Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I'm always amazed at how when things get tough and difficult to deal with that crafting provides that amazing outlet which lets you just 'be'.  I photographed loads of layouts recently and I can't tell you how positive and happy looking through them made me feel.  So many fantastic days out, actually that is one thing I will say for my scrapbooking, one of the reasons why I love to do it is because my scrapbooks are photographed diary entries of life - but you know that don't you, but for me scrapbooking makes me go out and enjoy life.  Day trips out, places to visit, documenting things as I go.  Enjoying walks through bluebell woods, sea side days pretty much everything.  I'm sure that our lives would not be so varied and interesting were it not for my passion to document 'what we do' and doing the same thing day in day out means it's not interesting so you have to mix it up a bit.  A visit to Harewood recently and I was thinking well we've been here before what can we do that's different and they had a play festival on and before hubby and said 12 year old knew what was happening I was signing them up for a sand sculpting class - just because it would provide something different to scrapbook - they loved it - so win win!

What do you do to keep your scrapbooking fun and different?

Anyway I digress (quite a lot of the time as you can see), todays layouts to peruse all stem back to Halloween last year, my niece decided to come dressed up as the Black Swan - she looked amazing and I got some fabulous photos of her!
I also managed a fun photo of her which I just had to scrapbook that blowing out of the cheeks made me giggle so much!   Using one of Mary-Anne's quote cards again - like I keep saying uber versatile on the scrapping front - click here if you want to see Mary-Anne's original post
And finally the two carved pumpkins done by my brother and his girlfriend that they brought on the night!
That's it from me for today so the question is cleaning or scrapping - cleaning or scrapping - mmmm scrapping i think - catch ya later


  1. Hi Virginia, I love these layouts and doesn't she look fantastic all dressed up.

    I've had a bit of.scrapping block at the moment and I think it's partly down to having two grown up children and there's only so many layouts you can do of 19 year old girls dolled up for a night on the town lol. I need to get out there with ny camera methinks and follow your example

  2. Amazing photos and fab pages, too.
    Sue x

  3. Hah, I love it that you signed them up PURELY for your scrapbooking needs, I do that too ;)

  4. I really want to start scrapping again - but I think in a Project Life kinda a way - it's just that actually starting again!

    I'm going to save the link for these quote cards though ;)

    I love these photos and that's a film I've yet to see but that I very much want to. She looks amazing :)

  5. brilliant layouts! hope u r ok, jenx

  6. thanks for sharing x I have a massive scrapbook project to do for my SIL - scrapping the 40 yrs of her life - she just does not get it that scrapbooking is a personal journey and that scrapping your own photos is the whole joy of it ! Loving the first pages especially with your niece dressed up and those pumpkins - you sure are a creative family xxx

  7. Crafting really is great therapy. And it lets you visit Halloween in June! :-)

  8. Great layouts, love the pumpkins

  9. Super LO's, Virginia :) I don't scrapbook but I find that blogging has become an invaluable part of my life - documenting what we do and all the stages of our lives. I love looking back at the photos and reading about my feelings at that time.


  10. Your niece is stunning!! And the pumpkins...very clever carving!