Monday, 27 May 2013


Well we've had a good weekend up to now, albeit that I'm feeling utterly shattered at the minute.  So today the plan is to do pretty much nothing which = crafting.  I've managed a 12 x 12 layout up to now, said 12 year old is plonked in front of a film which he's taped and hubby - well he's doing what he normally does these days - he's baking, this morning we've got biscotti - new flavours, orange chocolate and almond, and the other one he is doing is pistachio and cranberry - I swear I'm getting wider as we speak!

On the grounds I have a load of 12 x 12 layouts to photograph, I thought I'd put a few together in a single post to clear them out of my blog folder.

This one from our visit to The Deep last year, I loved these papers that I bought in a stack, blends of blues and greens - no flowers and quite quirky which definitely suit layouts of said 12 year old!

On this one I documented how we are more than just Mum and son we are good friends too.

On the same day trip out, I've done a layout to document his obsession with cuddly turtles - he can't help himself it's just one of those things! I managed some hand stitching on this one too.
Then this shot of him with his Nerf gun from last birthday, I love the powerful colours of Nerf and said 12 year old was wearing a lime green t-shirt - awesome stuff!  The journal cards that I've got on quite a few of my layouts recently are from Mary-Anne's blog where she's is continually offering fabulous freebies for personal use,  most of these are project life cards but I've found them just as much fun to use on layouts.  If you want the two elements on this layout (the quoted card and the 'why you are wonderful' then see this link and this link - thank you Mary-Anne, the cards really add to the layouts!
This one is using up elements from a Stamping Up freebie that I got from Carole when I won a raffle on UK Scrappers, the set was fabulous and just a few added elements really brought the page alive!
So thank you to all who helped make these layouts - LOL the added elements really make a difference.


  1. Great pages! Enjoy a restful bank hol :)

  2. Love all the LOs....sweet that said 12 year collects 23 year old is adamant that Hoppy (rabbit) and Spike (giraffe) are NOT to be donated to charity.
    The papers on the first one are the blues and greens.

    Does Craig do food parcels??? lol...those biscotti sound ever so yummy!
    Pleased that you've had a relaxing and crafty day.
    Hugs xx

  3. Those layouts look great! Glad you had a good BH. jenx