Friday, 7 June 2013


Good morning/afternoon/evening (delete as necessary) to you all thank you for finding me on Friday, it's Rocking Your World time, I've had a week where my world has literally been turned upside down but I'm determined to not let that stop me from embracing the positives this week.
I'm going to let the pictures do the talking - I'm grateful for

Blue skies and historical places
 Boats and a lighthouse and that gorgeous sea
 Victorian buildings and pretty gardens
 Little Mummy who bought tea
 A pair of beauties dipping their toes
 And this young lady who is simply amazing
To a gift from heaven as a tiny set of footprints reminding me that despite how hard everything is being that at times when we only see the one set it is then that we are carried.
 To kites soaring above us flapping in that brisk sea air
 12 year old's enjoying the simple pleasures in life, the beach
 and skimming stones
 to Victorian Tramway on the cliffside
 That we had to ride on just to say we had!
 Better views of the light house
 And the millpond sea
 To my amazing hubby and gorgeous son
 To miniature islands
 And gorgeous views in the evening
 As the sun sets
 To purple flowering alliums
 And woven acers
 Installation (reinstalled)
 Now leaking (intentionally)
 And breaking open
 To reveal all
 So beautiful
 Posing for pictures from afar (I don't mind them at this distance)
 To gorgeous flowers

 And more fantastic views
 To crazy pheasants
 And more flowering shrubs
 Drumming hare that we missed last time we visited
 Trough waterfalls
 Baby pink rhoddies
 Strange sculpture called angle in the garden that reminds me of Alice in Wonderland
 Baby moorhens all tucked up on their nests
 And chandelier like snakes on the stair well
Trompe L'oeils which are still amazing - the only part of the violin that isn't paint is the door knob that the violin hangs from
 Crazy painty art
 And texture
Water fountain
 Just reaching for the sky
 More fabulous views
 Of a great day out
Grateful to be alive, to have family that I love and friends that are above and beyond amazing - you know who you are.

If you fancy joining in - go for it, pop back link up and we'll come and visit your blog I promise.


  1. Amazing photographs, Virginia - love all the artwork and family pics.

    Sending love and a hug <3


  2. You may have had news that turned your world upside down but you managed to have some fun too - these photos are stunning, and I adore the sculpture breaking open. I love the beach pics, can't remember the last time I walked on a sandy beach...

  3. Just had to drop by and say thanks for sharing your amazing photos ...loved them all.

  4. Blimey Virginia that was epic and poetic! Beautiful, beautiful photos. I loved so much about them and what you read into things. You are an inspiration woman.

    sending you much love and big hugs x

  5. Fab photographs Virginia. Such a long time since Ive been in Scarborough to lovely to see the pictures.

    I hope things are okay with you now

    Suzy x

  6. Gorgeous photos! We were at Chatsworth last weekend as well. I am praying that things improve for you. Big hugs, and God Bless!
    Caro xx

  7. Photos are amazing. Hope you are ok... I think you have won my FB candy if you want to drop me a line. Really hope you are ok, jenxxxx

  8. Oh my gosh. Beautiful photos, who needs words!! You can feel Summer is there! :) Love the garden photos, and the beach photos. I have a family of stone skimmers as well (I have managed it once or twice, I am pretty sure my squeals of surprise made it to the UK!!). It really is simple pleasures, and deep sighs. I love seeing your local sights!