Friday, 24 May 2013


Where are these weeks going to - honestly it does make you wonder, blink and I'm at Thursday night again reflecting and taking stock and finding the positives, I've had a hard day so having a good think about the week might improve my mood - let's see because it's
Well let's see last Friday night saw operation history homework commence, the task to make a castle - well that's what said 12 year old had decided on and I saw fit to open my mouth and say - well we did do a gingerbread castle once didn't we and that was it the seed was sown and there was nothing we could do about it.  So Friday was baking night, for anyone who hasn't created elaborate gingerbread buildings before let me tell you it's hard work, but work he did, he managed the first batch of gingerbread pretty much on his own rolling and cutting the templates out.  However, recutting them when they were out of the oven and still scolding hot however was a no go area so me and his Dad did that.  Four hours baking I tell you that's some serious dedication!

Saturday was not surprisingly spent assisting said 12 year old with construction, first off he had to make the 'glue' to stick the building together which is a mix of egg white and icing sugar - this is him enjoying the fact that there was more icing sugar in the air than in the bowl!  
then gluing the sides together - I know it looks like hubby is covered in icing but I can assure you that he is actually wearing what we call painting gear and the white splodges are actually old emulsion paint that won't wash out!
Then we were happy to leave him to it, armed with plenty of sweeties and some coloured icing he spent the remainder of the weekend, decorating and tinkering including his jelly baby army!
 You'll have to forgive the rather macabre look of the castle - but after all he is a boy!

He also had to make a book detailing how castles were used and for this we used the many photos we've got of us at castles looking at various attributes on the same, I left him to it on the book and let him loose with papers and stamps as you can see.  He did the write up on the computer and cut it out!
 And here it is all finished!
Next rocking moment - we managed a bit of a sort around in one of the rooms on Saturday which has meant the house flows better.  We actually  moved one of my craft cupboards but now it's been moved I think I'll have to sort it again because I can't actually find anything in it!

Sunday I tootled around the garden, cutting and mowing and strimming and tidying and it felt a lot better for it, now with all the rain we've had it'll be due for another cut soon - oh well it was the thought that counts and I really did enjoy just spending a bit of time outside, it's amazing what a bit of sunshine can do for you!

Monday was gig night - we dragged said 12 year old along to the Thunder/Whitesnake/Journey gig, had a great evening didn't stop for the final act (Journey) as it's not our cup of tea and said 12 year old had school the following day!  We came out very happy singing away and very very deaf!
Tuesday was Operation Castle Move - when we had to get gingerbread castle from A to B in one piece, with lots of instructions from said 12 year old when I was driving like "mind that pothole, Mum" we pulled up at the school gates with castle in box and still intact.  The positive from Tuesday was the positive response that said 12 year old got from school, his history teacher thought it was fantastic and brought another history teacher down to have a look.  Said 12 year old was made to do his presentation first, so win win overall and after all the presentations were finished after Wednesday's lesson - they ate it!  Thank goodness for that - I warned him not to bring it home!

Wednesday saw a hospital appointment for me with my tablets continuing for two more months which is what I wanted albeit that I am tiring of the side effects but hopefully I can see light at the end of the tunnel!

Said 12 year old had a school friend over for tea on Wednesday, it was fantastic to listen to them chatting in the TV room playing on Xbox, the laughter was unbelievable, its great to see him forging stronger friendships.

Another Rocking moment was catching up with my sister by phone, she's busy doing assignments for her 2nd year at uni and I haven't had a proper catch up in ages so it was good to have a proper chat with her.

Thursday well it's been a funny old day weather wise and said 12 year old has been on a geography field trip but managed to dodge all but two rain showers.  He was however, very low when he got in as one of the girls he's got to know really well has decided to move to a different school, he was quite teary when he got in, but held it together at school and why has this made my Rocking list, because it means he can still be emotional and have a good cry and tell his Mum and Dad, when he needs to.

And now I have a day off to look forward to on Friday - mmmm now what can I get up to?

I hope your week has had some silver linings and positive moments to make it that bit special, it's always amazing when you look back at how many positives exist in our lives if only we would take note of them.  If you fancy joining us in our Rocking post then just pop a post together, come back, link up and we'll come and visit, we love new people to join in, it doesn't have to be every week, it doesn't have to be a long write up like mine, bullet points are fine, if it reminds you then that's what counts and it doesn't have to be on a Friday !

I'll leave you with a layout, because I can this one the closing stageset of Macbeth that we saw and were naughty getting a quick photo at the end after all the actors had left the stage - Macbeth's head on a stick (very apt given the macabre castle) and then said 12 year old's lego version!

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  1. What a week - love the gingerbread castle, he should be on GBBO! Glad he got such good results at school and they all ate it too...

  2. That castle is amazing! I absolutely love it! I am so glad I popped by to take part again. I am sorry I have missed out over the last couple of weeks... but I promise I will try harder as I miss this and need it really. When DS2 gets in from school I am going to show him your post - I reckon I will be making biscuit castles this weekend! Great great post and thankyou. Promise I won't leave it so long next time, jenx

  3. Hi Virginia just discovered this through Jen, Wear Crafts blog, and thought it would be nice to join in

    Looks like you had a busy and fun packed week

    Ive left the link to mine

    Suzy x

  4. Wow, the gingerbread castle is amazing! Glad you've had a good week x

  5. Amazing, amazing, AMAZING week and quite clearly Said Son is coming out tops this week. What a boy. What a Mum and Dad! That castle is quite literally a work of art! Make sure he does another mini book of all those photos of him making it and the end result to show his own kids one day!

    Huge smile on my face now Virginia, and with that I head back out to my shed with a cuppa!

  6. That castle is truly awesome! Brilliant idea!
    Sounds like not too bad a week Virginia....good that said 12 year old is making friends....but it's sad that one is moving away...:(
    It is amazing how sunshine (even in small amounts) can improve your mood...I know I shouldn't smoke but the odd 5 mins outside in the sun relax me and calm me.
    Hope you have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  7. Said 12 year old deserves all the praise he gets for his amazing castle - the thought, work and effort that went into that masterpiece is fantastic! And him and his friends were able to eat it afterwards, I bet he's got some new best friends, eh?! It's a shame one of his friends is leaving his school but hopefully he'll be able to keep in touch (especially if he keeps baking, a sure way to a girl's heart!!).

    You went out on a Monday night - and to a gig??!! How cool are you?!

    I hope you enjoy your long weekend (shhhh, apparently the sun is going to come out!).


  8. The gingerbread castle is incredible! Some wonderfully rocking moments filled with connection. Enjoy the sun, Winter has hit today, I don't think we got above 10, and the wind chill took it to negative I am sure. It is freezing. I hope the tablets do as they should. I have just recently stopped taking my tablets that had vile side effects, it has been a long slog, but I am grateful now I am at the other side of it all!

    Have a most fabulous week!