Friday, 12 April 2013


Morning, afternoon/evening lovely people, how do we find you today?  Is it warm and sunny where you are?  I wish it was here but we still feel like we are in the grips of winter it's been sooooooo cold.  Anyway tis Friday which means it's time for
I'm going to combine last week and this week if you don't mind because there were lots of rocking moments last week when we were away in a cottage just outside Much Wenlock.

First up the view out of the kitchen window last week - this is what greeted us and that hillside is Wenlock edge, apparently on the equator about 350 million years ago - so we were a tad late if we were expecting warmth!
then the Welcome tray - bottle of cava, some daffies and chocolate (actually the chocolate was one light - said 12 year old had already eaten one of the choccie bunnies before I got the picture taken!).
Blist Hill Open Air Museum - for bringing history to life!
Loved the printers all those printing blocks and look a brayer - home away from home - all that ink!
Hubby howling with laughter at the signage at Blist Hill
You see it made you giggle too didn't it - read it again you know you want to!

Said 12 year old having a go at printing the old fashioned way, no electronic gadgetry here!
 And candle dipping!
 Next up Stokesay Castle - a little gem
 Fabulous carvings inside Stokesay - we wondered if that was a chastity belt - what do you think?
 Said 12 year old photobombing his Dad's photo - this will be scrapbooked very shortly
 Red Kites above Ludlow Castle (we thought they were red kites)
 Stokesay Church
 Snow by the side of the road was a tad scary in places but made for a fun 'on the move' photo.
 I loved the Woolly Mammoth!
 Only bit of crafting I did when away was three postcards for my Mum, niece and brother and sister

We really wanted to visit Wroxeter's Roman Villa that was featured on the Channel 4 series a few years ago, but were saddened to find it only had one room open, the rest was closed and looked more like a building site with lots of scaffolding etc on, whilst they repaired it!
 Said 12 year old trying the purple potatoes when we were away - we liked them - him not so much!
Said 12 year old ready for battle, the woman at Ludlow discussing the weapons and armour etc was fabulous, this was a light weight chain mail the one worn by the blokes there weighed 5 stone and apparently one of them could cartwheel whilst wearing full armour!
A day out at RAF Cosford, I like this missile it had wooden bits on that had been varnished, now who thought varnishing was an essential on such a thing!

Catching up with friends at Cosford was good too!
 The Iron Bridge that we remembered well but said 12 year old could not!

 Spending time with family!
 Doing the tar Tunnel at Ironbridge, a must just not great for your back!
Said 12 year old glass blowing, this was brilliant, spent loads of time with the glass blower who was there discussing glass blowing, furnaces etc - that kind of learning is terrific!
Enjoying a pint in the pub in Ironbridge, this poor pub was flooded 7 times this last winter, their kitchen was still struggling to re-open!
 Glorious sunsets!
Warm days inside when it was far too cold out, this one at Enginuity at Ironbridge, an incredible interactive museum!
I also got to meet Mr Watt there - he's wicked, a blacksmith, some metal, an imagination and the basis for a book!  If you get chance go and look at his work - truly fabulous (click Mr Watt above for link).
the fun of building our own arch
Said 12 year old just chilling at the cottage, I asked if he was OK, he said he was great and was just spending some time in his own company!
The rooms at Attingham brought to life by the fabulous volunteers, such a shame about the temperature in there - it was freezing!
 Family photos
 Dressing up fun - the hat was wayyyyyyyyyyy too big!
 Said 12 year old managing a photo of me and hubby!
The fun of a gallery type landing when you've taken shoe boxes, string and some cuddly toys!
And the guest book we left two full pages and came home exhausted.
This weeks gratefuls in no particular order.

  • Mail art from Donna when I arrived home
  • Special gifts from Sami - thank you hun much appreciated! 
  • Time with my niece
  • Making mini-books
  • Gifts being received
  • Having my hair cut
  • Being home 
  • Concerned PM's on Facebook when I've been a bit low and absent (thank you, you know who you are!). 
  • Hubby taking my car to be washed.
  • Not being at work (well for most of the week). 
  • Getting through the post holiday washing/ironing pile (well once I got to the end of it).
  • Help from said 12 year old to get his room sorted!
  • Boost drink 
  • Mexican wrap
  • Hubby 
  • Chatting with my Mum
  • Seeing my brother and sister
  • Said 12 year old having a friend over for the afternoon. 
  • Happify
I hope your week has been good as well.  Apologies for the length of this one (making up for the rather quick post last week).  

If you fancy joining in then pop yourself a blog post together and head back here to link up.  Your list doesn't have to be photo heavy (but it can if you like), it doesn't have to be long (but it can if you want it to be).  It just has to be heartfelt and if you think you've not had many gratefuls this week, then dig deep you'll be surprised at how many little things make your life truly better - go on I dare you! 


  1. Wow, Virginia what a post - I loved it!! You are the second person I've read blogs from this week who've been to Stokesay... it looks amazing. In fact your whole trip looks wonderful. Hope next week lives up to it - but I suspect it's back to the routine now.. can't wait to read what rocks next week! I love the visitors book pages you left them - bet they've never seen the like before!

  2. What a wonderful post - I loved sharing every bit of it!

    What a lovely place to visit and so much to do! I like doing!!!

    Your entries in the visitors book made me smile.... as they will all future visitors who look at them. Probably when the book is full they will be taken out and framed!!!

    Looks like a red kite to me! Well it looks like the one we saw and 'labelled' a red kite. They make a very distinctive noise....

    You are going to have fun scrapbooking your pictures!

    Have a great weekend

    Karen x

  3. Loved the sign! I laughed and DH laughed out loud over my shoulder! Great photos... looks like an amazing time. I have put some snaps from our break on too. Love the guest book! They will use that in future promotional material I think! Have a great weekend, jenx

  4. What an amazing holiday and a whole mini book of photos to post....can't believe the snow, love the mammoth and glass blowing and a proper printers....there is so much there :) I hope you are keeping well and definitely looks like you are having a fab time :D

  5. ah Lord, i forgot to say i got the journal and I forgot to say thanks for the holiday fodder, as soon as I saw the pictures I remembered and was gripped by Catholic Guilt,

    so as penance (but it's hardly a chore) I have bared my soul and dished up my rocking week...


  6. Oh what a shame I didnt know you were at this neck of the woods, I could have bumped into you! Sounds like you had a rather fun packed time.

    Yes, the Wonderland on my blog is the Telford one, practically on my door step. At some point I've got to do a couple more layouts on it, one of Zack there as a child, and another with me as a small child :) Apart from the rides & Christmas area its barely changed over about 30 years.

  7. Oh so much joy - an absolute pleasure to read this Virginia. I love what you did in the visitors book and also that you made your postcards but they were still so bang on with where you were and what you were up to.

    Loved reading this. Be back later with mine :)

  8. Back to link up

    Oh and to tell you how much that sign made Devvie giggle. The filth of a teenage mind - am sure I don't know what she was giggling at ;)

  9. it's so cool seeing all your photos from Ironbridge, we were annual members there last year so had three trips and visited all the places in your photos, like the tar tunnel and the science museum and of course the Victorian Village. I am pretty sure I have a photo of me wearing that same top hat :)

    Glad you had a fab holiday :)

  10. Wow, wow and more wow! Great post, so many wonderful photos of happy days together. The completed guest book pages will be bit of a change from the usual, I suspect!


  11. Oh my gosh! I never made it this week. But magical. The history lover side of me is completely in love. So many experiences and memories. Wow. Loved seeing your weekend away and how filled with love and memory making it was. Glorious!