Wednesday, 29 May 2013


Yes I think a Wednesday post is called for because I'm off work and because I can, the joys of having some time to myself, sometimes a bit dangerous (my brain engages and starts going into overdrive) but overall this week has been quite a pleasant little jaunt along, we've got eye tests to contend with this morning but other than that the day is our own.  We've woken to grey skies again but we made the most of the blue ones and the garden could do with a water, so I'm not stressing that we can't get outside.

So another bundle of layouts to share, these all from our first trip to The Deep at Hull, great day out for us all I wasn't really expecting it to be great but it was - so that's always nice!

First up the piece you can walk out on at The Deep to overlook the humber, the building is sort of boat-ish shaped and you've got a great vantage point to enjoy the view, however the central piece was taken up by a loving young couple enjoying the view for far too long - said 12 year old most frustrated and so the title quote - done once again on one of Mary-Anne's project life cards, I've seriously put these ones through their paces, so quick and easy to use and make a fabulous title to a page.  Mary-Anne's blog is here and the actual post relating to these cards is here 

Another page from the day, the ice wall inside, this is pretty awesome it has to be said so definitely photo time!
Then finally a double page piece using magenta papers at the back and the rest is off a Stampin Up kit I won from Carole as part of a UK Scrappers prize during their last cyber crop.  

Which put together look like this
And finally a photo at the end of the day outside the place, using the name plate pretty much as a title - more of Mary-Anne's freebies including the 'S' which can be found on her post here a little bit of hand stitching and some felt butterflies (which were placed on the photo to cover up a bin).  You can see from this that my favourite colours are definitely blues and greens which is why the stack of pink paper is forever growing!  
 Thanks for looking


  1. Fab scrapping there and I nearly spat out my tea laughing at the poor soul wanting the snoggers out of his way - love how you have documented it on your card


  2. I love the way you have incorporated stories with the photos, you inspire me to try scrapbooking. I adore the photo of said 12 year old against the tank window. A magical looking photo.

  3. Wonderful LOs ...all of them. The Deep looks seriously interesting.
    Hugs xx

  4. I am going to have to investigate these cards. I love what you did with them Virginia. The boy makes me laugh. Reminds me of the time we went to see Pavarotti and the couple in front of us sat noisily snogging each other. I mean come on. The tickets weren't cheap and who wants slurping noises accompanying their opera? If I wasn't allowed to sing along with the Cornetto words (Mum banned me with a killer look) I don't see why they could do that. Hurumph.