Saturday, 25 May 2013


Morning all - hope the weather is fine and bright and sunny where you are, it's a blue skies day in Yorkshire this morning - bliss.  Hubby cooking pancakes at the moment and we are sat chatting, had a lovely morning up to now, just chatting and giggling it's good for the soul!

I keep forgetting to share what I've put on the Collaborart blog - so having a sort thought my blog folder I thought I'd show a circle journal I've been working on recently that is a fabric journal.  I was somewhat concerned about working on it initially but once the sewing machine was dusted off and I had a look through I managed to produce this. The inspiration came from the lyrics of the track in which the words were 'holy cow I love your eyes' - I couldn't help myself!
Up close you can see the angel 'wings' and the halo.  The background was gelli print fabric, the rest was predominantly felt with hessian and a bit of fabric (the eyes) added in for good measure. 
Oh and leather for the patches
Part of the collaborative side of the blog is to add to previous pieces, so on this one I added the bars.
Little 'ghost' fishes on this one
The 'frame' either side of the left top piccie.
which you can see better here
A little bit of a quilting stitch on this one
which again you can see better here.
Another quilting stitch around the title on this one
Which you can see here slightly better (although the photo is slightly blurry)
And finally I added the ribbon circle around the edge and the applique on the bodice.  
 Slightly better view of it here.
The worry of adding to someone's artwork is getting easier as we do more collaborations, if you fancy seeing other work then check out the Collabor-art blog! 


  1. OMG!!! I would so want to use all those pieces on cushions!!! :D XXX

  2. Oh wow! What a beautiful project. Such a lot of work.
    Sue x

  3. Wow what an amazing idea! just adore your cow :)

  4. Love that cow!!

    Great collaboration - there is NO WAY I could do this, my sewing machine would chew up everyone else's work just because it HATES ME!!


  5. my oh my that is lovely! one clever lady... gingerbread castles... fabric books... it goes on and on! enjoy the sunshine today jenx

  6. This is stunning I have never seen anything like it before x x

  7. Wow!! Love this. How incredible. Clever. Clever. Clever.