Friday, 31 May 2013


Rocking Your World Friday - 22nd Friday of 2013 - if you've happened along her to see my ARC review for May and don't fancy reading the Rocking part of my post - scroll down until you see ARC in bold.

For the rest of you here's my Rocking post, a time to reflect, take stock and remember the positives of the things that have happened in the last 7 days.
Crikey hard week in places but there have been sunny moments and positives so lets focus on them.

Going to see Star Trek Into Darkness last Friday, fabulous film in 3D, we managed to get there mid-afternoon as said 12 year old finished early so win win.

Mixing jobs at home with fun evenings, we set to with the front garden which has been neglected for what appears to be an eternity, armed with the green bin (to put the garden waste in), shovels and forks, we set to reestablishing a small rockery at the front of the garden.  A quick jaunt to a local garden centre and we were set, weed suppressant fabric, some slate and some plants, within a few hours it had gone from a nondescript mess into a small manageable rockery.

The afternoon was spent reading and enjoying the weather, said 12 year old set his tent up because I was moaning that a day inside playing mine craft on Xbox was a waste - so this is what he did.

Set up tent, got his phone, reading light and alarm clock
 Comfy bed to enjoy his barbecue in and to play on Minecraft on his phone - honestly!
Next up this little guy whose had us giggling recently
Sunday was a fun day out at Crich Tramway Museum, where there was a bird of prey display
We found the Tardis, unfortunately the Doctor wasn't in.
We enjoyed a woodland walk along the sculpture trail
We posed for a photo
We had a picnic (well said 12 year old insisted on having a picnic on the blanket, rather than up to the tables!

A hair cut on Tuesday

Opticians on Wednesday were all positives.

Thursday was spent with family, keeping everyone close, and working hard to get things sorted, exhausting day but we felt like we'd achieved something as a result.  Albeit that it's been a mighty hard day.

Craft day with my Mum, sister and niece was also good on Tuesday.

The WW girls for being there, simply awesome all of them!

Right on with the ARC review for May

Arc Review
Ghost Town is book 9 in the Morganville Vampires series of books, I bought the first few from a discount book seller because I like Vampire books and they looked like a good read.  If I'm honest they are more like teen fiction, they aren't as complex or deep or naughty in an over 18 kind of way as the Sookie Stackhouses of the world, but they are an enjoyable read.  They merrily tumble along with ease, I've got to know the characters and the town in which it's based.

Morganville is home to Vampires, Claire who is the main character is an extremely intelligent girl whose ended up at Uni early as she's so clever and the story revolves around her, in each book she gets deeper and deeper into the town and the chances of her ever leaving seem remote if I'm honest.  She's still got a close group of friends and she's still in the middle of all the trouble at all times.

I wasn't expecting to enjoy this book but I did, if you see this group of books to buy and enjoy a quick and easy read then give these a whirl you shouldn't be disappointed.

I'll leave you with a layout and then Mr Linky for the Rocking post link ups

Finally Mr Linky


  1. Lots of lovely positives from you this week, Virginia. Those squirrel and owl photos are brilliant, and the sculpture trail looks great - as long as the real ants aren't that size! Saying you've been has reminded me to book an opticians appointment , I know I'm going to need new glasses :( Well done for attacking your front garden, it must be so much nicer to come home to now. My front (and back) gardens still look like the Somme but there's not much point in doing anything to them until the building works has finished. We're still getting to the front door by walking the plank!

    I think I might have got those books in a cupboard for Hope (from a charity shop) for when her exams are over. They looked like just the sort of thing that she could enjoy without having to write an essay on each character and their motives. I sometimes think eng lit exams can take all the pleasure from a book.

    I hope the sun comes out for you this weekend,


  2. Hi Virginia, I enjoyed last week so much, Im joining in again :)

    Sounds like another busy week for you. Doesnt it feel good to get some gardening done and the sunshine is definately a bonus. Could not help having a laugh at your son with the tent. My son (now 22) in the days before smart phones set his tent up in the garden for a summer sleepover and then proceeded to run the outdoor camping extension and power supply from the dining room window out to the tent so that they could still play on the x box - boys eh!

  3. love the tent! great layout and fab photos... jenx

  4. Some beautiful positives Virginia.....I did have to laugh at said 12 year old though and his tent...that's just the sort of thing the boy would have done!!
    Love the art work but don't think I'll be reading the books....I do read some YA books but I like my vampires on the naughty!
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs xx

  5. I'm back with my Rocking post - on a Friday too!

    Lots of love,


  6. The film is quite fabulous wasn't it. 3d seems so incredible when I thin what it used to be!! The tardis!!

    Can take the boy away from the xbox, but can't take the boy away from minecraft!! I have heard some good things about that game, I am thinking about getting it for my Master 9 for his birthday.

    Love the photos, glad you enjoyed your craft day, and I will note the books down in case I see them while I am out and about. Entertaining quick reads are handy to have around!

  7. The boy has got ways and means that's for sure.What as smart cookie. That picture with the ant reminds me of the film Honey I Shrunk The Kids. What a great photo!

    I've gone off long series of books lately. Prefer the story to be over in one book. I do love your journal set again. That brain is fabulous x

  8. I’ve been working my way through the Mr Linky for the Artful reading Club and realised you weren’t on the list – but I knew you were up to date because you are Mrs Organised and yes, here it is. I know this hasn’t been an easy week for you by any stretch of the imagination and yet you still manage to find so many positives – you are an inspiration and a half, young lady!! Laughing at all the effort your young fella went through to play his Minecraft in peace :D enjoyed your book review too and your artwork is fantastic! Loving the brain in the jar :D