Friday, 26 July 2013


Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening, wherever you are in this world, I hope your day has been good and your week has been filled with positives!  We are here to celebrate what is good with the last 7 days of our lives - want to know a bit more, read the blurb below the Rocking Your World button on the right, fancy joining in, pop a post together, head back here and link and we will come and visit!  So without further ado

First up will be spending time with family last Thursday night to celebrate my niece's 14th birthday, we had a fabulous night out!

Next up are the waiting on staff, it has to be said that when things go pear shaped they go pear shaped and they kind of did for the above birthday meal out, however, the waiting on staff were to the rescue at every moment and really made up for the slight errors that occurred!

Time with my hubby and my son, school finally came to an end last Friday and said 12 year old arrived home grinning from ear to ear as six whole weeks stretches out in front of him!  We had some great conversations over the weekend too!

The local cinema running a National Theatres Live performance of Macbeth, starring Sir Kenneth Branagh, it has to be said that this was simply amazing, even said 12 year old enjoyed it, Macbeth is my favourite of all Shakespeare plays and I've never quite seen it done this way, the central 'stage' covered in mud for the duration - amazing stuff!  If you like a bit of Shakespeare then there are plenty more being shown over the coming months and there may be an encore performance of this one too, so check out your local cinemas!

The local craft shop and the mini book class on Sunday, it was booked last minute and unseen for me, my Mum and my sister, we had a fabulous time, we thoroughly enjoyed the class run by Julie and left with completed mini books, my sister still slightly amazed that she managed it!

The local music academy for running some great holiday clubs (helped with the childcare and work juggle), up to now said 12 year old has done strings and things (playing electric and acoustic guitar, violins and cello) and then an animation day, he's brought a CD of the first days results and a DVD of the stop start animation for the second day, he's booked in for a rock day today (writing this thursday sorry) and a pop day tomorrow.

The hospital finally taking me off the tablets I've been on for six months, fingers and toes crossed now that things will settle down and the problems won't recur!

Hubby cooking the most delicious Jamie tea on Monday (so delicious we had it again on Wednesday), sticky chicken with a water melon salad - absolutely gorgeous!

Chats with sister on the phone on Wednesday, lifting me up when I was being quite honestly as miserable as could be.

Again sister for helping out at the beginning of the week with reference to juggling the childcare, I had two early meetings which meant getting said 12 year old to the music academy was impossible so she stepped in for me!

And finally new Rockettes over the last few weeks, it's lovely to see new people and read your gratefuls and that in turn makes me feel grateful so thank you - one and all!

OK hardly any photos this week so we need some crafting - let's grab a layout, this was a prompt from UK Scrappers about using negatives, the hearts on the right are all negatives from a die cut which I then 'filled' with either paper or hand stitching!  the photo lad with one of the 'root' sculptures at Crich Tramway Museum (you can see one of the trams in the background behind the trees).

I hope you've had a beautiful and blessed week, Mr Linky below for you to join in

Thursday, 25 July 2013


Morning all, been up since six getting things sorted, got MOT on car to sort today, keep your fingers and toes crossed that the bill isn't too 'run away run away', thought I'd pop another quick layout post together, this layout entitled Mischief, shows said 12 year old photobombing his Dad's photos at Stokesay Castle, it didn't matter which way his Dad turned did he leap into the photo, he had us quite literally in stitches and this was well worth a double page layout don't you think!
Up close you can see simple embellishments, I add the stamped image to the yellow paper to make it look less plain.
Don't those photos make you smile!
 Hope you have a good day!

Wednesday, 24 July 2013


Good morning, well I'm searching through my blog folder and realised that I'd shared my entry into the Desert Island Discs circle journal on Collaborart (where the journal originates click here to find out more) but not on my blog, so I thought I'd share it here before it gets archived.

This journal was the second fabric journal that had crossed my path and I chose the track We Are Young and created an Empire State building in the clouds (as per the lyrics), I used fabric pens and fabric spray paint to create the background and then had fun with my sewing machine for the afternoon

I then added to other entries in the journal, a little bit of white machine stitching on this one.
A quilting stitch on this one
 The gold 'tie back' and edged checked board on this one

 Going over the title on this one
 and some more decorative stitches on this one
 finally a bit more coloured machine stitching on this one.

 And a wavy line on this one.
This CJ is now drawing to a close with one final entry into Donna's journal which I'll share with you in the future, hope you're all having a great Wednesday!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Good morning, well Tuesday woke with a 6am start - thunderstorms right over the house, front windows wide open so it sounded mighty close.  Yesterday we woke to overcast cool white cloud (it was nice), by the end of the day it was scorchio again grrrrrrr, this morning it's grey overcast and thundering but apparently still warm out there, that's what we need wet air!!!! I tell you, crazy madness.

Anyway enough of the weather forecast let's get some crafting on here.  All three layouts from a single kit, gutting the papers as I go to make the most of them!

Said 12 year old at Chatsworth
Then giant people at Kelham Island last year for their Christmas Fayre,
And finally - hubby icing cakes - I tell you I could not believe 'How Much Mess', he made whilst doing this!
Hope you're having a great Tuesday!

Monday, 22 July 2013


Good Morning, technically the first 'proper' day of the six week holidays and I'm - well I'm off to work, said 12 year old off to the local music academy to hopefully be kept amused for a few hours!  Got a meeting this morning, feeling tired and got a long day in front of me, hopefully I'll survive it without a problem!

Hope you had a good weekend, what you up to today?  Anything fun?  I could really do with being at home to tidy up - but no such luck, that'll be a Wednesday job by the looks of it, after hospital appointments and guitar lessons, the holiday calendar is already looking mighty busy!

So craft post, because let's be honest that's why you're here isn't it?

First up a layout from a trip to Chatsworth, using up a kit I bought a while ago. The main photo in the first is of a new sculpture at Chatsworth, I'm not sure he was supposed to sit on it if I'm honest but he is a boy - they can't help it can they!

Second up the bunny at YSP using an instragram photo which had a filter on it, I had these printed 'normally' and they arrived with a big white border around them which I trimmed with cutter and scissors, I like the square photo look!
Hope your Monday is more fun than mine!

Sunday, 21 July 2013

SUMMER OF COLOUR WEEK 6 - Sage and Sepia

Good morning one and all, it is a little cooler this morning in Yorkshire but is forecast to turn even warmer this week and it's been warm enough in our office as it was!

Anyway we draw to a close the Summer of Colour challenge on week 6 with Sage and Sepia, a colour combination that I voted for - but crikey I struggled. I'm going to apologise in advance my Sage ended up slightly more vibrant and my sepia got drowned out with the sage - but I promise I did start with two colours!

First up a layout - gelli print at the ready again!  The now defunct sidings at Jackfield near Ironbridge (I tried to use sepia in my photos when it wasn't so clear in my gelli-plating)!
Carvings at Stokesay castle - they amused me quite a lot - couldn't help it - they were on a fire place!
Finally inside the barn we stopped in, this was the main living area (apologies this is slightly blurry, I thought it was my eyes when I took it apparently not)
Then cards from the project, these were simple gelli plates, offcuts of the cardstock and paper that was left over and simple birthday wishes, I also used peeled paint distress ink with my new Bo Bunny stamps to add to the cards.  Now remember I don't ever and have never professed to be a card maker, there are those that can and those like me that use scrapping offcuts up - just saying!

 I liked this one because of the tree!

 I love this hexagon stamp - it's so versatile!

Then mail art, not completed fully but getting there

So there we have it, colour of summer drawn to a close, boo hoo - I've loved it though, a massive thank you to Kristin on Twinkle Twinkle for hosting this, it really makes you work outside the box which I adore.  It gives me the chance to work with colours I wouldn't normally work with, it gets me to create layouts without photos (rather than working from photos to layouts which is my normal way around things).

I hope you've enjoyed seeing my creations over the last six weeks, I've loved seeing yours and hope to visit lots more SOC posts over the summer when I have a little more time!  And finally Natasha, you've ordered a gelli plate - you are going to love it, although once Victoria gets a chance to have a go - you might not get much time on it - just warning you!

Saturday, 20 July 2013


Morning all, Saturday has greeted us overcast and slightly cooler (but only slightly), quick post before I head back off for my cuppa which I've left in the other room!

Here's a layout of dear hubby that I did a while ago, his first attempt at preserving lemons - he made many many many (Jamie Oliver has a lot to answer for!)
Up close you can see the title is cut from the offcuts of another paper and simply stamped

Then a layout of Wroxeter's Roman Villa as seen on TV, unfortunately most of it was closed for repair work which we were gutted about as it was actually the main reason for booking a holiday in the area! However, we did get to walk around the outside
Hope your Saturday is awesome!

Friday, 19 July 2013


Crikey here we are again, weeks zooming by and this Friday greets us with the start of the 6 week summer holiday in Yorkshire!  But first let's reflect on the last 7 days, see the info on the right of the page if you want to know more and fancy joining in!
So this week I tried to take some photos to make things a bit more interesting than my type written stuff

First up Sweet Williams - I love this flower - no idea why I just always seem to have liked them!  So having them sat on my table all week has raised a constant smile!
 Coloured envelopes from Lidl £1.49 for 50 - this made me happy - I like coloured envelopes!
 Proper Turkish Delight shared with hubby nom!
My naked chef ha ha ha - he is wearing shorts honest!  This is him making home made naan bread on Saturday he really is into his cooking at the moment - so my biggest grateful is for him - he makes me smile and makes me happy all the time!
 And here are said naan breads!
 Breakfast Saturday morning made by said naked chef above!   Pancakes and fresh fruit!
Then his next project homemade banana milkshake made with ice cream!  Hold on a minute I wondering if there might be a link between hubby making scrumptious food and my scales screaming one at a time?  What do you think?
Day out at Chatsworth with my sister and my niece where we found the world's cutest puppy!   Oh and my sister getting into Chatsworth on a family ticket - I asked for two adults, two children and a student and he charged us family ticket price which meant he clocked Melanie as a child tee hee hee!
 Showing hubby the E and the R in the fields behind Chatsworth!
Said 12 year old enjoying the cascade at Chatsworth - paddling is such fun - even when you slip and end up wet through (which he did)!
Other happy gratefuls - fans and baths of cold water to plunge my feet into when it's just too hot!

I think my lovely people that will have to do for this week!

I'll leave you with another layout of said 12 year old tormenting me!
I hope you've had a great week, if you fancy joining in pop yourself a post together and pop back and link up so we can come and visit. 

And finally before Mr Linky - apologies to all who ventured this way yesterday and couldn't read my questions and answers I'd copied the text from another blog with the intention of just altering the answers - then forgot to preview (like a numpty) which meant you couldn't read it - well not easily - so I've redone for all those that happened by and decided I'd lost it (which I probably had).

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Mmm Vicki put some great questions on her blog and then Suzy joined in and Carmen and Toni and well it's doing the rounds as it were so thought I'd join in - I put these questions and answers together last night so don't assume these are 'morning' answers! They are supposed to be one word answers but never one for that you'll probably find lengthier answers

I'm also going to do what Carmen did which is put something slightly crafty on here so it's not a pictureless post.  So Jenga chips will do won't it, this photo was taken after a long winter walk through snowy fields and said 12 year old refused to do the return walk until he'd had his fill of chips!
OK Q&A time now

1.  Where is your cell/mobile phone?  Handbag (I think)
2.  Your hair?  Wet just out of the shower
3.  Your mother?  Tiny
4.  Your father? Heaven
5.  Your favourite food? Mexican
6.  Your dream last night?  I had a house full of people who were having a 'party' weekend; one person in particular kept walking around with a box full of raspberry fizzy drinks in cans, then they bought a caravan and parked it outside my house knocking next door's car which then started to move forward into my garden - I woke up - phew!
7.  Your favourite drink?  Wine
8.  Your dream/goal?  Balance (oh and weight loss which is a dream probably more than a goal - as I'm sure you are supposed to work towards goals but dreams can magically happen)
9.  What room are you in?  Kitchen dining room
10.  Your hobby?  Arting (or pratting about)
11.  Your fear?  Losing someone (and losing my memory)
12.  Where do you want to be in 6 years?  Counting my blessings, working less, enjoying mroe and being surrounded by loved ones.
13.  Where were you last night?  Home
14.  Something that you aren't?  thin
15.  Muffins?  Yep - favourites raspberry and white chocolate (that is the meaning of the question isn't it?).
16.  Wish list item?  Supersized gelli plate
17?  Where did you grow up?  Yorkshire
18.  Last thing you did?  Shower
19.  What are you wearing?  As little as possible without scaring the neighbours which means vest top and leggings.
20.  Your TV?  Man versus Food - hubby has a lot to answer for!
21.  Your pet?  Imaginary
22.  Friends? Online
23.  Your life?  Interesting
24.  Your mood?  OK
25.  Missing someone?  Always
26.  Vehicle?  Micra
27.  Something you're not wearing?  corset
28.  Your favourite store?  Amazon or any craft shop
29.  Your favourite colour?  currently mmmm not sure oooh red I think
30.  When was the last time you laughed?  Today (but slightly maniacally if I'm honest)
31.  Lad time you cried/  Tuesday with said 12 year old over a school disappointment.
32.  Your best friend?  Craig
33.  One place that you got to over and over?  Work unfortunately but if you mean holiday haunts then Menorca would be our go to place.
34.  One person who emails you regularly?  Weight Watchers LOL
35.  Favourite place to eat?  La Tasca

Oh that was fun wasn't it (well it was once I'd changed it so you could actually read it!)