Friday, 21 June 2013


Morning good evening and good afternoon - well whenever you happen along here you are very welcome, always a pleasure to see a friendly face!  It is Friday which means only one thing...
So what silver linings, little positives have occurred this week that have brought a smile and made life that bit easier and that bit better?  Let's see.

  1. Jen at Wear Crafts, recently notified me that I'd won some blog candy and that she was in the process of getting it together for me.  It was a bit touch and go, as we were worried that it had gone astray in the mail but then that magic red card dropped through the door and all was well with the world again and bless her she'd doctored the candy in line with my scrapping tastes - how sweet is that - so thank you Jen for sending me some fabulous papers and some embellishments can't wait to start playing I'll be sharing my creations soon! 
  2. Hubby - for being him, for knowing who I am, what I stand for, for putting up with me when I'm a bit crazy and mad and knowing when I need that extra support - simply amazing! 
  3. Said 12 year old for learning to just be himself and for feeling confident to chat to us about things  when things get a bit much! 
  4. Sister for being crazy and mad and awesome and amazing, her antics and anecdotal tales of the Download weekend had me smiling on Thursday when things felt a bit tough.  The story about the people who had gone in fancy dress to Download dressed as Picachu and the Honey Monster having a pretend fight had me in stitches! 
  5. My Mum for having more contact with me recently, we seem to have grown a bit closer than in recent years which is lovely. 
  6. My cousin who is utterly amazing, she knew I was having a difficult time recently and asked me for a coffee, we chatted our way through a morning and even though we've not seen each other in an age it was as if it was yesterday that we last saw one another!  
  7. The WW girls - you know who you are and you are all amazing as always! 
  8. My boss for being so understanding
  9. The two girls at work for being fabulous! 
  10. My Aunty for phoning for a chat! 
  11. New Rockettes on the blog over the last few weeks - had me smiling from ear to ear, I feel very humbled that you join in - thank you! 
  12. Vin Diesel - I know it's a strange one to be grateful for but the latest installation of the Fast and Furious series was great fun to watch at the cinema last weekend - wall to wall action! 
  13. Summer of Colour challenge for providing some great food for thought this week, orange and hot pink combination has been more fun than I thought! 
  14. Tapas bar - nom nom - enough said! 
  15. Having fun using my gelli plate, I keep forgetting how much fun it is and it is so quick to use! 
  16. Homemade scones with strawbs and jam - blame hubby - but oooh my - they were lovely!  I won't mention said 12 year old having this as a breakfast the following day will I! 
  17. Yorkshire Sculpture Park - still amazes me when we go, spending time wandering around, no admission fee (just parking fees), chances to see amazing sculptures and there were a few new ones from this 
    to this 
    to this named Wonderland! 
    to this the bedsit that was filled with 75,000 litres of copper sulphate - awesome stuff! Stills shot from a TV as unable to take photos inside! 
    and the baby creatures that we came across there - ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    And that my lovely people I think will do you this week, I hope your week has been beautiful and blessed, if you fancy joining in pop a post together pop back and link up and we can come and visit, we are only a small group of Rockettes (Rockers welcome too) but it is lovely to see other people joining in and appreciating the joys of being grateful

    I'll leave you with a layout based on a layout done by Kat on the last UK Scrappers Cyber Crop! 
    Mr Linky 


  1. Only found you this week so my first attempt.

  2. Nothing like ducklings & goslings to make us smile - have a good weekend x

  3. A lovely week you've had Virginia. Some great candy in the post, some rather 'odd' sculptures and some gorgeous babies. Thank you for calling in on me during the week. Keep smiling! Kate xx

  4. I love Yorkshire Sculpture park! We were there about three weeks ago and it never ceases to amaze and enthral me. Thanks for hosting. Caro x

  5. Another lovely week Virginia. Again what a lovely family you have. The blog candy looks great. I'm getting to meet Jen my friends crop. That scone looks so yummy. Your photos of the sculpture park male me want to go there

    im so glad to be joining in with this.

    Have a great week hun, Suzy xx

  6. like the photographic evidence lol! jenxxx

  7. Hiya Virginia - can't see Mr Linky so am sticking my link here. Will head up to bed and catch up now :)

  8. I thought I did a proper comment on this. Note to self - when reading in bed, remember to comment! So many lovely positives there Virginia and once again I am so jealous of that sculpture park!

    Mmm Strawberry scones - may have to set Devvie to baking!

  9. I am glad you had so many positives. Reading between the lines (and I could be completely off base). Sending you my love, and wishing I could have joined said 12 year old for breakfast.