Friday, 5 July 2013


Here we are again, time to reflect give thanks and take note of the things that have shone through and made the world a brighter place for me in the last 7 days!
OK let's think,
  1. Seeing a jay in the garden, only there a few seconds but the flash of green on him made us look up! 
  2. English Heritage membership - we've just had our news cards through so we'll be putting them through their paces again! 
  3. Knights Clash at Conisbrough Castle - a fantastic day out (it was supposed to be a few hours but turned into the full day), watching archery, knights battling, learning how to make a beeswax candle, learning the game of 9 mens morris and catch the rat.  All in all a fabulous free day trip (well free in the sense we used our English Heritage membership). 

    Although we have no idea why they took to wearing hat like ensembles on top of the Knight helmets - any ideas?
  4. NCIS box set, we finally bit the bullet and bought series 1 - 8 and have set too on the first disk of 48! 
  5. Mapometer free software which allows you to plot routes - we discovered the 2 mile (ish) walk we do from the house is 2.03 miles! 
  6. Colour of Summer Challenge - meaning more layouts this last week! 
  7. Finding a couple of new challenges for the summer first up Maria at Gallo Organico blog who has organised a summer photography scavenger hunt!  I printed the list and am on the prowl - first photo we've managed to get the Norman Keep at Conisbrough Castle - being a tower from the list! If you fancy joining in click here
    8.  Next up Bernice has started a month's challenge on her blog Passport to Art her altered book is already looking fantastic - if you fancy checking that out click here
    9.  Hairdressers on Tuesday, well it's tidier, just not sure if I'm fancying a change? 
    10.  Nerf wars, said 12 year old and hubby enjoying racing around the house firing foam darts at each other, always fun to listen to and watch - just don't get caught in the cross fire because those nerf darts really can hurt! 
    11.  New Rockettes on the block sharing their Rocking moments - thank you so much makes me feel very happy inside to know that not only do you take time to read, but to share too! 

    Well people that will have to do you this week, some weeks there are reams and reams other weeks the list is short and sweet, this week was a slightly dig deeper week but I've managed a list of 10, so that's not bad.  If you fancy joining in, pop a post together and head back here to link up so we can come and visit!  

    Right before the Mr Linky, quick layout I'll refrain from the Christmas kit pictures just yet! 


  1. Always enjoy reading your Rocking news, I must try and join in one time!! Love the Knights, but no idea why they have posh tea towels on top of their helmets!!

  2. Great post this week Virginia. The day out at Coniston looks like a load of fun.

    Im enjoying the photo scavenger hunt too for the first time this year. Glad I discovered it.

    Nerf wars made me laugh - I remember those little beggars well from when Fraser had them

    Sounds like another lovely week and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

    Suzy xx

  3. Great LO and Conisbrough Castle looked a great day out. Followed your link to the photography scavenger hunt and will hopefully join in. Don't know if we'll get all the points but it will be fun trying. Have a great weekend. :-) xx

  4. The castle and the knights clash looks fab! I love the idea of the nerf wars...I live in fear of my ornaments and wont let Alex use them in the house (mean mummy!). Thanks for hosting and sharing a smile. Caro xx

  5. We had English Heritage passes one year - it was a lot of fun. These days it's hard to get Craig to take time off. Maybe I should just get them and then he'd use them as he hates wasting money :P

    Love the knights with hats. Did Said Son get to keep his candle? And where's the piccie of the new 'do'?

    Have a lovely week Virginia, big hugs x

  6. Enjoyed your post Virginia. The day out at the English Heritage site looked fun.

    Karen x

  7. I am loving your Summer of Color work, funny I mentioned it this week in my rocking moments. Also I think your gelli prints are making me hunger for a gelli plate!! :D (Can I blame that on you??? :))

    Nerf darts do hurt!! But are such fun, mad fun. I stay out of the firing line if possible though from previous experience.

    The day out with the knights looked most fabulous (and feels great to say), loved their extra little turban-ny hats as well!! No idea why though.

    Being a history lover I am jealous of the fabulousness that English Heritage membership sounds like it will entail!

    I hope you have a tonne of rocking moments this week and don't need to dig so deep.