Thursday, 18 July 2013


Mmm Vicki put some great questions on her blog and then Suzy joined in and Carmen and Toni and well it's doing the rounds as it were so thought I'd join in - I put these questions and answers together last night so don't assume these are 'morning' answers! They are supposed to be one word answers but never one for that you'll probably find lengthier answers

I'm also going to do what Carmen did which is put something slightly crafty on here so it's not a pictureless post.  So Jenga chips will do won't it, this photo was taken after a long winter walk through snowy fields and said 12 year old refused to do the return walk until he'd had his fill of chips!
OK Q&A time now

1.  Where is your cell/mobile phone?  Handbag (I think)
2.  Your hair?  Wet just out of the shower
3.  Your mother?  Tiny
4.  Your father? Heaven
5.  Your favourite food? Mexican
6.  Your dream last night?  I had a house full of people who were having a 'party' weekend; one person in particular kept walking around with a box full of raspberry fizzy drinks in cans, then they bought a caravan and parked it outside my house knocking next door's car which then started to move forward into my garden - I woke up - phew!
7.  Your favourite drink?  Wine
8.  Your dream/goal?  Balance (oh and weight loss which is a dream probably more than a goal - as I'm sure you are supposed to work towards goals but dreams can magically happen)
9.  What room are you in?  Kitchen dining room
10.  Your hobby?  Arting (or pratting about)
11.  Your fear?  Losing someone (and losing my memory)
12.  Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Counting my blessings, working less, enjoying mroe and being surrounded by loved ones.
13.  Where were you last night?  Home
14.  Something that you aren't?  thin
15.  Muffins?  Yep - favourites raspberry and white chocolate (that is the meaning of the question isn't it?).
16.  Wish list item?  Supersized gelli plate
17?  Where did you grow up?  Yorkshire
18.  Last thing you did?  Shower
19.  What are you wearing?  As little as possible without scaring the neighbours which means vest top and leggings.
20.  Your TV?  Man versus Food - hubby has a lot to answer for!
21.  Your pet?  Imaginary
22.  Friends? Online
23.  Your life?  Interesting
24.  Your mood?  OK
25.  Missing someone?  Always
26.  Vehicle?  Micra
27.  Something you're not wearing?  corset
28.  Your favourite store?  Amazon or any craft shop
29.  Your favourite colour?  currently mmmm not sure oooh red I think
30.  When was the last time you laughed?  Today (but slightly maniacally if I'm honest)
31.  Lad time you cried/  Tuesday with said 12 year old over a school disappointment.
32.  Your best friend?  Craig
33.  One place that you got to over and over?  Work unfortunately but if you mean holiday haunts then Menorca would be our go to place.
34.  One person who emails you regularly?  Weight Watchers LOL
35.  Favourite place to eat?  La Tasca

Oh that was fun wasn't it (well it was once I'd changed it so you could actually read it!)


  1. Love the list Virginia but wish you hadn't put that fab LO's only 7.43am and now I'm wanting chips LOL

    Toni xx

  2. well it took me a while to work out what to do... i was just about to let you know I couldnt see anything then I worked it out! Q31... hope all ok and not too sad Q8 with you on that one! Hope you are all ok, jenx

  3. Lol...should there be ANY writing on here? :D XXX

  4. Wow, jenga chips is right. What a size. Enjoyed your questions and answers even if you did make me work for them. :-) xx

  5. I love these Q&As! A lot of your answers made me laugh (although not maniacally like you!!).

    GREAT chips!


  6. Aha I thought it was my computer playing up yesterday and all the time it was you lol

    Great answers and this has been great fun to see everyones take on it

    Suzy x

  7. Loved reading the answers. Losing my memories is one of my fears as well. Just the thought makes me shiver. Love the photo of the chips as well and the simple layout!