Tuesday, 9 July 2013


Some weeks go really really fast and some don't and this week up to now hasn't - long days at work in the heat surrounded by hot computers and windows that don't open - mmmm that might have something to do with it!

Anyway I'm going to put a post together, this is technically an update on a previous post - click here to see that post.  I did the original post to get it posted inside the time frame if I'm honest, once the deadline had been and gone I had the luxury of time to finish what I'd started.  There are two I've shared before and the rest are new.

First up a new one, using some ancient papers (first papers I ever got!) and some gelli print.
And another, gelli print background
 this is the updated one from previous, I added the cross stitching on the layout
 and more sewing on this layout that I've shared before
 Another new layout with more gelli plating
 Cards finished ready to send off with a sentiment on them.
And mail art using a gorgeous stamp Susie sent me, I finally got her mounted onto cling stuff and tested it out - she's so pretty and detailed!
 Another set of mail art
I'm currently working on this weeks colour, I'm hoping (fingers and toes crossed) for a slightly more muted colour scheme next week if I'm honest as candy apple red and yellow is quite a vibrant mix!  Thanks for looking!


  1. Wow you have been busy, all stunning work and great colour scheme x

  2. I love this colour scheme and you have given me some ideas for using my gelli-prints. Kate x

  3. How busy :) love all your gelli printing, I want to have a play with it now.

  4. I love how different that strip of gelli print makes that first paper. Loving how much you put into these challenges Virginia - not loving the sound of your office. Stay hydrated x

  5. Oooh you gone gelli mad! How brilliant that you can make all your own backgrounds match what you want, they are looking lovely.

  6. I love seeing how you capture memories! Such a gift. You are so prolific and guess what? I ordered a gelli plate!