how blessed I feel having her! 

Chats with my sister on the phone, even when life is tough and there are issues, knowing we can chat and support each other is a true blessing! 

Summer of Colour challenge - we are approaching our final week - I cannot believe that we are almost done for another year, I've loved it with a passion (still have week 5 items to post but still working on cards at the moment).  I wonder what the colour will be for Monday?

Blog visitors, always lovely to read comments!  And those lurking in the background - hello to you and hope you enjoy the read and I understand James that includes you! 

Right my lovely people I think that will have to be your lot this week - apologies for the lack of photos but like I said we hardly moved last weekend with the heat - we might venture out a bit more this weekend, but we'll see! 

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week, that you are able to see those silver linings and if you fancy joining in we'd love to visit, so don't forget to pop back and link up with Mr Linky at the bottom of the post. 

Right layout before I go, this was one of those that I almost (and I did say almost) gave up on, the inky splodges on the paper meant the paper buckled and it drove me nuts that I couldn't get it flat, but with a lot of perseverance I got it stuck to a backing card to bring it back in line (almost).  The photo is of a completed jigsaw we did recently.  I had a book token sent by a friend for a small gift I'd made her daughter (don't ask just know that she is very naughty), so with the book token I decided to buy a 'family' jigsaw so we could spend time together.  So by creating a lasting momento for her family, she created one for mine too!  
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  1. It is so good to hear you folk in UK are finally getting some decent weather, and what a shame you can't go out to enjoy it. But the positive side - time to rest and relax which has to be good. Great layout. That jigsaw was an epic project. Well done for finishing it! Kate x

  2. So sorry you are having to take the tablets Virginia and that they are keeping you out of the sun. Glad you had a chilled week though.

    The tennis was magnificent on Sunday the boy certainly done good!!

    What a thrill for the 12 year old to snap a pic of Jessica Ennis - just brilliant

    Having a sister must be great - its my only regret as an only child - but I do have some wonderful and supportive friends

    Arent blog visitors just great - its a whole wee community supporting each other and I love it

    Great layout of a great pressie

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend

    Suzy xx

  3. Love the layout... I am joining in - I promise! Tired now after crop... will rock friday on Saturday! Take care... jenxxx

  4. I was on tablets that meant I couldn't go in the sun either until a couple of months ago. Thank goodness for sun shelters or I would have gone mad, though I was a bit naughtier the past year, much more than the previous 18 months.

    Glad you managed to find some moments connecting and reconnecting with family. I am ever grateful for Summer of Color as well, just a couple of journal pages to finish for tomorrow. I am a wee bit stuck.

  5. I'm here...running late, but finally here! Sorry to hear that you can't enjoy the sun at the moment, but glad you are enjoying relaxing in the house. From various hints on your blog over the past few weeks it sounds like you are not that far from us! I love your layout. Thanks for hosting. Caro xx

  6. Personally it's too hot for me to go out if I don't have to, but not to be able to if I wanted would be a bit limiting - hope your situation improves soon. Your son sounds a really lovely caring person, which must be down to you! Glad Jess Ennis is at least training, I know she isn't competing at present. Loved the tennis too, even if my cable services kept giving up (think it was the heat, as it happened again today when I was watching the cricket!!)
    Have a good week, and look forward to seeing your last summer challenge.

  7. And I just don't like this heat which is why I don't go out in it if I can help it :)

    I can't believe I forgot Andy Murray! Wow to your boy seeing Jennifer Ennis!

    I'm still stuck on this week's SoC Going to have to go some to pull something out of the bag this week!

    Lovely positives Virginia and lovely LO too. I love that book image.

  8. finally made it... I am like the party guest who always turns up late... every time! Hope next week is a good one... love the summer of colour stuff on the other post! DS1 off to France this week... take care, jenx