Friday, 17 May 2013


Morning, afternoon, good evening, Rocking Your World Friday, time to take a breath step back and appreciate the last 7 days and the silver linings and positives contained therein because it's

So let's see what has happened since the last time we met?

Well Friday last week was a day off work which is always a blessing although these days I struggle to fathom out what I'm supposed to be doing which makes it hard work, but a day off is to be celebrated no matter what.

Saturday saw us at the theatre to see Taming of the Shrew performed by the Propeller theatre group.  This is about the fourth play we've seen performed by this all male cast and it has to be said they get better and better.  They make Shakespeare completely accessible, understandable, flamboyant, vivid, enlightening and most of all thoroughly entertaining.  I really cannot praise them enough, so if you fancy a good afternoon or evening at the theatre and they are playing anywhere near you I cannot recommend them highly enough - book those tickets you will not be disappointed!

Sunday and we set off to Wentworth Castle to see an art installation.  When we were there at Christmas for their fayre said 12 year old painted a wine glass for the art installation

and last Sunday we got to see it with all it's pals in a glass sculpture in the Rotunda (which is a follie and was originally built as a summer house for the castle).
Inside we found this
And I adore this photo as the glasses look like they are hurtling towards you!
We enjoyed the walk over, admiring the sculpture and chatting to the glass artist who is doing 12 of these follies for follies.  This one being the third one at Wentworth Castle, we've got three more to go at Wentworth Castle, the next of which is at Halloween where she's hoping to coincide with the relaunch of the renovated Victorian Conservatory and she's hoping to use some of the original Victorian glass - watch this space!

The rest of the week has been a blur which I blame work but amongst the days I've managed
  • Arriving home earlier on Monday than normal, not quite a 12 hour day. 
  • Adhoc making of scones when we fancied something sweet by hubby 
  • Eating of said scones with cream and jam, most naughty although said 12 year old had already almost emptied the can of cream! 
  • Going to the dentist on Wednesday and getting a clean bill of health and some clean teeth to boot! 
  • Managing a bit of arting Thursday evening in a steampunky kind of way
  • Other positives include Sarah being so understanding over her missing circle journal in the collaborart, Donna and I (mainly Donna I might add) are doing our utmost to recover!
  • Getting to spend a little bit of time with my sister when we went to the theatre on Saturday, I've really missed her whilst she's in the throws of Uni assignment writing! 
  • Hubby for putting up with my crazy ideas for adding pull out racks to a cupboard in the kitchen and finding subsequently that it works a treat, I now have a tray for the herbs and spices and one for bread! 
  • Said 12 year old for making us a cup of tea the other night without prompting - twas truly lovely! 
  • A Jamie korma curry (not something hubby would usually entertain as not usually hot enought), but Mr Oliver likes to add a green chilli so that was hubby happy and a lovely curry for us to enjoy! 
  • Hubby overall for listening, I seem to need to talk a lot at the moment and him listening has been a true blessing. 
  • Seeing a jay in the back garden even if we didn't get the photographic evidence! 
So there you go people, you start by thinking, well I haven't done a lot, the week has just been full of work but then by taking those few moments you realise that a whole lot of positives has happened for which I truly am immensely grateful.

And lastly to all those that happen by here and read and those that join in whether it be once in a while, once a week, once a month I always feel truly blessed that you take the time to enjoy something that has become a weekly ritual.  I love to come and visit and find out what positives have occurred in your life, so if you fancy joining in, blog it head back here and link it and then we can come and visit. 

I'll leave you with a layout 
And of course Mr Linky 


  1. Thanks for dropping by again, good luck with your stamp quest... I love the way the castle displayed those glasses, very clever. Have a good week - your job sounds very stressy so I hope you get some time to yourself soon.

  2. Taming of the Shrew! My absolute favorite - and a play I did in college! AND that glass art is amazing - such cool photos, xo!

  3. Sounds like a fabulous week, a night at the theatre sounds quite delightful (quiet note to self), I love the photo of your son and the art installation!! How exciting. Husbands that entertain our ideas are quite a wonder, as is a husband who manages all the baking your one does (I think my one suffers from a distinct lack of training in that area!!).

    Unbidden cups of tea are always a treat, but so is feeling heard and listened to, perhaps one of the best gifts that we can receive I think.

    Sending vibes for a week with a lot more ease than you have had lately.

  4. Very pretty layout. Love the glass installation too. Making a cup of tea uninvited! Can he teach DS1 please! Hope you are very well - I am still around and my world does rock still... thankyou for popping over to see me and reminding me that I need to participate!!!! I have a show this weekend so I will be MIA again on the bloggy front... Then teaching on Monday so I will try and catch up with all my bloggy friends then. Take care, jenxxxx

  5. I love the glasses - what a great idea...and being made a cup of tea without well as scones - good luck with the circle journal I hope it turns up. Glad you are keeping well :)


  6. Wow, love the glasses folly in the folly! Very cool, and how fab to have one of said 12 year old's there :)

    You have such a lovely family - chicken kormas, cups of tea, listening, pull out racks, theatre, cream teas, etc etc. FAB!

    Love the Hare and Anvil LO - what a super photo!


  7. Such loveliness....that glass installation is fabulous!
    Great days out too....and it's the small things that can make or break your week....those scones look yummy!
    Hope your weekend was a peaceful/crafty/restful one.
    Hugs xx

  8. Curry, scones and theatre plus Said Son can say he has been exhibited! What a good week when you look back.

    I am not getting to much PC time inbetween Devvie revising (can't really complain at her PC hogging there can I?) Logey Bear teething (which means lots of cuddles shoulder/chin gnawing) and just, well, enjoying my shed ;) But I shall update my Rockings soonish.