Thursday, 13 June 2013


Well as I slowly attempt to piece things back together I'm finding I have some thinking time, time to start making changes potentially but we'll see - I'm not pushing for now.  Yesterday was spent mainly working on a fabric CJ I have in my possession such fun but I made a huge mess which I then had to tidy up - never mind!!!!

Anyway more layouts from the blog folder this morning, it's lovely to put them up and even nicer to get comments back - so thank you lovely people for looking.

First up two layouts of my niece, this first one where she is trying on Christmas decorations (last year) which were in a garden centre - the joys of mobile phone pictures!  The purple mask was apparently something she really wanted to buy - it's funny because she's just like my sister can't help trying something on when she sees something she likes - hats were a particular specialty with my sister when she was younger, actually no scratch that she was trying hats on the other day when we went to Brodsworth!
Then the Christmas sunglasses?  - I've no idea why you would need sunglasses like these in winter - but she enjoyed trying them on!
And finally a picture of said 12 year old and niece last year when we went for a walk, (said 12 year old in wind up mode hence the look on nieces face!) the layout was from the last cyber crop with UK Scrappers and although I liked it I think it would have been better with two photos - but hey it's done now!
 Thanks for looking!


  1. Hi Virginia, hope things are working out for you

    Im really enjoying seeing all your layouts. The two of your niece and the Christmas decorations are great

    I love the patchwork one from the cyber crop - one of my favourite classes from that


  2. great layouts - especially like the last one. Your candy is on its way - I changed it very much so it should suit you down to the ground! hope you like it, jenx

  3. Gorgeous LOs. Al of them lovely. Kim

  4. She is simply stunning. And everyone needs Christmas sunglasses! They would complete any outfit...of course we are smack in the middle of Summer here so they would get more use. I am kind of gutted I have never seen Christmas sunglasses, though I will be keeping more of an eye out now! :D