Sunday, 14 April 2013


Afternoon all, we're having a rather warmer day here in Yorkshire, shame it's meant more cloud, sprinkles of rain and rather a lot of gusty wind!  Been for a jaunt to Ikea, how do I manage to actually spend that much money on what looks like such a tiny amount of stuff - I'll never understand.  However on the plus side I'm hoping that we may have found 'the' new mattress that we are after because the current one is attempting to slowly kill me of this I am sure!

Anyway I got back to see lots of updates on Facebook including a fab one of the girls down at Ally Pally - missed you today, so envious not to have been there.

So in my effort to blog more I thought I'd pop a quick post together, this one caught on my birthday last year, me on the left, my Mum next to me, then my sister and then my brother's girlfriend, all in absolute hysterics due to a photo-bombed photo - honestly, we had to stand still to stop giggling it was that funny!
Given the background colours on the page I chose my favourite colour combination of greens and blues, hand stitched arrows on the layout too.

Hope you're having a grand Sunday - off to do some scrapbooking now!


  1. So sorry you weren't with us at Ally Pally...we missed you.
    Love the LO...what a cool photo and that colour palette is lovely.
    Hugs xx

  2. What a fab photo to have Virginia, so much nicer than overly posed ones. I bet you giggle everytime you look at it :D XXX

  3. You WERE very missed, Virginia. Love this layout, such a happy one. Of course I now want to see that photobombed photo!


  4. Hi Virginia, just been catching up (again) on a few of my fave blogs :) You've captured some great memories - I do enjoy looking at your scrapbook pages :)
    Also enjoyed reading your last two rocking posts. x x x

  5. Going to echo what everyone has said - we all said how much you and Mel and Sam were missed. I so hope we can all meet up this year x

    That photo is so funny, you can see what fun you are having :)

  6. Hope you are ok. Popped by to rock my world with you as per usual. Hope everyhting is ok, jenxxxx

  7. I love the photos that instantly bring to mind memories and stories. Such precious photos!