Sunday, 30 June 2013


Morning all, well I've still got loads to do on this challenge, but have just about completed two full layouts this morning, so I'm going to post them in the interim.  The first is made up of scrapbook papers I already have, the purple is a plain sheet of thick paper, I then used the lime green (ish) off another paper of which I had two and put out the lime element only (there were also yellow and blue on the page).  Attaching to the top and bottom adding a strip of purple card and ensuring I cover up the upside down E at the top with the title.  And it was done.  I may add some stitching later but it'll do for now!
Next up similar background paper but then added a gelli plate I did yesterday as a small square on top, photos from a trip to RAF Cosford, printed title backed on lime green and a brief journal block (also type written for speed) and it's good to go.  I thought I might struggle with the colours but apparently not.  I will post all the other items I'm on with when I get chance !
Thanks for looking!

Saturday, 29 June 2013


Good morning, well I find myself sat wandering around the blogs this Saturday morning despite having quite a lot of things to do, but seen as I'm here, might as well pop a quick post together.

Another layout from the kit that I bought, I've been showing you these layouts on and off all week.
Up close you can see the ink spray that I used on the layout behind the photo, now if someone can tell me how to get the pages to stop ruckling up when I do this - that would be great!
And another one, this was as the kit was getting a little on the thin side as I was using up what was left.
I used a background stamp on some plain cardstock and then off cuts of the hexagon paper to create the page - loads of fun!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Friday, 28 June 2013


Here we are again, another week has flown by and we are at Friday giving us chance to reflect and consider the positive elements of the last 7 days, the little silvers linings, small blessings that have occurred it's
Crikey blimey o'trousers - let me think.  Well spending time with my sister last Friday was lovely, we've both been in need of a lot of support recently so it was good to be there for each other, we didn't do anything major, a food shop and some tidying but it was good.  Then she headed over to ours Friday evening so we could spend the weekend together.

Saturday brings Despicable Me 2 at the cinema, said 12 year old has been literally on countdown for this film since the beginning of the year so to get chance to see it a week earlier than anticipated he was not going to refuse.  We toddled off on Saturday lunchtime and got to enjoy the film in all it's 3-D glory.  If I'm honest I don't think it's as good as the first  however, if I had the option of watching 2 hours of minions alone I'd love it because they are fantastic.  To say my house has gone a little minion crazy as a result is a slight understatement.

After the film we headed to the drive thru to get 4 (yes I did say 4) Happy Meals as we all wanted Minions - we couldn't help it!  We parked up ate the Happy Meal and were all happy with our prize.  However, said 12 year old is now obsessing over the rest of the Minions which he's decided he needs in particular the purple one honestly I've not heard the end of it since he started waffling on about the purple one - however, I can't subject him to that much fast food in order to satisfy his minion craving - so if you've got any spare send them this way LOL!  Said 12 year old then insisted on a visit to the toy shop so we could check out all the minion related toys, we didn't think they had anything but finally found stuffed into a tiny section on an aisle a small selection of some rather expensive toys,  he treated himself to a small cuddly Dave minion which set him back just over £10 - gulp!  Well it would have been rude not to!

Saturday evening me and my sister gelli plated - badly - but gelli plated nonetheless - so another positive - sharing the crafting.

Watching films Saturday evening

Sunday morning breakfast cooked by hubby - nom nom nom.

Mowing the lawn finally on  Monday, it was nice to see the garden looking a little better (well less neglected anyway).

The girls at work being little stars, I've been off for a while and I've returned to work this week albeit that I'm still a little fragile.  They have made the transition back in a lot easier as have a lot of people at work, some I don't see often and they've sent me lovely emails - it's so nice to know there are some beautiful people out there.

The WW girls, you know who you are and you really are one of my greatest blessings!

New Rockettes joining in over the last few weeks, again a huge blessing for which I am truly honoured - thank you for making me smile!

Right I think my dearest people that will wrap up my positives this week, I hope your week has been beautiful and blessed, if it doesn't feel like a great week, take a moment to reflect and see if you can spot the little silver linings through your days.  The therapy of focusing on the positives and just letting the negatives go are amazing - try it - you never know you might like it.  If you fancy joining in and want to blog about it, pop a post together, pop back and link up so we can come and visit.  We are only a small gang, but ones that appreciate how important it is to look on the better side of life.  Don't stress if you can't get to it Friday, don't stress if you don't manage every week just clocking those positives is fantastic in itself!

I'll pop a layout on (otherwise this will be a rather unphoto-friendly post).   Again using up the papers in the kit I bought off the marketplace on UK Scrappers.

The photo is of said 12 year old eating a giant marshmallow whole - is it just mine or are all boys like this LOL?

 Up close, you can see the die cut circles, which I dry embossed and inked!

Wednesday, 26 June 2013


So Wednesday morning (actually it feels like Thursday anyone else get that feeling sometimes), I'm posting the layouts that I've been doing with a kit I got off UK Scrappers market place (see last two days for previous layouts).  I'll share a couple today as I made loads with the kit.

First up a new sculpture at YSP when we went earlier in the year, made of all sorts of upcycled items from plastic milk bottles to bicycle wheels.  Then the serendipitous moment you get when the beautiful item Donna sent me in the form of a CHA badge she picked up of a yellow bicycle fits the layouts as an embellisment perfectly!

This layout from Beyond Limits at Chatsworth last year.  I cut a load of squares using those shaped scissors that I've had forever (trying to reuse things in a different way on my layouts), some lovely chevron paper, a note card and some chipboard flags across the page.
 You can see the chipboard flag a bit easier on the close up!
Hope you're having a great day!

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

12 x 12 layout

Hi everyone, well I intended on popping this on this morning, but didn't happen so have to be an early evening post.  This is the next set of layouts using the kit I bought off the marketplace on UK Scrappers.

Quite a simple layout for this particular picture, like I said yesterday loving the colours of these papers. I also used the mask/stencil that came with it!
 Hand stitching up close, hand written journal block and a closer view of the mask!
Thanks for looking!

Monday, 24 June 2013


Morning all well the weekend went in the blink of an eye didn't it (or was that just mine?).  And here we are at Monday morning again, got lots of jobs to do but thought I'd catch up on blogs etc before setting too on the jobs list (as there are quite a few things I need to tick off the sheet today).  It'll have to be a layout to share, I've got a few other bits in the background at the moment but want to finish elements on them before posting!

This layout was created using an unused kit that I bought off the marketplace on UKScrappers, honestly I could have spent a fortune, this particular kit really was my taste in papers, the colour scheme and designs really being part of my normal style.

The photos I know look atrocious on the layout however, but that's because they were taken through an aquarium.  They are from a visit to the Deep and hubby took two photos of me and said 12 year old and in the second shot - we got photo bombed by a fish - made us giggle quite a lot when we downloaded the photos at the end of the day.
Up close you can see the hand stitching around the hexagons.  The hexagon paper was a whole sheet, but I cut into it and added to another paper to create the layout.  I'll try and share the rest of the layouts from this kit this week, it was a hefty kit with lots of paper, cardstock and embellishments but I still felt like I had to get my money's worth, and managed 10 full layouts with it - which I was most pleased with, lots of gutting of papers to make the most of it but was really pleased with what I achieved!
 Thank you for looking!

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Good morning, well we've woken to crazy breezy grey mad weather again this morning, it doesn't feel like June particularly, although it is supposed to start settling down from tomorrow (fingers crossed).  Hubby on with a full cooked English breakfast bless him and I've been catching up on lovely blogs so win win.  Been up since 7am so already feeling tired but a nice Sunday stretches out in front of us.

Right what crafting do I have to share this morning?

This layout that I did of the welcome tray when we were stopping at a barn conversion in Much Wenlock, I really enjoyed working with this photo because the colours aren't my normal colour scheme.  I used one of Mary-Anne's printables as a title on the page matted onto some green and yellow cardstock to make it pop.  If you want copies of your own - then head over to Mary-Anne's blog to see them the link is here
Up close you can see the chipboard hearts that I painted yellow, backed with green cardstock and used dots of glossy accents to create an embellishment.  I also handstitched on the layout but because the yellow thread didn't stand out I ran a green thread through it as well!  Also using up some daisy flowers in line with the papers, don't you love it when a layout just works.
Hope you have a fantastic Sunday!

Saturday, 22 June 2013


Morning all, well I have to stop with this orange and hot pink because I've got a little bit obsessive.  I mean not a bit obsessive but quite obsessive, it started with a gelli plate session, unlike last week where I was churning out the A4 pieces this week I started that way and then thought "What about all those 12 x 12 sheets of white paper that come in the scrapbook albums?" - so I set too with those!  Mmmmmm so here we go - eyes down starter for ten no conferring

First up 12 x 12 layouts, this one was using a fabulous scrapbook sketch from UK Scrappers from their Old Stash New Stash inspiration post, check these out in the Inspirations and Challenges threat.  It's a really versatile sketch and great for 'using up' leftovers when you've been blitzing your way through layouts and have lots of leftovers!
This one was is part of a double page, documenting an early gelli plate session with my sister, samples of our work
 And a jaunty shot of the state the house was in as a result LOL
 Here they are as the double page
Next up I used a blonde moments paper originally a Christmas paper with reddish pink and green circles on it, I spent some time painting over the green circles, great fun, I then used some gelli prints on the page, this one is another sketch from the Old Stash New Stash inspiration - this one being June's sketch (again so versatile).
This one using a gelli print background I loved how it turned out but then like I said got a bit obsessed generating lots of gelli prints!
 Then I did cards, not fully finished but a good start.
 Up close

Then I started some mail art
Up close

 Can't wait to see the colour choice for next week!

Friday, 21 June 2013


Morning good evening and good afternoon - well whenever you happen along here you are very welcome, always a pleasure to see a friendly face!  It is Friday which means only one thing...
So what silver linings, little positives have occurred this week that have brought a smile and made life that bit easier and that bit better?  Let's see.

  1. Jen at Wear Crafts, recently notified me that I'd won some blog candy and that she was in the process of getting it together for me.  It was a bit touch and go, as we were worried that it had gone astray in the mail but then that magic red card dropped through the door and all was well with the world again and bless her she'd doctored the candy in line with my scrapping tastes - how sweet is that - so thank you Jen for sending me some fabulous papers and some embellishments can't wait to start playing I'll be sharing my creations soon! 
  2. Hubby - for being him, for knowing who I am, what I stand for, for putting up with me when I'm a bit crazy and mad and knowing when I need that extra support - simply amazing! 
  3. Said 12 year old for learning to just be himself and for feeling confident to chat to us about things  when things get a bit much! 
  4. Sister for being crazy and mad and awesome and amazing, her antics and anecdotal tales of the Download weekend had me smiling on Thursday when things felt a bit tough.  The story about the people who had gone in fancy dress to Download dressed as Picachu and the Honey Monster having a pretend fight had me in stitches! 
  5. My Mum for having more contact with me recently, we seem to have grown a bit closer than in recent years which is lovely. 
  6. My cousin who is utterly amazing, she knew I was having a difficult time recently and asked me for a coffee, we chatted our way through a morning and even though we've not seen each other in an age it was as if it was yesterday that we last saw one another!  
  7. The WW girls - you know who you are and you are all amazing as always! 
  8. My boss for being so understanding
  9. The two girls at work for being fabulous! 
  10. My Aunty for phoning for a chat! 
  11. New Rockettes on the blog over the last few weeks - had me smiling from ear to ear, I feel very humbled that you join in - thank you! 
  12. Vin Diesel - I know it's a strange one to be grateful for but the latest installation of the Fast and Furious series was great fun to watch at the cinema last weekend - wall to wall action! 
  13. Summer of Colour challenge for providing some great food for thought this week, orange and hot pink combination has been more fun than I thought! 
  14. Tapas bar - nom nom - enough said! 
  15. Having fun using my gelli plate, I keep forgetting how much fun it is and it is so quick to use! 
  16. Homemade scones with strawbs and jam - blame hubby - but oooh my - they were lovely!  I won't mention said 12 year old having this as a breakfast the following day will I! 
  17. Yorkshire Sculpture Park - still amazes me when we go, spending time wandering around, no admission fee (just parking fees), chances to see amazing sculptures and there were a few new ones from this 
    to this 
    to this named Wonderland! 
    to this the bedsit that was filled with 75,000 litres of copper sulphate - awesome stuff! Stills shot from a TV as unable to take photos inside! 
    and the baby creatures that we came across there - ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

    And that my lovely people I think will do you this week, I hope your week has been beautiful and blessed, if you fancy joining in pop a post together pop back and link up and we can come and visit, we are only a small group of Rockettes (Rockers welcome too) but it is lovely to see other people joining in and appreciating the joys of being grateful

    I'll leave you with a layout based on a layout done by Kat on the last UK Scrappers Cyber Crop! 
    Mr Linky