Friday, 19 April 2013


Crikey blimey O'trousers I'm a tad late (OK very late)on this one - many apologies but I've just done a 48 hour week (my normal hours are 32) so I'm feeling a little fragile and most definitely tired and considering going into work tomorrow as well - but it is Friday so it's time to see what's been rocking my world - have a feeling it's gonna be a dig deep week this week people

  • Jen - for checking that I was OK - she came to link her Rocking post to find mine wasn't there - too much work time and not enough play Jen! 
  • Hubby - for a lovely anniversary evening, sat chatting, enjoying an M&S meal for two, really was bliss!  So thank you hun! 
  • Cinnamon cake - nom nom - however, it really isn't doing my waistline any good whatsoever! 
  • The wonderful WW girls some of whom got to meet up (still green with envy) at Ally Pally and who have now sent some beautiful tags to me and my sister - I'll blog them later (maybe not tonight - shower and bed is maybe all I'll manage ooh and possibly tea). 
  • The girls at work, I've got two fabulous assistants who really are fantastic and both of whom are facing redundancy - but they've worked like troopers this week really cracked on and got on with things even when I've been asking what may initially seem virtually impossible! 
  • Said 12 year old for getting the most achievements in his form last term and getting prizes from school - really made me smile!  
  • Hubby for just being him, knowing when I'm fried, knowing when I need help or a chat, or a hand with the house - he really is amazing! 
  • M&S meal for two - I read the menu on line and pulled all sorts of faces doing the whole I don't fancy that, but then having perused the aisles properly (rather than reading an online menu), found the Seafood Casserole (which to me frankly sounds awful), was actually a rather delicious mix of salmon, scallops and prawns in a tasty tomato and creme fraiche sauce - sounds much better now doesn't it! 
  • Hubby for bringing down our wedding photos and reminiscing with me, I'm going to get them scanned (we actually bought the digital rights to them so I can get them reprinted) and then I'm going to scrapbook them so I can remember the day and all the little things that went off in the same! 
  • The gentleman at Sage who survived my crazy RTI payroll questions and actually sorted the problem I was on the phone for an hour and a half but we got there in the end! 
So there you go lovely people, my week's gratefuls duly documented, it really is a therapy in itself and one I love to do because it helps regain perspective and looking back at that list - I've had a pretty good week, always nice to clock I tell you! 

I'll leave you with a layout (given the lack of photographic evidence above) now look away if Christmas decorations make you run in horror but it is a Christmas layout 
Up close, the new decorations at Meadowhall last year, worthy of photos albeit on my phone! 

I hope you have a fabulous weekend planned doing some fantastic things with people you love until next time


  1. Now a couple of years ago we may both have chatted about your week and would both have come away thinking how truly awful. That's the brilliance of Rocking Friday and I'm so proud and chuffed of you managing to find those positives even when you had to dig deep.

    Have to say though - the seafood casserole still sounds yuck. Seafood *vom*

    Cinnammon cake however? Nummy nummy num num.

    Hope the coming week is less stressful for you Virginia. Big hugs x x

  2. thankyou for being lovely jenx

  3. I agree with Carmen about the seafood casserole, but I am sure my Beloved would love it!

    I am glad you found your rocking moments and happy anniversary. Christmas excites me (I would put up the tree now if I could!), so would never run from seeing Christmas decorations. And yay for the achievements of Master 12! How proud you must be.

    Here is to love, I hope you have a better week with overflowing joy! :)

  4. Loved seeing your wedding pic earlier - a BIG highlight for this week Virginia :0) I agree with Carmen on the meal though - the very sound of a seafood casserole scares me - even though I like fish!
    I remember the joys of payroll - NOT joys! Good Sage advisors though :) x x x

  5. A tiring week Virginia but you still found the bright spots...
    You were missed at Ally Pally..:(
    Pleased the tags arrived safely..and made you smile.
    I love the LO....those decorations were def. worth documenting.
    Have a restful weekend and fingers crossed next week is less frantic for you.
    Hugs xx
    p.s. well done to said 12 year old on his amazing achievement!

  6. the layout is great... thank you for making me a rock... well done to your son! thank you your nice comments (i know i said it before but I am catching up with things) jenx