Monday, 22 July 2013


Good Morning, technically the first 'proper' day of the six week holidays and I'm - well I'm off to work, said 12 year old off to the local music academy to hopefully be kept amused for a few hours!  Got a meeting this morning, feeling tired and got a long day in front of me, hopefully I'll survive it without a problem!

Hope you had a good weekend, what you up to today?  Anything fun?  I could really do with being at home to tidy up - but no such luck, that'll be a Wednesday job by the looks of it, after hospital appointments and guitar lessons, the holiday calendar is already looking mighty busy!

So craft post, because let's be honest that's why you're here isn't it?

First up a layout from a trip to Chatsworth, using up a kit I bought a while ago. The main photo in the first is of a new sculpture at Chatsworth, I'm not sure he was supposed to sit on it if I'm honest but he is a boy - they can't help it can they!

Second up the bunny at YSP using an instragram photo which had a filter on it, I had these printed 'normally' and they arrived with a big white border around them which I trimmed with cutter and scissors, I like the square photo look!
Hope your Monday is more fun than mine!


  1. Loving your LOs Virginia - I am on with a marathon scrapbook at the moment - well 2 actually each 30 pages long! Its proving a huge challenge - its for my SIL and there are just too many pictures ! I would love to have one/ two or even three on a page but sometimes she is wanting 6/7/evn 8 on one ! We have had the discussion about photo albums and memory albums but it does not seem to have done any good - when I said there were too many pictures instead of selecting a couple she has just shrunk them to 6x4 !!! Honestly there are not that many pages I have enjoyed doing at all. Still only 22/60 pages so I am over the worst - I hope.
    Hope work is not too stessful today and your son enjoys his music acadamy xxx

  2. Well, Devvie is being 'Miss' at Summer school, Phoebe had a day at one friends house yesterday and another's today, Ruby finishes school today and I am feeling ill in the heat. Trying to get house decluttered and not getting far :)

    Hope work is OK x

  3. fabulous colours - I am visiting late but I hope all went well, jenx

  4. Love the first they can't help themselves!!